Sunday, August 4, 2013

I am back!

Evening my friends! It has been awhile since I have posted. I apologize that I have not been visiting you guys lately. I had to take a break to physically and emotionally heal. My family has been through and emotional heartbreak and it has taken me sometime to come back to somewhat my old self. I continue to struggle with my health. But am getting better day by day. Making all this nonsense has been my outlet to heal. I hope you all enjoy. I love to do collages on canvas. They are made out of bits and pieces of vintage and new lace and left over scrap booking materials.
The two boxes I purchased at a yard sale. They were already had a spring tulip design. I just added the flowers , feathers and trim to give it more pizazz. I made the little pillow. I do not know whose embroidery design I used. If you recognize it as yours,please let me know and I will give you credit.
I can never leave anything as it is. This lamp is going in my office at work. I used beads and vintage lace to alter the shade. The trim I purchased from , at SACrafters store.

Sunday, June 9, 2013


Good Afternoon my blogging friends! Today is my birthday. I am so grateful for my life and how God is so good to me. I have had three different types of cancer, the first was thyroid cancer that turned out to be the good kind. (if there is a good kind, of cancer.) The second was colon cancer in which I had to have a colon resection that turned out really well for me. The latest bout was the breast cancer, which I feel has been my hardest battle, I don't know why. So each year I have a birthday , I am truly reminded how lucky and blessed I have been. Our sofas were looking faded and worn, so my hubby being the sweetie he is, decided to buy me new ones for my birthday. I wanted to share my blessings with my friends. I just love the blue gray color of the sofas. It is such a pretty color. This is a contemporary sofa, which is not my usual style, as you all know I am a traditionalist. But when I saw these sofas it was love at first sight! The coffee table we had before was cherry wood and was much too large for this area. I decided to see how the white wicker table would work. I had it originally in my girly loft area. What do you all think? Does it work here? I accept all feedback positive or negative. When we were shopping for the sofas , This rug was part of the floor display. I told my hubby I really like rug, he looked at the sales assistant and said order the rug as well. My hubbie is a real sweetie. a href="" imageanchor="1" > This was the vignette that was on the old coffee table in front of our sofa. I had the vignette setting inside a lazy Susan. The lazy Susan was too heavey looking for the wicker so I decided to remove it. The candle stick and the burlap vase are both Ross finds. I had the greenery in my stash of florals. The little dog figurines are yard sale finds. The little dog in the ragged shoe is so cute.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Saturday Yard Sale Finds!

Good Evening my friends. I finally got my yard sale mojo back. I just have not felt well enough to get up early on Saturday mornings to go. I decided to go this Saturday and I thought I would share my finds. Nothing exciting but I like what I did find. I hope you enjoy looking at my photos. I guess lately I really have not had my blogging mojo on either. I have not posted and have not been able to visit my blogging friends like I had before. Hope you enjoy! This silver vase was a 1.00. It was originally priced fifteen dollars at Marshall's. It had some loose white silk roses but they were really dirty and I threw those away. I just love these silver serving pieces. I think they are silver plated not pure silver. But I paid 3:00 for the set. I loved that this candle holder was cobalt blue on the bottom. I will have to pull out all my other cobalt pieces again. It was 1.00. This silver painted container held most of the bath products. The cellophane around it was all torn and the ribbon was hanging loose. The two candles were 50 cents each. I never purchase new books, unless they are decorating books. I find all my reading materials at yard sales. These books were a dollar each. This little butterfly accordion file is brand new. I paid a 1.00 for it. Some of you probably would never purchase bath products at yard sales. But when I see a good bargain, I thrift. When purchasing personal products, I check and double check that the seals are intact and that they have never been used. I paid 5.00 for all of these. What I don't use I will give to my daughter or daughter in love.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Inspire me Tuesday

I am joining Marty's Inspire Me Tuesday!
 photo 100_3353aaabbbb144copy_zps0998a8b5.jpg

Tweaking the Sun Room!

