Friday, April 30, 2010

Give Away!!

Hello my blogging friends!! To celebrate my over 100 post. I decided to post a give away.
My rules are really really simple:
Just visit my blog and post a comment.
The drawing for the blog will be on Sunday of Next Week!! Good Luck to everyone!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

I am participating in Cindy's Show and Tell Friday. Go visit her beautiful blog.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Yard sale finds!!

Good Evening friends it is 12:50 am and I should be in bed. However instead I am posting. LOL. I have to work in the I am going to be very tired.
I went to a community yard sale just up the street from me. These are my finds. I have alot more to post but I will save them for another time.
Hope everyone has a blessed week!

This tray was my favorite find of the weekend. It was also the most expensive. It was 5.00 but I loved it so much I didn't mind paying more for it. On the back it states: Painting by Galley,Stephanie Hoppen Picture Archive, Made in England exclusively for Keller Charles.

These tassels were 50 cents each!!

These candles were 25 cents each.
This little froggie planter was 50 cents as well. Isn't he cute?

This little basket was 50 cents. Its creamware and I love it!!
This wine bottle was 25 cents at the yard sale. It is numbered on the bottom 1140 R and it has written Blakenheyms Disty Rotterdam, Made in Holland , Delft Blue, SCR Handpainted.

I got this cut glass bowl for 2.00 at a yard sale. I love cut glass. I have several pieces. My lamps in my living room are cut glass.

This is the box the hankies came in, isn't it pretty?

I got a whole box of hankies at a yard sale for 2.00 including the box. The vase with the blue roses was 1.00 and I bought the roses at Goodwill for 1.99 sometime ago.

These are flowers out of my garden! Aren't they pretty?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cindy''s Show and Tell Friday

I am joining Cindy at My Romantic Home for Show and Tell Friday

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

George and Baxter and Flowers and my hubby the gardner!

Good evening! I took a sick/mental health afternoon off work today. I spent the afternoon swinging in our outdoor swing and taking pictures of our flowers.
I am struggling these days with wanting to work. I love what I do with my clients. I love helping people, but after 25 years I am ready to look at flowers and sew and play house.
Hope you enjoy your visit here, come back real soon. And if your not a follower please feel free to add your blog to my list.
Oh and I am going to start gathering stuff for a give away, because I have over 100 post now, or I should. So be watching for it and put your name in the drawing!!
Baxter and George are taking leisurely afternoon nap under the holly tree. These ducks are so funny. The will eat out of our hands, they lay at my husbands feet while he swings in the swing, and they run any other ducks out of the yard when they appear. We have alot of ducks that try to come up to the bird feeder but Baxter and George go into full fledged battle when they try to enter the yard.

The large azalea bushes in bloom!
The small azalea bushes are in full bloom!
Some pink flowers in the garden. For the life of me I can' t remember what they are called. Its right on the tip of my tongue but just won't come out.
There's the hubby again doing his thing. Its a joke between us when we first moved to South Carolina he would go out to the garden and anything he didn't recognize as a flower he took the shears and cut it down. That year he ended up cutting down all my perennials that were just coming up through the earth . I could of whacked him. LOL
Oh , that is my husband behind the tree!! He is the main gardner since I work all the time.
This is my rose colored iris. The garden looks a little sparse because all my bulbs have not come up yet.
A picture of my purple Iris, and some purple pansies beside the Iris. The pansies will die soon because the heat here is ferocious on flowers.
This is a better view of my knock out rose in full bloom. Disregard my hand in the picture. The wind was blowing so I had to hold the rose steady to get the picture.

This is one of my knock out roses in full bloom!! Last year the blooms were really tiny. This rose is huge!! Thats our house and my hubby coming out of screened in porch!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Goodwill , Yard Sale finds , and Playing House!

