Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tweaking and Yard Sale Finds!!

Good afternoon blogger friends!! It is exhaustively hot here in Myrtle Beach. I have been using my nebulizer every day just to be able to breath!!
I have been busy today, painting and tweaking. I thought I would share my project with you. Also I found some great junk this weekend at yard sales! So be prepared this is a long post!!
Hope you have a great week, and stay cool!


You guys will remember I previously added the picture and the greenery to our bedroom hall wall. Well I did a bit more tweaking by adding a cabinet with a vignette!!

A close up view of the cabinet. It use to be an ugly country blue! It was setting in our garage. I had some oil rubbed bronze spray paint and so I thought.......uhmmmmmmm this was the result of my uhmmmmmmmmmmm.

I already had on hand everything in this vignette. I took and old basket and added a doily. I put a candle stand in the middle and poured gardenia potpourri all around the candle stand. Then I added some decorative balls and placed a candle on the candle stand.

Favorite weekend find!!

I paid five dollars for this painting! It is my favorite find of the weekend. I hung it in my dining room. It matches my Old Country Roses china!


Liz Cleighborn purse! 2.00

Cream and roses purse! 1.00


Glittery goldie orangie pumpkin bird house!!

Cute little scare crow. 50 cents

Green Picnic Basket 3.00

Inside the picnic basket! I see a fall vignette with some pumpkins and my little scarecrow friend in this basket! What do you think?

More Christmas in July!

This wreath is one from Walmart. It has never been taken out of the package. It was originally 15.00 but I paid 3.00 at a yard sale. Of course it will be added to , it needs a little color and some bling!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Christmas in July and Yard sale finds

Good Evening my friends! We finally had a couple of cool days and was able to sit outside a couple of evenings! Its all suppose to go away by the end of the week. It
is suppose to be back up in the triple digits by the end of the week.
Again it is Sunday night and its the same old story for me, dreading going back to work tomorrow. I am so ready to just be a homemaker and enjoy my new home. But that will not happen for at least five more years. Even then it is questionable , because of this economy and how they keep changing retirement eligibility.
Hope everyone has a wonderful week, I just enjoy so much visiting everyone's blogs and living vicariously through your post!
I love the little peeks you allow into your home, all your wonderful creations and watching daily how your grandchildren are growing and how sweet your pets are!
You all give me such joy in my life and for that I say thank you!!

This is my Christmas in July project! I made it this weekend!

I found this thingie at a yard sale for a 1.00. It was painted an ivory color and looked very dingy. I thought I could brighten it up with some candy apple red paint! I don't know what it is suppose to be used for, but I thought I would use it to hold some of my pretty china cups! If any of my blogging friends know its real purpose please let me know. I will probably still use it as my tea cup holder! LOL


I love this little blue Christmas pillow. It was a dollar!

I love the pastel colors in these little coasters or hot pads. I don't know which they are. They were 50 cents.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lots of Yard Sale Finds!

Good Evening Bloggers! Where did this weekend go? I did not get anything done this weekend! I was just so tired! I did not enjoy the yard sales this week because of my fatigue. I did manage to find lots of goodies to share!
I hope your week goes well and that you stay in good health!!

I love this china plate. I also got 6 salad plates with it all for 2.00!!

Rhinestone Frog!

I just love this cloche like thingie! I put the frog above inside it! The frog was 1.00 the cloche was 3:00.

I think this black lace purse is so feminine! I want to add something to it , possibly the bow and crown from the photo album below! The purse was a 3.00! Not a great bargain but I loved it!

I love the bow and rhinestone crown on this photo album. I don't like these types of albums but I am going to attach the bow to the purse!

Cute little masquerade mask was 25 cents!

This planter is an FTD. But I love the cardinals on it! It was 50 cents! It will be great to hold candy or ornaments in at Christmas!

Both these pieces the small leaf dish and this kitty candle holder are Lenox.
This little planter is so dainty. I love the little green pearls around the cup.
I got both these pieces for 3.00.

Small Leaf Dish


You all know I love my roosters!! He was 1.00!

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his picture was a 1.o0. It says Early to bed , Early to Rise!

Monday, July 4, 2011


Happy Fourth everyone! Just popped in for a quick note to share Saturdays yard sale finds! I have more that I will post later this week.
I hope everyone had a safe and happy fourth of July!! Our holiday was very quiet. Just the two of us. My hubby is a home body so he does not like to go to any fourth of July events. So we were pretty much at home all weekend!

I bought all these things for ten dollars!!!

I can not believe I found 8 Milk glass goblets.

I love the liner in this small basket!

Two roosters that will be getting a makeover! I am thinking red!

I always buy large baskets when I see them. I use them to store fabric and other craft items.

Random Finds

There are four of these leaf plates! I thought they would be good to use in a table scape for fall or at Thanksgiving. They were 1.00 for all four! They were originally at Home Goods marked for 5.99 each!

I thought this was an interesting piece. So I am asking all my creative friends out there to give me ideas on how to use this? It was 1.00.