Thursday, May 27, 2010

Show and Tell Friday!!

I am participating in Cindy's show and tell Friday. Go visit her at her beautiful blog!!

This is a photo of a vignette on top of my computer desk. As you can see that is the old sewing basket I bought at the blessing sale last weekend. The little pincushion doll I found at Goodwill for a 1.91. The blue frame was a 25. cent yard sale find. The couple in the photo are my Great Grandparents.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Getting Thrifty with Tiger Lillies

Talk about being thrifty. I purchase 1 little tiger lilly plant last year at a bargain price of 50 cents. Thanks to my wonderful gardening hubby this is what that one plant turned into this year!!
Our Gardenia bush is in full bloom!! It smells so good. When I pull my car into the garage the gardenia smell is all in the garage!! Lots better than garbage smell....LOL
I am linking to Coastal Charms Nifty Thrifty Tuesday!!


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Yard Sale Finds, Goodwill Finds and Projects Completed

Good Evening Bloggers!! It is 10:25 pm in Myrtle Beach, SC. I really scored this weekend with the goodies!! I wanted to share some of them with my sweet friends!
Hopefully sometime this week I will show you what I ended up doing with the green chippy cabinet!! I have been working hard on hubby has done all the work. I get the fun of decorating it!!
I also am showing you a couple embroidery projects I got done today! I think the large pillow really turned out well!
So please take time to browse through my blog and I always appreciate comments from my friends in blogland!! If your not a follower, feel free to sign up!
I bought this little old sewing basket from and elderly gentlemen who was having a blessing sale! I paid a dollar.
Look at all the gooidies inside the basket. It was filled with loose stick pins as well, but I carefully discarded those. You can never be too careful.
This absolutely my favorite find of the weekend yard sales. On the bottom of the piece it has the marking Johnson Brothers, England. I spotted this vase from the road before I got out of my car! It was even hidden under a table! I paid a whole dollar for this large vase. I bought it from a gentleman who advertised his yard sale as a blessing sale.
This is an up close of the delicate roses on the piece. It has these same rose on the back of the piece as well.
This is an upclose of the delicate roses on the side of the piece!
I bought this shabby candle holder with crystals for a dollar. I just love the beading that hangs down.
I bought all three of these items for 1.oo. I especially love the little hand painted rose vase!
This is the inside liner of the little trinket box below.
This little box was a dollar. I would not have paid a dollar, but it is lined so beautifully!
I have several pieces of these figurines. They all depict children with mother, sister or grandmother. I paid a dollar for this one. I know they are cheap items, but I just love them. I have a special display in mind for these.
I paid 50 cents for this pink bowl!! I love the way it looks like it has lace around the edges!
I paid a dollar for this little yellow pot at a yard sale today.
This little silver tea set was 5.95 at Goodwill. As you can see it needs lots of TLC. I don't have any silver cleaner in the house but will go to Walmart tommorrow to buy some! I probably paid too much for it, but it was so cute I had to buy it!
I think this is just the cutest thing. The basket is lined in pink! it has napkin rings and teapot and cups and saucers with pink roses!! Look at the little napkin ring and napkin. Isn't that the sweetest little set.
I found this little miniature picnic basket at Goodwill for 3.93.
I made this gold rose pillow for our living room! I think it turned out pretty well!!
This little beaded hanging pillow was made from scraps I had left over from the larger pillow. I had the beads, the trim, and the gold button all on hand!

Friday, May 21, 2010

I am Joining with Cindy for Show and Tell Friday!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

I have been playing house again!!

Good Evening Blogger friends!! Hope this Monday evening finds all well in your world! I spent the weekend fluffing again. I was growing so tired of the grape decor in my house and of all the dark colors. I can't change the wall colors in my living/dining room, and I am stuck with the dark furniture. But I am trying to integrate more creams and muted colors in the rooms. I am hoping this will lighten up the rooms a bit, until I can make the big changes!!
So feel free to leave all your constructive opinions. I will soak them up and thank you for them!!

Before and after.