HAPPY MONDAY! Can you believe it is Monday already! This was a three and half day weekend for me. In the south we celebrate Confederates memorial day. All the state offices are closed. This weekend went by in a flash! I spent all day Saturday cleaning and rearranging my sun room. I kept changing out the decor and had problems deciding what I liked and did not like. I started out just to do a deep cleaning, but my need for change over powered me. I am happy with the re -do. I did not spend a dime, I just gathered up items I already had. I hope you enjoy the photos of my sun room. This is a view of love seat and gives you more of an idea of the placement of the radio. The love seat matches the sofa in our living room. We will be getting a new sofa soon, but I am going to keep the love seat. This book case sits under my violin canvas print. I had the hydrangeas in a wooden vase. I changed them to this cream colored pitcher. I like the look much better. I took some of the clutter off and just left it with these items. I like it much better. I wanted to lighten up the feel of the sun room. I had some heavy valances hanging over the windows. The lace valances make the room have a more airy feeling. I found them at yard sale and I thought they were in good enough condition to use them here during the summer months. I moved the old style radio to the corner beside the couch. It use to sit on the wall facing the windows. I changed out the vignette. Before I changed the vignette , there was a birdhouse and some birds inside the wicker basket. I added the lamp from off the bookcase and a rooster candle holder I had in stash. I then added the cream color beads to dress it up a little. I do love my bling. For years now, I have had a cut work lace table cloth on this little round table. I could never find anything I liked any better for that table. While I was cleaning I was going through some of my linens and found this red tablecloth. I use to have it on m-y kitchen table. It came from K-Mart country living line. I thought I would see how it would look on the table and in the room. I decided I really liked it and added a lace table topper. I kept the tabletop display simple, just a lamp and a candle.

Sunday, April 28, 2013


Hello Everyone! Oh my did I ever get the scare of my life this weekend. All day Friday at work I felt like something awful had happened and I needed to leave work early. I finally left at about 3:30 in the afternoon. When I got home my hubbie was not home. I thought he had driven down the street to talk to the neighbors. He sometimes does that at about that time in the afternoon. I was going to lay down to take a short nap and the phone rang. It was the hospital notifying me that hubby was on the cardiac observation unit. He had been admitted around around 2:30 that afternoon. I immediately drove back to the hospital scared out of my mind. I did not know what to expect.When I finally arrived at the hospital I was shaking like a leaf on a tree. My husband was fine, they were just observing him. He told me earlier that day he had a weird sensation in his chest. He said it felt like a warm flush went from his chest up to his face. He was also having heart palpation's. The doctors ran every test in the book and could find nothing wrong with his heart. It ended up to be something with his blood sugar levels. I spent Friday night in a chair beside my hubbies bed. If something happened I was going to be there to see they responded promptly. I do not think I could survive without my hubbie. He has been my rock! He was discharged early Saturday after the doctor reviewed all the test and ruled it as a blood sugar problem. Now, for the Happy Mail. I was so lucky to have won Rhonda's give away. She has the Blog A Little Bit of French. When I got home Saturday from the hospital this beautiful treasure was waiting for me. How lucky am I? Eh! Is this not the most gorgeous vignette on this little silver tray. Rhonda included some of the most precious goodies in this give away. I just love the Rhinestone crown and the spoon with the seam binding bow. All her little hand crafted pieces are adorable. I was in heaven opening this pretty package. Please go by and check out Rhonda's A Bit of French Blog and Etsy. It is wonderful!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

White The Other Color.

Good Evening my friends! I hope everyone had a truly blessed weekend. The sadness of the tragedy in Boston still looms large. I continue to pray for the Bostonian s, especially the people who lost love ones. This was a senseless act of violence on innocent people.. I have not posted any thing for a week or two on my blog. I thought I would share with you my updates on our guest bathroom. As most of you know I love the browns, coppers and cream colors. I use them to decorate most rooms in my house. The only room up until now that did not have those colors was my girly area. I decided change out the blues decor to the white you see in the photos. This is so unlike me to not have some color in a room. I apologize for the photographs. As I have said many times before I am not a photographer. But I hope they are sufficient to give you an idea of the changes I made. Please ignore the camera thingie laying on the vanity. I forgot to remove it before I snapped the picture. I was too lazy to take another photograph. This guest room bath is so small. It is virtually impossible to take a full room photo. This is the best I could do. I purchased the white rugs on my shopping trip this weekend to TJ Max. I used this long milk glass piece to store face cloths. My favorite is the scalloped ruffle piece that is serving the purpose of a candle holder. I always decorate the the top of the water tank on the toilet. I don't know if anyone else is weird like me or not. If there is a flat space, something is going on the top. I used a lot of my milk glass collection in this re-do. The flowers on the vase are white, for some reason they look yellow. I purchased the bath set this weekend at TJ Max. The metal container holding the products ties in with the silver faucet and the silver shower curtain hooks. The silver is about the only color in this room.

 I plan to do something different with the vignette on this shelf. I just quickly put it together this weekend. Somehow the corner of the shelf is a little beat up. I plan to touch it up with some paint.

This white lace shower curtain moved from our old house with us. I purchased it from Overstock many years ago. It has held up well over the years. It has always been in the guest bathroom at both houses.
This little shell and rope heart was a yard sale find. I just think it looks so delicate and feminine.

