Thursday, February 26, 2015

Show and Tell Friday

I am participating in Cindy's @ My Romantic Home, Show and Tell Friday!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Mantle decorations and lamp redo.

I changed out some of the decorations on my mantle. I use to have the hydrangeas in the center of the mantle.  I found the plate that is now there at Big Lots. I also found the candle container there as well. I thought both went well with the color of the hydrangeas. I just added some crystal  to complete the look.

I found this lamp at Good Will. It was a beat up gold color. I just took out my trusty black spray paint and gave it a make over. I added some bling around the glass table top. I used a shade I had on another lamp I had stored in my storage area.

Friday, February 6, 2015


Clearly this vignette needs some work. However , it will have to do for now This on a window wall in my kitchen. I put box wood (fake) in chicken wire basket on the little table. I love this shelf that I have hanging but I do not know what to do with it. For now I put some blue mason jar type thingies on the bottom shelf. and the smaller to shelf, I put some burlap wrapped bottles. If anyone has any better ideas or any ideas at all how to decorate this shelf, I am all Blogging  Ears.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

K-Mart Haul and a Vignette

I went to K-Mart yesterday to purchase some brackets. I did not find the brackets I needed, but came across a awesome after Christmas Sale.
I purchased all the stuff above for 25.00  and some change.
My hubbie will make good of the sausage and cheese. I kept one of the little cutting boards and will give one to my daughter and son.
The Christmas buckets I will take the contents out of them and make my own gift baskets next Christmas. I will use the hot cocoa and mints and cookies.
There were two tea gift  packs. One I took apart and will use the contents. The other I will give to my daughter.
I will not wear the jewelry but will use it in my craft projects. Don't you love when you can find a really good bargain!

I changed the top of my book case in the dining room. I added some pink elements. I do not use a lot of pink in my decorating, but decided to add some touches in the dining room.
The large fan was purchased at Habitat for Humanity Resale Store. I added some embellishments and made a stand. I used it as a back drop for my vignette.
The lamp is a Kirkland find  a few years back. The candle came from Goodwill. I do not remember where I got the frosted fruit, but have had it for several years. The book was a Marshall's purchase. The table runner was a gift from my step daughter.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Thrift Store Haul

I was really pleased to be able to take these roses home with me. It is meant for a Christmas decoration. I will save them for next year. They will fit right in with my winter wonderland theme. I love that they have glitter on the roses and a frosted look to the fruit and leaves.

I found these for 99 cents. I thought they look like wintery blues. Also they have some silver pics in them , I will use them for crafting  purposes.

These flowers remind me of paper whites. They also have some silver pics in them. They were 99 cents as well.

I love these three Christmas Angels.  I will probably glue them to a canvas and display them in that matter. I will probably do something with the color. The gold  just does not do it for me............However I could leave them gold because I did decorate with gold in my kitchen this year.

I thought this little lace box was cute. I really do not like the orange flower , so I will change that out to a more neutral cream.

I thought this little candle holder was cute. It was a 1.91.  I will show you how I use it in a vignette.

I love this lace table topper. Anytime I can find lace regardless if it is vintage or not. It comes home with me. If I do not  use it for its intended purpose, I will utilize it to make something.

If I could wear this I totally would.   However I can not get one arm in the sleeve.  It is a size small. I bought it to cut up and use the individual  doily pieces in my crafting.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Hello my Friends! I have been doing my therapy sessions, thought I would show you my creations. I made the rather large wall hanging, I love the browns and cream colors I used. I have to make a new hanger, the one I have on it does not work. It causes it to sag in the middle.
The square thingie was a purchased piece, I just added the embellishments. I made the Valentine Wall Hanging many years ago. Back then I did not do much embellishing. So when I found it again, I fancied it up a bit. Hope you enjoy!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Question for my decorating friends.

Is it okay to decorate with mercury glass all year long.  I have  posted pictures of my mantle and how I decorated it.  Please give me your opinion.

I had these mercury glass pieces up through Christmas. I took away all the ones that had snow flakes or some kind of Christmas decor. I just love the look of silver in our family room. We have a gray sofa and the mercury glass looks really pretty in this room.

I bought the hydrangeas on after Christmas clearance. They have pearls and glitter on their petals. But I did not think you would have to use them specifically for Christmas. I like pearls and glitter all year round.
I also decorated the credenza behind the sofa with silver and mercury glass. I made the table runner. I just loved the color of the fabric.

I made some pillows from the same fabric that I made the table runner.