Thursday, December 27, 2012

Show and Tell Friday

I am joining Cindy's party at My Romantic Home.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Just The Two of US !

Mr. N and I had Christmas at Thanksgiving with my children in Ky. So , Christmas day it will only be the two of us for dinner. I still wanted dinner to be a pleasant experience for my hubbie and I. Just because there is just the two of us, there is no reason the table can not still be set for a beautiful Christmas dinner. This is my first table scape I have ever done for blogging. I kept it fairly simple but I think it is pretty. The china is Old Country Roses by Royal Albert. I fell in love with this set the first time I ever saw it displayed in Dillard's many years ago. The flatware and the stemware is also The Old Country Rose pattern. The red and white gingham napkins were brand new , and was a yard sale find. I bought the two red candlesticks at a Peddlers Mart in Ky. I had the Santa Clause salt and pepper shakers for years, I am sure they are yard sale finds as well. The poinsettia bowl is a Family Dollar purchase. The two red glasses were yard sale finds. I just sort of took what I had and threw it all together for this tablescape. I am wishing all my friends in blog land a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Keep your family close and cherish every minute, because just the memory of Newtown makes us all well aware things can change in a flash!

Friday, December 7, 2012

It's Looking alot like a Copperie Christmas!

Good Evening My Friends I wanted to share my Family Room Christmas decorations with you. I have been seeing so many beautiful decorations when I travel around blogland. I did not want the red and white in the family room. I wanted to tone the color down a bit and make it a little more calmer than the Master Bedroom. I don't know why but I fell in love with the coppers, browns and creams. I love the look of them all intertwined with each other. I also love glitter, and I think I glittered anything left standing this year. LOL I hope you enjoy! The mantle is my favorite vignette in the family room. The center of mantle consist of a plate I purchased at Kirkland's. I will most likely use it long after Christmas is over. I had the poinsettia's as tie backs in the Master Bedroom last year. I decided to use them to help decorate the mantle this year. The snow men are yard sale finds. The two Christmas trees are part of the Woodland collection at Kirkland's. The two star stocking hangers use to be black. I used spray adhesive and Martha Stewart glitter in the copper color. I think they match my whole theme pretty darn well. I just put a few of the copper colored ornaments here and there through out the arrangement.
I found these two stockings at a yard sale. I love the cream color. The banding around the top are plain. The trim around them are trim on two hand towels. I bought the towels at Marshall's. I bought them specifically because they had that trim. Wild Orchid crafts sells similar trim, but they were sold out. So anyway I got the idea to just stuff the towels in the stocking and folded the trim over. I tried to make it appear as if the trim was attached to the stockings.
I used my beaded reindeer on the entertainment center the two years we have lived in this house. They are sitting on a velvet scarf I use as a table runner. I think the black makes a good stage for the deer. I found the scattered beads at a yard sale and decided to just place them around the arrangements. The candles I purchased at Home Goods. The candle holders are yard sale finds.
I decided to change my credenza this year. I realized that most of the items I have used to decorate it with are yard sale finds. The little sachets in the back are from Kirklands. They were on clearance for next to nothing. The Christmas tree candles, the snowflake plates the snowman are all yard sale finds. The glass block I purchased several years ago from a little neighbor girl, She was selling them for her church. I really like how the credenza is decorated.
On this end of the credenza I brought out another one of my crystal bowls. I added Christmas potpourri, The copper star was a country star I had on hand. I used spray adhesive and glitter to make it sparkle for the Christmas season.
This reindeer is a paper mach ea that I of course found at a yard sale. I used Martha Stewart glitter and spray adhesive to glitter the little guy up. I think he turned out pretty well.
I decided to get out my clear and cut glass pieces to make it a bit more elegant in the family room. All the cut glass I found at yard sale a piece at a time. I filled the center bowl with glittery and shiny ornaments. I placed some of those ornaments around the cake plate. The mercury glass candle votive came from Marshall's. On the other end is just a cut glass candy dish. I have some Hershey's kisses inside.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Hello my friends. It has been a few days or weeks since I posted any updates on my blogs. You know how life is,goes by so fast and everyone is so dag gone busy. I wanted to share some of the photos of the Christmas decoration in our Master Bedroom. I wanted to post the tree but blogger was not allowing me to for some reason. Maybe I will just do a tree post later. I decided to go with red and white, traditional colors in this room. You guys know what has been going on in my life. Well anyway, I wanted the Master Bedroom to be bright and really festive. When I wake up every morning I can see the happy goodness around me. I hope you all enjoy. For my blogging friends who are struggling right now, with your health, and with other personal issues going on. Just know you are in my prayers every single day. I place my faith in God and he is a God that is fair and good. I know whatever the outcome of any situation, there is good that comes out of every trial. .... This snowman is another yard sale find! I think he is so cute. He is my favorite piece in the room. I love that is says Christmas snow factory. I just place a red candle stick and candy cane striped candle in the window above him.
On my hubbies side of the bed, I put Mr. Snowman. He lights up but right now he has a dead battery. The battery is on my list for the next Walmart visit. The table in the corner was moved here from the Sun Room. The main tree is where the table use to set in the room. I found the red furry cover at a Peddlers Mall in Ky. The bucket the arrangement is sitting in came from Goodwill. The picks and ornaments I made the arrangement from are an after Christmas purchase, I got them next to nothing on sale last year or the year before.
These decoration are on my night stand on my side of the bed. I had my birdhouse already there, so I just added some white poly fill for snow and place a cardinal inside. On top of the birdhouse I added some pine branches and a cardinal. I added Mr. Clause for a little musical touch. He dances and sings Jingle Bell Rock. Both the birdhouse and Santa are yard sale finds. The snowman votive is also a yard sale purchase. The lamps the Mr. and I purchased years ago when we first moved to South Carolina.
I think this vignette is my favorite part of the Master Bedroom Christmas Decor. I purchased the candy cane striped candles at Walmart. The tall candlesticks are from my credenza in the family room. The cream colored candle stands are some I had on hand. Those came from Goodwill. The sleigh , reindeer and santa are all yard sale finds. I decided to add some red christmas ornaments and a doll and teddy bear ornaments to make it more festive. The candy canes are plastic, I decided to place them in a Lenox vase, that was......yes you guessed it a yard sale find. You will notice the two black speakers in the photos. I am afraid my hubby is a electronic fanatic. They are not my favorites, I think they mess up the deocr. But he is a good hubby so I choose to keep him vs making a fuss over black boxes. LOL
I had these three stockings. Of course they are yard sale finds. I just decided to hang them on the chest knobs. My favorite is the poodle stocking. I think I will take the other two down and just leave that little guy there.
This tear drop wreath is a yard sale find. I added the cardinals to make it more festive. I know I have it downside up, but oh well. LOL
I decided to hang this wreath on the Master Bedroom door. I just love the little snowman on the hanger.