Monday, June 25, 2012

A Project and Yard Sale Finds

Good Evening my friends! Not much to share this Monday. I did not feel like going to many yard sales this weekend. I think I went to two. I was just feeling not quite myself. We have had a lot of stress at work. When I went into the counseling field I wanted to help people. However with the current medical model we have now, its no longer about helping people. The goal is billing and numbers, this frustrates me because I am social worker to the core. It goes against my grain to push for productivity for a certain percentage so the agency can make money. But because I can not quite retire just yet, I try to please Administration at the same time help my people. But I tell you folks this is taking a tole on my physical and mental health. So keep me in your prayers, and I would be ever so appreciative. Project! I was not feeling very creative this weekend! Actually I was not feeling well at all. I did get this one project completed. The birdcage and bird graphic is one I down loaded from the internet, possibly Graphics Fairy. If you recognize your work please let me know and I will give you credit. Yard Sale Finds! All these candles were a buck! I was able to purchase all these plates below for 1.00. The cardinals, the Blue Willow and the Roses. Yep all of these plates were just a buck. I was so excited when she told me. Most of you who have visited my blog during the Christmas Holiday, know that I love Cardinals. Blue willow is a favorite classic! I have four other plates in this same design. Bling is one of my favorite finds at yard sales. I use it in my projects all the time. These pieces cost 25 cents a pair.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

I am joining Diane's Thrifty Things Friday!
The Thrifty Groove

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Projects and Yard Sale Finds!

Good Evening my friends! This was an awesome Sunday, simply because first of all God and his blessings. But secondly, Dale Earnhardt Jr. won the race today. To me this was just downright Awesome! Being the Earnhardt Jr fan that I am. I did manage to go yard saling, although the finds have not been all that great lately. I also squeezed in some time for a couple of projects. I thought I would share my finds and projects with my friends in blog land. Projects!! A couple of weekends ago, I found about five squares of cork at a yard sale. So of course being a crafty type person I brought them home with me all five pieces for a buck. I decided to use it to make a layout. I covered it first in card stock on both sides. Then on the front I glued on some sparkly specialty scrapbook paper. I added some ribbon, trim and pears. I use some glittered alphabet to write Miss u. I put a picture of my grandchildren with my son on one corner. I surrounded the picture with Wild Orchid craft trim. I added the pearls in the trim with hot glue. I put some bling here and there. I intend to hang this on my craft room wall. I plan to do a layout with each of my children's picture. After all I do have four more pieces of cork to alter. These are my two weekend projects. The jar I altered was a sweet relish jar. I layered it with lace and use a prima flower on the top of the lid. I small pink strand of pearls at the bottom. This little pillow is made from a muslin like material. I sewed individual rows of lace to the muslin and then sewed it into a pillow,and then stuffed it. I think it turned out so darn cute. Yard Sale Finds! This was bird print weekend for me! I love the hummingbird print, but my favorite is this first one with the blue birds. Of course, they will both get their frames painted. Probably spray painted oil rubbed bronze. That seems to be my go to color for anything anymore. I have an addiction to boxes. I just love this cherry wood box. I will not alter this one. I think I will use it in my bedroom to hold my jewelry. I really do not know if this is a table cloth or a wrap of some kind. But I will use it for a tablecloth. I can see this being used in a Halloween display of some sort because it is black with sparkling silver. I always buy candles when I see them at yard sales. I only buy them if they are new. These two little candles came in this cute little box. They are brand new and so are the two boxes of tea lights. I loved the way these little soaps are packaged. I got all this for 1.00. I have had an attraction to little lanterns lately. I just love this, I thought with its silver tones it will look great in my blue bathroom. When I first saw this little gal I thought she was a teddy bear. However, she has a long tail. So I guess, she is a kitty. I had decided not to buy anymore stuffed animals. I usually just end up taking them to Goodwill. But.........this little gal won my heart and for fifty cents she came home with me.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Good Evening my friends. I thought I would stop in and share my yard sale find and the projects I worked on this weekend. I had a lot of fun in my craft room this weekend. I am trying to use up some of my craft supplies as my craft room is over flowing. Hope you enjoy! I stopped at one yard sale this weekend. The only thing I found was this Mercury glass looking candle votive. Its about 8 inches tall. It was brand new. The label said it came from Kirklands and the original price was 6.99. I paid three dollars for it. This was a really heavy nice shoe box before I started this project. I wanted to decorate it in creams and browns so I could store some of my laces inside. I first covered the lid with cream color cotton fabric. Then I attached the darker lace around the sides of the top. I added some ribbon to cover up the fabric around the lid and then glued some ruffly cream lace on top of the ribbon. The doily is a vintage doily I found at a yard sale. The flowers are really vintage. They are made of a heavy velvet. They use to have gold clips in the center of the rose. They were used as place card holders in another life. I used my cutter pliar and cut the metal out of the center of the rose. The rose also had brown velvet leaves. I purchased some beautiful feathers at AC Moore last week. They are the perfect color for this project. I glued a bronw and cream feather behind each flower. I hot glued pearls all the way around the edge of the doily. The beige rose trim I purchased from Wild Orchid Craft. I just love it! All the lace is glued to the lid of the box. So when I want to store something inside, all the lace lifts off with the lid. I used part of an old lace curtain to make this unmentionables bag. I used coffee to dye it to an aged look. The flower is off a hair band I found at the Family Dollar. I just love feminine little bags. I used fabric and lace scraps to make these little hanging pillows.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Blog Envy and Vignettes!

Good Evening my friends. I am confused as to why I am getting so few comments. I visit most of the blogs on my reading list daily. I always leave comments. I blog for myself, but I just love for people to visit and let me know what they think. I glean so many ideas from your blogs and I welcome any feedback on my decorating or my crafts. I thank each and everyone of you who visit me regularly. Anyway enough of my pity party. LOL, I wanted to share some of the Vignettes in areas of my house. Most of these changes were done this weekend. Hope you enjoy! I made a change to my fireplace vignette. I found the candle holder last week. I added some greenery and some hydrangeas. The candles came from the Dollar Tree with the exception of the taller one. I bought it at Old Time Pottery this weekend.
Yes I changed one of the vignette's on the Entertainment Center again. The book box and the plate was already a part of the vignette. I added the new hurricane candle stick I found last weekend. Also I had found the wood vase a couple of weeks back, the feathers came from AC Moore.
I found this metal art at a yard sale a few months back. I just got around to painting it this weekend. I decided to hang it over the little black cabinet. It is in the hallway to our Master Bedroom.
This is a vignette in one corner of my counter top in the kitchen. The wood plate is an old yard sale find,I have posted it before. The rooster is a new find from last week. The little basket was found this weekend.
This little egg wreath was 50 cents. All it needed was a little cleaning and it was as good as new. I use to have a star hanging where it is, but I thought the egg wreath fit this vignette better.