Saturday, April 30, 2011

New Project and Yard Sale Finds!

Good Evening bloggers!! I will make my introduction very short. Today I want to share with you my latest project. I also want to share the goodies I found at yard sales today! Hope you enjoy viewing my photographs!


I decided to alter this box in a Shabby Chic fashion, because of the paper that was inside the box already. It was perfect for shabby chic. First I painted the box white with crafters glue and let it dry. Then I hot glued the daisy trim all around the paper to frame the box. Next I pulled random roses and some heart shaped beads from my stash and started hot gluing them on the paper. The pretty blue teapot and coffee cup came from a note card. I bought a whole set at TJ Maxx for 2.00. I think it made the perfect center piece for my shabby box.
I added pink lace with string pearls glued on to the lace.
I am really getting some practice in altering these boxes! Mine are not as put together nicely as some of the ones I have seen on you tube videos!! I am still working with what I already have vs buying more stuff!

The inside of the box! I covered the bottom with paper I found in the cigar box. I opened the box up to look inside before I stared altering and to my surprise it had the original paper that they wrapped the cigars. It was so pretty, I decided to use it as my base paper. I also used the paper on the top of the box as well.

I was going to cover the inside of the lid with paper, however I decided I like the photo there and decided to not cover it up. I did put some pink lace at the bottom and glued string pearls to the lace. I bought the glitter flower at Michale's . I had used one these flowers on a previous project. I put two little rosebuds in the corners of the lid.

I added some of the paper to the sides of the box!


This was my favorite find today!! I love anything with Roses and I am really trying to develop a collection of blue roses!! This platter was 2.50. I fell in love with it when I saw it. It was made in England, but is not a vintage piece.

I can see these two red hearts on my Christmas tree this year! I paid 50 cents each.

This green coupon thingy was free!!

I thought this little gold clutch was so cute for 25 cents! I may do something crafty with it, I don't know!

I know Easter is over, but I could not pass these brand new never out of the package bunnies up! They were a 1.00 each!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

How I spent Easter Afternoon!

Happy Easter Bloggers! It turned out to be a beautiful hot day here in Myrtle Beach! The sun was out and the world seemed right!
I thought I would share with you how I spent my Sunday afternoon!! Some you may think it was an odd way to spend Easter, however it was just my hubby and I. He spent the afternoon watching golf and I crafted.
Whenever I am out a yard sale and see cigar boxes, I always buy them. I have about 10 boxes in my collection. I just bought four more on Saturday.
I have been watching crafting videos on you tube. So I came across a video on altering cigar boxes. So I decided to give it a try.
I did not buy anything extra. I used what I had in my stash already.
First I used folk art green craft paint to paint the inside of the box and the edges. I bought this paint at a yard sale a year or so ago.
Then I used some drawer liner in a paisly print (also a yard sale find) and modged podged to the top and sides and the inner lid of the box.
Then I gathered bits and pieces of things to decorate the box. The large rose and leaves are off an old wreath that I took apart. I discarded the wreath and kept the flowers. The lace under the flower I made using my embroidery machine. I had made the lace to use around a table runner. So the piece I used , as well as the piece on inside of the lid was extras from the table runner project. I just utilized them for this box. I also had the cream colored trim on hand as well, I don't remember when I got it or where.
The bling on the box, the rhinestones I took out of an old costume jewerly bracelet. It had several of the rhinestones missing. So I took out the rest and used them on this box. I can use the metal part of the bracelet in another project by hot gluing some pearls in the slots were the rhinestones where.
So anyway, this is my first try at an altered box. I plan to try this again with my other cigar boxes.

This is the front side of the box. The gold piece is a button I bought at Michaels many moons ago. I used wire cutters to take the eye of the button so it would lay flat. I hot glued it to the box.

Another photo of the inside of the box.

Friday, April 22, 2011

I have been Blessed!!

Good Evening Bloggers!! Am I a lucky bird or what!! I came home from work and when I started to sit down in my favorite chair I could not! There was a very large package on the seat that my hubby placed there. It was a package from one of the sweetest bloggers in blogland! Diane @ My Thrifty Groove!!

I won a give away from Diane at My Thrifty Groove Blog!! She is such a generous lady and has been so faithful in following my blog!! I never miss when she post because I get all sorts of good ideas and love to see her dishes (now Diane loves her dishes).

Diane , thank you so much for all the beautiful items!! I am so blessed to have received all these nice items!!