This is the before picture of how this table looked. Below are the changes I made. I think it looks much better now!!
I found this muted rose print at a yard sale for a 1.00. Its frame was broken but my dear hubby fixed it back to almost new. It needs some work on the print, but some artist paints will take care of the scratches. I just gotta find time to get to AC Moore. Also I need to buy a new matting and some glass.
I have decided to go to the more softer muted colors in decorating as much as I can. I am kind of stuck currently with my burgandy living room sofa and love seat. How ever with the accessories I am putting more creams and muted colors in the decor. Above you remember the cut glass vase I found at Goodwill. I placed some silk hydrangeas I had on hand. The plate is one of three I found at yard sales, the other two are hanging on a wall near my hutch. I have also posted a picture of the little cream basket that I bought at a yard sale. In the basket sets a little cream hydrangea arrangement. It is actually from a broken shadow box, I was able to save the flowers.
The little lace cream dish with the cream potpourri balls I found at Ross''s. The little square trinket box with the rose on the top is a lefton piece I found a yard sale. The cream pottery in the background is a piece I also found at yard sale for a 1.00. I will probably tweak this vignette as I go, but for now here it is in all its glory!! LOL

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I am joining in on Cindys Show and Tell Friday

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Yard Sale/Goodwill finds, and some of my home vignettes.

Good Evening Bloggers! This post finds me very sick. My allergies have really kicked in or I am getting a serious cold.
I thought I would post my recent finds as well as some other treasures in my home. I so love homemaking. I am praying for a miracle so I can retire. Please pray for me as well, my body is giving out on me and am not physically able to work anymore.
This was my absolutely most favourite find of the weekend yard saling excursion. 15.00 dollars for this green chippy chicken wire cupboard. I am debating on painting it white. My husband thinks I should leave it green and chippy as it is. What do you think? White or green?? I need to clean it up and decide where in my house to put it. I have no room for anything else, so I have to be creative.
I was also lured to this little dainty dish. It was 1.91 as well.
Ialso paid way too much for this little basket at Goodwill. It was a 1.91. But the daintiness of the basket and its color won me over. Oh well!
This little rose teapot was 3.93 at Goodwill. I think that was a little high , especially if Ihad found it a yard sale I would not have paid more than a buck for it. But it had pink rose and I was a sucker for pink roses.
This silver tray came from Good will for 1.91. As you can see it needs some TLC.
This little lunch box purse was 1 dollar. I love the turquoise color. I am going to store my hot glue gun and glue sticks inside. Of course I will make sure the gun has cooled down and all the glue is cleaned off to prevent it ruining the inside of the box.
This tall cut glass piece is about fourteen inches high. I paid two dollars for it. I think it was well worth it.
I have been finding cut glass lately at yard sales. The above bowl I bought for 1 dollar. The shells and potpourri I had on hand.
I got both these candle sticks for 50cents. The candles you will remember from a previous post were 25 cents each.
You cannot see these plates very well, but they are really beautiful!! I bought three of them at a yard sale for a dollar!
This tea set my youngest son brought back to me from Okinawa. I will always cherish it, and will proably be handed down to granddaughter when she is grown and married. I think it is really beautiful!
Up close view of my hutch. If you look close you will see some Old Country Rose china on right side of the hutch. I have a ten piece setting of this china, and five Goblets that matches. I have a few of the accessory pieces. My goal is to get the teapot. I keep giving hints at Christmas, birthdays etc, but still no luck!! LOL
I did some deep cleaning this weekend because I had a three day weekend. In South Carolina we celebrate Confederates Memorial Day. I took everything out of my hutch and washed everything and then did some rearranging. This was the end result.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Hey sweet blogger friends!! Happy Late Mothers Day!! I hope all is well with everyone!! I had today off , so I did my favorite thing, thrifting at Goodwill!! I will post my finds later this week!! Tonight I thought I would post some pictures from our backyard!! I love spring with all the flowers. It won't be long though until our flowers will take a beating from the heat here in South Carolina!!
I have to go back to work ...........urghhhhhhhhhhhh tommorrow.
Our Magnolia Tree done really well this year. I think its beautiful!
Tiny little summer rose planted in my back yard.
Double impatiens!
These are my double impatiens , I found them at Lowe's and I fell in love with them. They remind me of roses!! Thats what I thought they were at first.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

We Have a Give Away Winner!!