 I purchased the towels from T.J Max this weekend. The little shadow box picture is a yard sale find, many moons ago.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter! Sharing a couple of projects!

Happy Easter my friend! I hope everyone has enjoyed their Holy Day. My hubbie and I had a nice dinner. He cooked a standing rib roast. It was delicious.I fixed sweet potatoes cooked the old fashion farm way. I love how my mother used brown sugar and cooked them until they were almost burned. I have not posted on this blog for about two weeks. I have been battling bronchitis and just had not felt like updating the site. I wanted share some of the projects I have been doing these past two weeks. I hope you enjoy them. Your comments are always welcome. I read each and every one. This old spice rack has been in my storage space for years. I decided to use my oil rubbed bronze and give it a makeover. I added, velvety like scrap book paper to the front door. I used some bling trim to give it a touch of class. I left the old print on the back of the door. I thought it maintained a vintage appeal. I found a canvas print at the Family Dollar. I fell in love at first sight. The colors were my favorite, the coppery browns and greens. And the lone fiddle was the main selling point. I built the rest of the vignette around this print. The gold fiddle was meant to be a Christmas decoration. I altered it in colors drawn from the print.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Its Beginning to Look Like Spring!

Hello sweet friends! I have been a busy beaver this weekend cleaning and decorating. Its the first time in a while now I have had energy to do anything much in the way of decorating. I wanted to share my Spring/Easter decorations with you. I kept the decorations fairly simple and confined it to the dining, family room and kitchen areas. I hope you enjoy. I will post the Entertainment Center and the coffee table decorations tomorrow. I appreciate all my visitors and have appreciated all your comments. I try to make it to everyone's blog that I follow at least once a week. I never fail to be inspired when I go blog surfing. There is so much talent out there it is amazing. Hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week! The Dining Room! I decided to use purple as the color theme for my dining room spring decorations. The large bunny I purchased from Marshall's this past weekend. The smaller bunny was last years Marshall's find. The nest of eggs is a Marshall's find from last Easter season. The tall pillar candle is a yard sale find and the purple glass candle is from Marshall's . I do not have a clue where the large purple egg came from, most likely a yard sale find. The only spring touch I added to this bookcase was one of the little purple Birdhouses I created. Everything else was already in place. Entry Way This trunk is in the entry way of our home. I decided to add some spring touches to the top. Of course you all know I made the peach bird house. Or rather I decorated a AC Moore birdhouse. The candle stick is by Martha Stewart. I found it on clearance at K-Mart several years ago. It makes a perfect elevator for the birdhouse. The plate is a yard sale find. I found the burlap planter at Ross. i just love the chandelier stenciled on the piece. The greenery is part of my stash. The Credenza! The cream and tan color theme was already on the credenza, I just changed the contents of the long basket. I added some shredded brown paper and glittered eggs and placed them and a beaded egg on top of the shredded paper. The beaded egg I made several years ago. I just noticed he is missing a bead, but that is an easy fix. The two plates are from Cracker Barrel. The lamp is a yard sale find. The large bunny came from Ross. I just love the bling on his side. The two small bunnies are from the Dollar Tree. Fireplace Mantle The fireplace mantle I kept simple. I just added the copper colored bunnie. The bunnie I found last year at Kirkland's. s He fits well with the other copper spheres and the copper color in the print. The metal bike is suppose to sit in front of the fireplace. But with the fire going we have to place it to the side. I bought the glitter eggs at Ross. They were 3.99 compared t0 7.99 at Kirklands. The Bar Area I never use my cake plate for its intended purpose but always use it as a cloche. The two little bunnies are a yard sale find a few years ago. I added shredded paper to make it more spring like. These two little bunnies I have had for years. I am sure they came from a yard sale or Goodwill. I placed them on a candle tray and added shredded paper. The apothecary jar is a Old Time Pottery find. I found the lemons at a yard sale. The candle holder to the right is a part of a set of two. I won them at a Silent Auction. The Kitchen Nook I had a black and white theme going on with the kitchen nook. I decided to take off my white roosters and add these sweet little bunnies. I had the little Milk Glass vase and I pulled some spring daises. This bakers rack sort of thing was in bathroom upstairs. It started out in the kitchen , so I decided to put it back in the kitchen. The little Easter chick planter I won from a give away. I had the greenery in my stash of floral supplies. The candle holder to the right is one of the two I won at the silent auction. Oh anilld you can see , I am putting together a jig saw puzzle. I place here when I am not working on it. It did not cross my mind to pull it out of the way until I took the photograph. My brain is still on pause, I think.