Friday, July 30, 2010

Show and Tell Friday!!

I am joining Cindy in Show and Tell Friday!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

A few quick projects.

Hello bloggers!!
I have been missing in action this past weekend. Have not got around to the blogs I usually visit. I have been sick and it seems just sitting and looking at blogs wears me out.
As you know we are putting our house on the market. I have been busy de-cluttering . I had a yard sale this weekend and sold 165.00 worth of junk. I had ever intention of taking pictures of the sale, but forgot and then people started coming and there was no stopping for anything.
I am trying not to go thrifting or yard sales until we move. The less we have to move the better.
I took some pictures to share with you of some small projects I have completed. Several weeks back I had bought some new travel pillows at a yard sale. Well the lady threw in about 6 pillow cases for free. They were also brand new.
When it comes to linen I cannot leave it just plain, I have to embroidery on it, so I am posting a picture of the little pillow cases I completed.
I used the scrap material left over from my sunroom makeover to applique the designs. I cannot let anything go to waste.
Hope all is well in blogger world!!

A close up of the pillow case with the rattles. I thought the appliqued squares around the hem was a cute touch.
This pillow case I appliqued and embroidered heart. With mauve lace around the hemline.
This sweet little pillow case has a square applique with an embroidered heart and satin bow and rose. It is edged with mauve lace.
Close up of the square with the satin rose and bow.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Show and Tell Friday

I am joining Cindy at My Romantic Home for Show and Tell Friday!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Yard sale and Good Will finds!

Good Afternoon Bloggers! I hope everyone had a beautiful Sunday! I have been packing dishware and other items we don't need to live on until we sell our house. We rented a storage building an put all our unneeded furniture there and all the boxes we have packed.
I am so excited, but my husband and I both feel it will take a while to sale our current house. There are several in the neighborhood for sale, the Market is not great right now. But we plan to sell ,it takes the time it takes.
I have been keeping my junkin down to a minimum because of the plan to move. But I told my husband I had to still feed my addiction to yard sales. LOL

Say a prayer that our house will sell soon. I have to go back to work tommorrow. It does not seem as hard since I now have a number of years that I can retire. About four years and that can pass pretty darn fast. Unless of course your waiting to retire and then it goes as slow as Christmas turkey! LOL
This is a Lenox ivory bowl, I paid 5.00 for it a yard sale. I have been collectin Lenox pieces lately in the ivory and gold pattern.
This is the marking on the Lenox bowl above.
This is Markings for the plate below. Its the Georgian Pattern by Homer Laughlin.
I absolutely love this little Homer Laughlin plate!! It was 50 cents.
The Laura Ashley tag on the throw I found this weekend at a yard sale.
This throw is a Laura Ashley and it is new. I paid five dollars for it, it was originally 35.00. I love the cream and taupe colors.
This little teapot was a good will find. I paid 6.96 for it which I thought was a bit much. But it was so cute I had to have it.
This little silver bowl I found at Goodwill. It needs some TLC.

This little blue and white plate was 50 cents at a yard sale this weekend. I got rid of most of my blue and white stuff, but I plan to incorporate it back in somehow at my new home....if we can ever sell our current home here.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

I am joining in on Southern Hospitalitys Thrifty Party!

southern hospitality

Yard Sale Finds!!

Good Evening friendly bloggers. This weekend has surely passed by fast. The good news is that I don't go into work tomorrow. I am on jury duty all week. I know it sounds silly to want to spend my time in court. But it will be a nice change from counseling, it will give my brain time to refresh for next week.
We continue to look at new homes. We have to sell our current home first. In this market it may take a long while. I have been busy de junking to get it market ready. We are going to paint it all a nice neutral beige. I am buying new artwork for the walls that are little more traditional.
As much as I love the Romantic look , not all buyers like the cluttered look. So we need to make our space seem as if its has lots of room.

