Sunday, March 27, 2011

Good Evening Bloggers! This weekend has been way too short!! I stayed so busy, I don't know where the time went. I did accomplish alot however I did not get my master bedroom and bath tweaked enough to post.
I did go to a few yard sales this weekend. I thought I would post my finds for you guys tonight~~
Yard sale season is full swing now, even though here in Myrtle Beach there are yard sales year round!! Hope you enjoy my finds!

I ended up with three of the hand painted chargers. I won't use them as charges. The rooster and hen one I will display in my kitchen along with the rest of my flock. I paid 3.00 for the set!

I think this one is my favorite of the three~ I like the way the rooster is painted!

I don't know where I will use this hand painted charger~ but I love the pastel florals.

Of course you guys know why I had to have this, who could turn down a towel with a rooster. It is packaged so pretty with cellophane and black and white polka dotted bow. It was a dollar.

I fell in love with this cross because of the creamy ivory roses. I think it is someone's wedding cross because it has two silver rings with rhinestones. I paid a dollar.

This isn't real gold, however I really liked it because the leaf looked so lacy. I like the look of lace on anything. I paid a 1.00 for it.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Good evening bloggers!! This has been a long week, and I am really tired. I love to blog because it takes the stress of working away. I can enjoy the company of good friends, and see how they decorate their beautiful homes!!
The photos I am sharing with you are of my Powder Room and guest bathroom. They are both works in progress. How do you get small bathrooms look chic anyhow? I don't have a clue!! LOL
I guess by now you friends have noticed I am an avid thrifter! I just can't see paying full price for things that are just as pretty I can find at yard sales and discount stores etc.
These photos are not the most interesting, but I wanted to share parts of the house I haven't shared yet. I hope to post pics of the master bedroom and bathroom this weekend. I just got to do some tweaking first. So thank you all for stopping by. I really enjoy your comments and ideas.

Powder Room!

This is best I could do getting a full view of the powder room!! So I will post it in parts. Its a tiny room with just a toilet and sink. The rose print I bought at a yard sale for 1.00. The hand towels I have had for years! I don't remember where I bought those.

I love that the builder put a oval mirror in this room! I wish it had a frame around it though. The soap dispenser was a Ross find!

This little rose rug was a Christmas gift from my hubbies daughter!

I bought this basket at a yard sale. I thought I would put it in the powder room for magazines.

Guest Bathroom!

This is the guest bathroom. It is very small! I just gathered things I already had to use as decorations. I bought the lace shower curtain on line, but I think it was Linen Source or something like that.

these blue towels I have had a long time! I love the lace on them! I don't remember where I bought them.

I love this little shelf. The little wicker doll and the fan are yard sale finds. I have had the blue pitcher and bowl for years. It is a avon bottle!

The little ginger jar and the round ceramic box that matches it, are both yard sale finds.

I love this little sea shell heart! Of course I found it a garage sale!

I found these blue rose shower curtain hooks at a yard sale.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Good Afternoon Friends!! It turned cold here overnight in South Carolina. The sun is shining though so it is a beautiful day.
I am posting some more pictures of the house. You are proably bored by now at my attempt of decorating.

The guest bedroom!!

For some reason I did not get a full shot of the bedroom. But I think by the photos I did post you will get the jest of the style of the bedroom. I love the pale colors and spring like feeling it projects!

These little pale blue and white figurines, I have collected over the years at yard sales. They are depictions of family life. I just love them.

A close up of the ladies I have sitting on the dresser.

I just love this little bunny. I have her sitting on a little ivory heart stool. I found both at yard sales.

I love the green frame on this Rose print. Of course I bought this at a yard sale as well.

This rose print is another yard sale find! It hangs over the little white heart table.

My hubby bought this picture for me right before we were married. It has a pine frame and matches the other pine furniture in that room. Also I do not have a headboard for that bed, so the big picture kind of functions as a head board. A real head board is on my list of things to get or look for at Yard Sales.

This is a close up of the guest room bedding. All the little pillows I had for several years now, I don't remember where I got them. The comforter is a Jacqueline Smith from K-Mart. I am getting impressed with the quality of K-Marts home section.

This is the only window the room has. I bought the ivory drapes at Target. I made the Valance.