Diane took the time to wrap her give away items so beautifully!!

Look at the pretty colors in this purse! I cannot wait to use it!!

This cookbook is wonderful. It has easy recipes from store bought mixes. When it comes to cooking I am all about easy! LOL

She included 3 sets of two placemats! These all are so pretty! Two works well in our home because there is just two of us!!

A cute little bunny tree!

She even included me some bunny socks! I like me some bunny socks@

These are two of the prettiest delicate napkins! I love the cutwork design around the edges!!

A Martha Stewart Holiday How to!! Is this not awesome!

Is this not the cutest little embroidered tea towel!! So springy with the tulips!

She even included a chocolate cross! It was part of beautiful Easter Card!

And more chocolate!! yum!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Yard Sale Finds

Good Evening Bloggers!!
I wanted to share last weekends yard sale finds with you. The pickings have been slim at yard sales lately! Or I am just being more selective in what I buy. I bought these three items all for 3.00 dollars! This was the extent of my yard sale purchases this past weekend.
I hope everyone is having a good week! Take care and have a wonderful Easter weekend!!

I have been looking for an ice bucket for a long time. I finally found one that I really liked! I love the old world look of this. It fits into my decor really well.

I do not know what attracted me to this little box, the colors or the train. But I really fell in love with its old world look!

I fell in love with this little wire candle holder. Not so much the color of it, I plan to paint it red, white or black, which do you think would look best?

Friday, April 15, 2011


It's Friday!!! Time to announce the winner! I would have loved to have blessed everyone, but I could not!! Congrats to the Winner!! God Bless everyone of you!

I cut out all the names of people who commented. I put the names in this bowl. Which by the way was a 25 cent yard sale find!

I gave hubby charge over the bowl!!

My sweetie drew the winner's name from the bowl!



Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sharing some of my Stuff!

Good Evening Blogger friends!!
This has been a long week for me. I have been fighting bronchitis and been on breathing treatments three times a day. I still had to work all week. Today was a night mare at work. But tomorrow is Friday! One more day and then the weekend!!
The give away ends tomorrow. I will announce the winner either late Friday night or early Saturday. So look for my post! Good luck to all who entered.!!

I thought I would share some of my stuff. I have found this stuff in many different places, yard sales, Goodwill, my own projects and a gift from my son!! Hope you enjoy looking at it all.

I could not believe it when I saw these two red boxes with red gingham tops at a yard sale last week. They were each a dollar. I buy these boxes anytime I see them because I store alot of my fabric and other craft supplies in them.

I tried my hand at mod podging! This rather large heart had the old style geese design!! I decided to give it an update. I have been seeing music sheets all over blogland in crafting. So I thought I would give it a whirl. I kinda like it. Its hanging in the toilet area of my master bathroom. I told my husband he could make sweet music!! LOL

These napkins were brand new in the package. When I found them I thought they were paper or plastic. I paid 50 cents for them. When I unwrapped them when I got home I found they are linens! They match my kitchen so perfectly!! There are 6 of these.

I bought this little apron at Ross's. I thought I could use it as a pattern to make more aprons that I can sell at the Flea Market or maybe even on line.

The two pillows below are yard sale finds. Each were a dollar! These came from an immaculate home. I don't like to buy pillows from just any yard sale. I also took added precautions. My new washer and dryer that we bought for this house has a steamer/sanitizer. So the first thing I did was run both pillows on the full cycle to clean and sanitize them!

My son made me this little cradle in shop class years ago!! He was in high school. He is 39 years old now! The bunnie is a 25 cent yard sale find! I made the little white pillow with the buttons that is sitting beside bunny.

This small afghan is a Goodwill Find! The colors match my house perfectly.

When I went to my Social Work conference about a month ago. I ate at the Cracker Barr ell. Of course you always have to shop in the general store! So I found this cute little oval bunnie plate. Its the only Easter decoration I have inside the house. This and the wreath on the door will be all I will be doing for Easter.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Can we say.........GIVE AWAY!!!

Good Evening blogger friends. It is time for me to give away some of God's blessings to me! I have one simple rule for this give away. Post a comment on this blog!! Thats all! I love for people to follow me, however I do not like making that a rule for a give away!! I feel like I am bribing people to follow my blog! I want you to want to follow my blog!! LOL.
Seriously, the only condition God puts on me when he blesses me is that share that blessing with others!!! So here we go!
I will announce the winner next Friday! April 15!
Good luck all, I wish I could bless everyone!!