Congratulations Shabby Rose Treaures!! Please post me your information so I can get your prize out to you!!
I put all those who entered the give away in a pink bowl! Then stirred them all up. And let the hubby draw the winner. See the pics posted below.
Here is my hubby drawing the winners name!! He never smiles in pictures!! He is a very funny and happy man............he just does not smile in pictures. His daughter and I tell him to smile.............does he...............nooooooooooo. LOL
See Shabby Rose Treasures it the winner!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

I am joining Cindy @ My Romantic Home for Show and Tell Friday

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I have playing house again!

Hello my blogger friends. Please do not forget to enter my give away. It ends this Sunday May 9th.
I have played house all weekend. I spent the weekend painting the guest room a beautiful shade of pink. It was a plain painters white the builders put on the wall when it was first constructed.
Please ignore the ugly carpet. I hope to replace it with wood in the future, along with replacing the quilt and the curtains. So take a peek at my redone guest room.
I rearranged the bed by placing it in the corner vs along the wall. It sure made the room look alot bigger. I plan to replace the quilt on there with something brighter or just something to enhance the bed. I bought the quilt on the bed from ebay.
The picture of the littel girl is called Disgraced. I found her at a yard sale.
The bird cage on the little plant stand I embellished.
Another view of the high boy.
This is the vignette on top of the high boy chest. I made some huge changes to this. The top was covered in all bunnies. But I placed the rose lamp and flower arrangement that was on the night stand previously. The bunnies were some of the ones that were on the chest before
The cute little shabby lamp I found at a yard sale for 1.00. The shadow boxes I posted before.
I moved the petal heart I made to this little white cuboard. I found the cupboard at Ole Time Pottery.
These little pink and white poodles were sitting on the bed. But I decided to group them all together in this sweet little basket.
You have seen this vignette before, but I did change some things out. I added the two piggie banks. Of course I kept my sweet little black face lamb!1
Another view of the dresser top.
This is a picture of my dresser top. The candle stick holder was a goodwill find! Unfortunately one of the arms are broke off on the back. But it was so beautiful I could not resist it. Thank goodness it was the back holder that was broken off.

This is the vignette I have on my stand in there. The night stand was moved from beside the bed to the corner. I did some changes on it. I shopped my kitchen and moved the rose lamp from my kitchen table to the guest room. The other goodies on the table are all yard sale finds. The boot I put the flowers in my self and added some satin roses as buttons on the boot.
I found the rose picture at Goodwill, the heart plates I have picked up at yard sales here and there. The shelf I paid 1.00 for at a Community yard sale. It matches my other oak furniture in there perfectly.
The little table below is one I bought in Kentucky at The Peddlers Mart when I visited my daughter last year. The top opens and there is a place for storage. I always need ways to store things.
Below are the curtains hanging in my guest room I intend to replace these with some new ones. That is if I ever shop at a "real store " again.
Below is the pink hat I posted earlier. I don't think you ever saw the pink purse that is the perfect match for the hat. I bought both at Goodwill.
Below is a picture of a wreath I found at Goodwill. I added the big pink flowers. You have seen this wreath before in earlier post. I moved it from one wall to where it is now, up over the dresser.
Another view of the picture and the sweet dress.
Isn't this the sweetest little pink dress. I don't remember where I got it....but it was so adorable I just had to have it.
I found this rose picture at GoodWill for 3.92. The little shabby hanger was 25 cents at a yard sale.
Another view of the hat. Also I hung a lace skirt I found at Goodwill and a lace blouse.
Below are pictures of the hat I made or rather I decorated.

One corner of my dresser. I bought the lady with the hat at yard sale for 10 cents. I added the beads around the lid and put the beads inside. The picture is of one my grand dogs, Sydney. That was when she was a little puppy......that monkey she is setting by is very tiny. The butterfly lamp was a 1.oo at a yard sale. I just loved it!