I have posted some of this weekends yard sale finds. I did not buy alot, because we are de junking. But I can never pass by pretty teacups and saucers.
I accidentally double posted this cup below. But I just think it so pretty.
I love this little teacup and saucer. It is made in Japan.
I love this dainty rose china cup and saucer. It was a dollar.
I love this little black and white floral teacup. It is made by Royal Albert. I paid a dollar for it at a yard sale. I wish it had its saucer.
This was 75 cents at a yardsale. Ilove how they used the lace and decorated it all pretty.
I found this rooster wood thingie at a yard sale for 1.00.
All these roosters are all named. I can not read the names of these in the photo.
If you look closely you can read the names of these two roosters. The left one is the Brown Leghorn and the right one is a Colombia rooster.

These three spring cake pans were all for 1.oo at a yard sale.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Show and Tell Friday!!

I am joining in on Cindy's Show and Tell Friday! Cindy not only has a beautiful blog but a brand new personal makeover as well.............check her out

Monday, July 5, 2010

Nifty Thrifty Tuesday

I am joining this party for :

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Goodwilling and Shopping at Ross!

Good Evening Bloggers! I hope everyone had a happy and safe fourth of July. Mine was very quite, it was just my husband and I. We seldom entertain. It is just so difficult to entertain with me working full time.
My husband and I are mostly home bodies. We enjoy just staying home and watching television and doing our own hobbies. So we do not do the fireworks scene anymore. Now when the children come here for the fourth we do have a cookout and enjoy family time!!

I thought I would share my finds for my Friday excursion! I took Friday off from work and went shopping at Hamericks and Ross's. Of course since I was near our local Goodwill store I had to stop in to see what goodies I can find!

My husband and I are considering selling our home and buying a home that gives us more space for storage as well as give us both a room for our hobbies. We spent this weekend looking at homes. It is not in concrete that we are putting our home on the market just yet. We are in a discussion.
Also , my hubby informed me that I might get to retire in less than five years!! That is really good news. I can't wait to be a homemaker.

I envision my new home being more traditional and less cottage. Or maybe a cottage traditional. I am kinda tired of the cluttered look and would like to simple fie my life. I will always have roses in my decor though. I want to go more with earth tones, rather than burgandies and green.
I double posted this picture of my Ross finds!! I took the day off Friday and went shopping. I went to Hamricks and bought some beachware and dress clothes for work. I will spare you those pictures. I also on my outing stopped at Goodwill and Rosses. I will show you those finds.
I bought all this for 11.oo at Ross. They were on the clearance rack. 5.o0 for the soup bowls and 6.00 for the four salad plates!! The cup was 3.99. I have another cup just like it!! I love the roses on these dishes.
I found these two vases at Goodwill for a 1.91 each. The one on the left is a Phatzgraph ( how ever you spell it). The second one is a FTD, I decided this vase was too little girlish and I am really trying to pair down what I buy. So I put it in the garage sale pile I have started. I hate when I spend money for something and then decide not to use it.
These three plates were 3.92 at Goodwill. I love their delicate floral look and their pale blue color. I can see mixing them with other china of similar colors.
This is the dinner plate.
The Marking on the bottom of the plates state they are Mikasa.
I found these two moss rose plate and salad plate at Goodwill for 2.92. I am adding it to the set I already own.
I have a set of this moss rose pattern! Its easily found at yard sales and thrift shops.
This is two of three plates I found at Goodwill. I just love them with their floral centers!
I found the plate above with two others at Goodwill for 3.92. They are melomine plates. I love the scalloped edges with the blue trim!! Of course this one has my favorite color rose, pink.
What I like about this plate is the yellow rose in a bouquet with a daisy and other flowers.

This is the third of the three plates I found at Goodwill. I love the daisy in the center as the focal flower.

I found this little bunny at a yard sale for 50 cents. I bought him as an example of how to use my empty thread spools. I see him produced on a large scale with larger spools.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Show and Tell Friday

I am joining in on Cindy's Show and Tell Friday. Please visit her beautiful blog!