Time for me to give back some of the blessings I have received!! God has been so good to me!! This is all that will be in the give away. I have posted some individual photos of the things for give away.
However the candle sticks and table runner in the background is not a part of the give away. LOL

Pink heart box full of goodies!

I have to admit it was very hard for me to part with this little bird! But I tell you God has been so good to me, it's time for me to share my blessings!!

Paris Stationary

Paris Note Cards!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Does this look tacky?

Good Evening Bloggers! This weekend sure flew by, I can't believe its Monday already!! Hope all is well with my blogging friends.
I found this purple Christmas wreath this weekend at a yard sale for a 1.00. I had seen some purple mesh Easter decorations in a store that cost 55.00 for the egg shaped wreath with one or two silk flowers on it. The purple mesh was more a lilac color.
But I thought I could do some spring wreath with this find. So I am asking my friends. Does this look tacky??

Friday, April 1, 2011

Master Bedroom!!

Good Evening Bloggers!! I took the day off today and did some shopping and tweaking to our Master Bedroom!! I thought I would share it with you guys this evening.
As you already know I buy a lot of my decorative items from yard sales. I have very few pieces of furniture from Yard Sales.
My husband and I love Cherry Wood Furniture. When we purchase our furniture it is a good quality furniture. So you see , I am not cheap or I mean thrifty in all areas of my home.
I hope you enjoy and I welcome any advise or suggestions for decorating. As I have said before I am not a decorator , I am a mental health therapist. LOL
Please ignore my ugly CPAP Machine in the floor by our bed.. Unfortunately I have to sleep with the mask due to my sleep apnea!!

This is the view you see when you first enter our Master Bedroom. The little steppie things were a five dollar yard sale find!!P

Full front view of the bed. I made the monogram pillow on the bed. The quilt set came from K-Marts Country Living style. I love the ruffles and lace that is all in and around the quilt. The colors I fell in love with and was the reason I bought the quilt.

An angle view of the dresser!

This the vignette sitting in the middle of the dresser. I purchased the glass cloche thingie at Kirklands today. I had the shredded nestie stuff already. I also had the little bird on hand as well.
The little silver brush and comb( I don't think it is real silver). I found at a yard sale.

This little lamp sits on the left side of our dresser. I purchased it today at Kirklands. I am actually thinking about going back to Kirklands tomorrow to get another one. I would sit it on the opposite end and removed the vase of faux flowers!
The little gold purse is a Goodwill find.

This is the chest in our Master Bedroom. As you can see the black box is sitting atop of the chest. It is in our plans to hang the black box on the wall and put the chest in the walk in closet.

This is a different shot of the dresser and its stuff.

This is the right side night stand. I hope to either get rid of this lamp entirely or at least get a new shade. The lamp was a brassy gold and I spray painted it to match the other lamp on the left night stand. It was part of my husbands bachelor furniture -Junk uh I mean stuff.
The Little girl is part of a set. If you notice the box behind the lamp is filled with my vintage hankie collection.


The table my husband and I bought when we first moved to South Carolina! I found the chair at a yard sale for 5.00. I plan to have it made over. I am afraid to tackle the re upholstery my self. I also plan to do something different with these plain cream colored sheers. I may make a valance. Or just replace them all together. I purchased them at Target.
The cherry lamp on this table is a Good Will find. I found its globe shade at a yard sale for 50 cents. I bought the little bird today at Kirklands! The ivory vase is a Lenox piece. I have several Lenox's pieces I have found at yard sales. The flowers were a good will find!

This lamp I hope either sees a new shade soon or I get rid of the entire lamp and replace it with another one!! It was a yard sale find. The little rose box was a yard sale find as well. The little boy statue is part of a set that I have had for years. I do not know where or when I purchased it. The little girl part of the set is on the other night stand.

This is the vignette on right end of our dresser. I found this vase at a yard sale. There is another one just like it stored away. I bought the flowers at Ole Time Pottery! I bought the frame at Kirklands today! It was on clearance for 3.98! I just loved the sparkel and color of the frame

These two french doors are the entry way to the Master Bath. I am not quite ready to show you that room as of yet. There is alot of tweaking to do in there!! I made the little door pillow hanging on the door knob

I absolutely love these two plaques!! I found these a couple of years ago at a yard sale. I ended up paying 1.oo for both of these plaques.