This little pine night stand matches the dresser. The lamp is a Good Will find. All the rest of the stuff are yard sale finds!

I love this little shabby chic cabinet. I bought it at Ole Time Pottery! The lamp on top is a Goodwill Find. Of course I had my little yard sale pink doll and the sheep bank.

You have seen me in the past post this pine dresser I have had in the guest room. I did change the decorations on the top.

A close up of my little heart table.

This little country heart table I have had for years. I know the country heart thing is out of date,but I still like mine! The Roses I bought at Ole Time Pottery. The vase they are in came from a mothers day flower bouquet sent to me by daughter. Of course I had to keep my little sheep. I think it is so cute.

The Dining Room!

My china hutch. My country rose china is in the bottom. I got most of my crystal suff and odd and end china in the hutch part!

This bronzie like plate holder thingie I found at a yard sale. I paid a dollar for it. The plate is a mother's plate that was given to me by my children years ago. It matches my Old Country Rose Chine,by Royal Albert or Dalton, I am not sure which,LOL.

The picture on this wall I bought at Big Lots. The lamp is a left over from my husbands house before we were married.

I bought this clock at Ross's. I really like how it looks!

The Dining Room! I found the beige drapes at a yard sale. The Valances came from Target!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Kitchen Photos!

Good Evening blogger friends! I promised you pictures of our kitchen. Well here they are, lots and lots. LOL. Hope everyone is doing well, and like me plan to relax and have a good weekend!!
I welcome all your decorating ideas! I am not a decorator. I am a mental health therapist! LOL But I give it my best shot!!

This is the view of our kitchen from the dining room. I love the kitchen. There are some things we will change down the road. But for now it is good!!

The kitchen Nook!! I chose just plain red gingham valances for the windows. We also have blinds up as well. Angie at Free Spirit Haven is gonna love them!! She is a redkin like me. I had ordered the valances and they came in while I was gone to the conference. When I got home, my hubby had them up already. Isn't he the sweetie!

! We use this alot. The other one in our other house was too small and crowded us. We never felt comfortable and always ate off tv trays. We have a dining room too. Hopefully I will post the picture of that room tomorrow.

I embroidered these placemats. I found them at the dollar tree. I can leave no linen just plain. I think it is a sickness. I really do! LOL

I have had this rose print for years!! I just love it! Also the little bakers rack thingie that I think is suppose to go in a bathroom, I paid 5.00 for at a yard sale. Oh well its a kitchen thingie now.

Another corner of my kitchen. I made the little tea towel that is hanging on Lighthouse clock!

Some of you may remember when I posted about this little red cabinet. I bought it at a yard sale for 4.00. I thought about painting it, but I was so glad I didn't. I think it goes perfectly with all the reds in my kitchen!

I had to put this extra cabinet here so I could store dishes that I don't use everyday. Its just a cheap cabinet, I hope to replace it someday with a cute kitchen hutch.

I stored alot of my extra dishes in this extra cabinet. I use to store my fabric in this cabinet at the old house. But decided to use it for extra storage for dishes.

I displayed some of my Milk Glass pieces on top of the extra cabinet!

You can see how I stored some of my teacups in this little red cabinet.

A view of my kitchen cabinets. I have all my roosters displayed on top of the cabinets.

We had just bought this refrigerator before we sold our last house. So as of now our appliances do not match. We hope to change the stove someday.

This was my attempt at taking a photo of the trays on top of my little ledge! I intend to put something else up there, when I figure out a good idea!

These white canisters were my husbands before we married. I loved them, so I let him keep them! LOL

Another corner of counter top!! I use the Red Wine thingy to store my spaghetti!

I bought these two little kitchen towels at K-Mart. Geez Louise you would think I could hang them straight.

The top of the stove with the little rooster salt and pepper shakers. The little red trivet they are sitting on also has a rooster as a design.

Of Course with both of us being coffee drinkers, we had to have a coffee station. The Keurig is a Christmas present from my daughter!!

The hubby just installed these faucets today!! The others we had were really cheap looking. I like the look of these because of the burnt bronze look. I think it looks ole timey for some reason!!

The little red box on the counter top I found at yard sale for fifty cents. And there are my paper towels in all their glory!!