Sunday, August 31, 2014

A Thrift Store Find and some small crafts.

I found this framed print at Goodwill. It had an ugly gold frame. I gave it a good update by bringing out my trusty spray paint can.  I think it looks much better being black.

These two sachets, started out to be one purse. It did not work out, so I regrouped.

I made the stands of these two bird houses by recycling a spool and a round card board piece. The piece came out of the package when I bought two new skillets. It sort of looked like a tape roll. It was just the right size for two Cd's to be glued as a top and bottom for the base of the stand.

I love how this little canvas turned out. I started off by painting over an ugly picture of a pear. When the paint dryed it came out with this crackling effect. I just loved it so that is what the whole design of the campus was based.  The flowers  were off an old floral wreath. I cut out the heart out of scrap paper and added some bling.  I also glittered the heart and the canvas. I used a punch to punch out the butterfly. I glittered the butterfly and used some bling down the center. The lace at the top was some left over from another project.  The little sign says "My Favorite" that was purchased in a package of the other little signs at the craft store.

I brought this box home from work. It held my business cards. I up cycled it by adding scrap book paper and flowers.

Sunday, August 24, 2014


I found the little crate at a antique/thrift shop for two dollars. I had all these florals in my stash. I decided to create this fall arrangement. I usually do not start decorating for fall until around the end of September, however I have started early this year for some reason. Maybe its the hot weather we are having here in the South.

I purchased two little clay pots at Michael s. I had some burlap and lace ribbon in my stash, as well as the sunflowers. I think this will add a bit of whimsy to my kitchen.

I decided to use  my sun flowers in this little space in the kitchen.  I found the sunflower plate at home goods. The brown shelf  was a yard sale find , it was 5.oo.  I place my two potted sunflowers in the top of the shelf. The three little burlap covered pots on the bottom shelf are from Family  Dollar. I love to shop at Family Dollar.   I find some items that appear high end for hardly nothing.