Good Evening my blogging buddies. It has been a beautiful day here in South Carolina. I spent the day embroidering and playing house.
Below I have posted some pics of me rearranging things in my kitchen. I had a little jelly cupboard in there but decided I am going to paint it white and use in my sunroom. In its place I put the cabinet that I bought at yard sale. I did some rearranging of my pretties I had on my table and then added some others and put them on the shelves of the cabinet. It is so fun playing house. I wish I didn't have to work , I would play house all the time.
Yeah I know I am whining about going to work again on Monday.
I paid a 1.91 for this little lady at Goodwill. I love cream color objects of any kind.
I only paid 50 cents for this beautiful plate!
This little yellow bird cup was only 25 cents.
I just love this little ruffled vase. It was marked a 1.00 at a yard sale I went to on Saturday. I don't usually ask if they will take less, but I thought I would give it a try this weekend. I ask the man if he would take fifty cents for it and he said Yes!
This little Milk glass vase was only ten cents at yard sale.
This milk glass vase I found at Goodwill on Saturday. It was a 1.91.

I bought this cabnet at a yard sale for 15 dollars. I did have it in my sunroom but I thought it would look better in the kitchen with the pine cabinets. Later I may paint it white, but I did not have the patience this weekend to do that. Below I posted indivdual vignettes that I have on the cabinet

The Little Red Hangie thingie , I made today. It has a pocket that you can put things. I got the hanging bunnie at Goodwill many moons ago and I don't remember how much I paid for it, but I just love it!!
These two little glass globes I found at Goodwill for a 191. I had a candlabra
already I could use them with, I will post the pic of them at a later date.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I am joining Cindy for Show and Tell Friday. Go over and visit her beautiful blog!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

GoodWill Finds!!

I thought I would post a few of my Goodwill finds! I am really disappointed in how the pink vase photographed. It looks like it has a black bat attached to it. It such a beautiful pink, I am sad you can't see it.Hope my blogging friends are having a good week!!
I took another photo and the black spot is still on there pout. It really is a beautiful vase with a shiny pink color!
This vase is a teleflora vase. It is a bright pink........I don't know how the heck that black spot got on there. Wierd!
I found this bowl at Goodwill, it was made in Poland! It was 4.92 I think I paid too much for this also. Goodwill is disappointing me lately on their prices.

I found this vase at Goodwill for 5.00. Its about 14 inches tall. I may have paid too much for it at a thrift shop......but I really loved it.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Goodwill finds!!

I decided to post some goodwill finds that I had not posted yet. Unfortunately I did not get to thrift this weekend. The framed lace, my husband is going to stain the frame a cherry color for me. My bedroom furniture is cherry and all the framed art in there is cherry.
I just love the pink cups!! The plate I couldn't resist for 2.00, it matches my home so very well.
I found the framed lace at Goodwill for a 1.92. The cups were also 1.92. The plate is a home goods find a reduced 2.00 plate.

I am back!!

Well I am back from VA and Washington. I enjoyed my trip and I feel that we got alot accomplished. I learned alot. So I won't be saying much about the reason I went to Washington due to the need to keep it private.
I hope all my blogging friends had a good weekend!! I don't work tomorrow because I took the day off to rest. These trips wear me out especially when I have to drive myself.
Rest Area in North Carolina!! I thought it was nice for a rest area!
Another view of the scenery in North Carolina!
A scenic view at a rest area in North Carolina!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Leaving for a few days!!

Hello to all my blogging friends. I am leaving for VA to see my son tommorrow. Then on Friday we are driving to Washington for the meeting about abducted Asian children. I told you the story of my grandchildren in a previous post!!

I regret I will miss Cindy's Show and Tell Friday. But I gaurantee you when I get back home I will go through every posted blog to see what they showed and told.......LOL
So have a great weekend friends. Remember me in your prayers. Say a prayer for my son as well and my grandchildren. I am a firm believer that all things work for the good for those who love God.

God Bless


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I am participating in Nifty Thrifty Tuesday!!