Friday, August 27, 2010

Thank you Friends/ Goodwill Haul

Good Evening My blogger Friends. I first want to thank everyone for their prayers that I will be cancer free. Unofficially the doctor thinks I am cancer free, but he did remove a polyp. So he has to send it off for testing. I should know next week the official results.

I was in a seminar on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy today. So on my lunch hour I stopped by the Goodwill that was near by. So I wanted to share my finds with you!!

I just thought these little sandles were so cute! I don't know if they are good brand name or not. But I sure do love them and they are in good condition.

The brand name of the sandals

Inside Rockport shoes posted below.

You all know I don't really like to buy used shoes. But these brown shoes with pink interior are in great conditiion. They are Rockport Brand.

This is just a simple flannel pull over jacket. It is brand new from QVC, it is made by Denim and Company. I can wear it as a casual knock around jacket.

Look at the color of this sweater and the embroidery. It is a Bob Macki design. I have a jacket designed by him with some bright colorful embroidery. This is brand new,not a flaw, the tags are still on it.

Of course this scarf is pink with pink roses. So how could I pass it up!

I thought the silk ribbon embroidery on these valances was so pretty. I hope I can use them in the new house. If not I will have to figure out something else to do with them.

I found these Avon eggs, they depict each season. Unfortunately I broke the summer egg before I even got it out of the store. This is the fall Egg. Each egg has a saying on the back , but the pictures I took of them you cannot read the words.

This is the Winter Egg! I just love cardinals, they are the my Home state , state bird.

Third Egg

Thursday, August 26, 2010

I am entering this give away!!

Go check out this beautiful cranberry glass that this wonderful blogger is giving away.

Show and Tell Friday

I am joining in on Cindy's Show and Tell Friday

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Prayer request/Yard Sale Finds

Good Evening Bloggers! Please keep me in your prayers tomorrow. I had colon cancer about two years ago. I was free from it last year. I go for my annual colonoscopy tomorrow morning so please pray I have good results like I did last year.

I thought I would post my weekend yard sale finds!! I promised my sweet hubby that for each piece I brought into the house, I would take out a piece to give to Goodwill. So I gotta start digging for something to get rid of,I did find two pillow shams, I think that will count for two pieces don't you? lol

These two plates were 4.oo at Home Goods Store. I paid a dollar for both at a yard sale. They are pink and green with roses , how could I not buy them.

These two little embroidered doilies were a dollar. The lady who sold them to me said that her grandmother hand made these. I don't believe I could sell something my grandmother handmade. I would pass them down to my children as family heirlooms. But that is just me

These two little tea towels are so pretty. I love the embroidered birds and they are each different. They cost me a dollar.

I paid .25 cents for this. I thought I could use it somehow on the fourth or memorial days.

This is a square table topper. You all know I love embroidery. Isn't the cutwork lace so beautiful on this one. Also I love the tone on tone colors as well!

This is another up close of the table topper.

I have a love for baskets. I didn't realize it was Home Interior until I got it home. I paid two dollars.

This is the tag showing the Home Interiors brand name!

In earlier post I showed the books I found on The Left Behind Series. This weekend I found the whole series on audio cassette. I was so excited!! She was asking 7.00 but she let me have them for 5.00.

Join the Fun

I am joining the fun and I hope I win!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Show and Tell Friday

Good Evening Blogger Friends!! I wanted to touch base with everyone. I tell you we have been busy here in South Carolina!! We have had people looking at the house since Sunday afternoon. Everyday before I go to work , I get the real life picked up and set the house up for showing.
Our Realtor called tonight to let us know that a potential buyer was trying to decide between our house and another. They do not like that we don't have a HOA, but are really liking our house. Pray for us that it sells soon. I am tired. LOL.
I thought I would share some treasures from this past weekend for show and tell friday. Please join Cindy at My Romantic Home for Show and Tell Friday

While my husband was out golfing this past Saturday, I went to yard sales, Goodwill, and did some shopping at a store we have here called Ole Time Pottery. I thought I would share this little cream colored urn and the hydrangeas I bought. The urn was 4.00 and hydrangeas were a 1.99 a stem. I know, I know I could have bought the vase for 50 cents and flowers alot cheaper at yard sale. But sometimes , you just have to have something new. I wanted to freshen my kitchen table up a bit since we are showing our house to potential buyers.

OMG!! This was my most favorite find of the weekend. A Susan Branch Scrapbook/cookbook. Never been opened , brand new. For 2.00. I don't know what the cost in a retail store would be, but 2.00 was a bargain for me.

I thought I would show you some pages from the scrabook.

Page from Susan Branch scrapbook!

A page from the Susan Branch scrap book.

These three little plastic storage canisters cost 1.50. I thought they would be great to store pasta, rice or even craft beads and supplies!! The colors are blue, purple and pink.

This little gravy bowl was 50 cents at a yard sale this past weekend. It says on the bottom it is made in USA. I will buy anything made in our country to support our country.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Goodwill and yard sale finds.

Hello Bloggers. I hope this week is going well for you so far. I am so excited we had some people look at our house this weekend and they really liked it. They are still in the early stages of their search but our house has not been ruled out.
Also we have some others who are coming to look at it tommorrow. I am keeping my fingers crossed it will be sold soon.

I thought I would share my Goodwill finds with you and one yard sale find. My friends I am very funny about buying used shoes or even used clothing. But these shoes and jacket was just too nice to pass by. I sprayed the shoes with Lysol just in case.

These little brown sweade shoes are in such good condition , I just love them! A 2.92. Good Will find.

I just love the lacy look of these sandles. Another 2.92 Goodwill find.

These little lattice weave shoes are just so cute. 2.92

I found this little fall sweater at a yard sale for 2.oo. I love the glitter around the leaves. The leaves are so colorful

Friday, August 13, 2010

Show and Tell Friday

I am joining Cindy at My Romantic Home For:

Monday, August 9, 2010

Yard sale finds!!

Good Evening my dear blogger friends!! I thought I would share some yard sale finds from this past weekend.
I know , I know , I said I wasn't going to thrift until after the move. But my addiction kicked into withdrawals, so that was it.
Hope everyone has a wonderful week.

This silver mirror was four dollars. I may paint it black. I don't plan to hang it until we get the new house. If we ever sell this house.

This little black piece was 50 cents. I am beginning to like black a lot in decorations.

This picture is the same print we have in pictures that are already on my living room wall. But I mostly bought this one for the frame. I think it is so pretty. The picture was 1.00.

I bought this little cut glass basket for 50 cents. I have a passion for cut glass.

I will probably use this fabric for a quilt for a child. I can't believe these fabric pieces were only 2.00 each

This fabric I hope to make a hand bag. I love the vividness of the colors

Random Post- Lost two followers.

I am concerned that in the last two weeks I have lost two followers. I am not sure why. I don't think I have posted anything inappropriate on anyone blog. If I have I certainly have not meant too.
Please those of you whose chose not to follow me anymore. Please let me know why!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cindy's Show and Tell Friday

I am joining Cindy's Show and Tell Friday. Please go for a visit at her wonderful blog!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Things I have collected the past year.

As you know I have been decluttering my home and packing for the move. If we ever sell our house. I found a whole box of brand new stuff I have found at yard sales over the year. I keep a box of new things and if I can't use them I pass them on to my family members.
The kids when they visit tell me its like Christmas every time they come for a visit.
I love a bargain, so I always buy it if I can use it, or if a member of my family would like it.
I thought I would share my loot with my blogger friends. I hope everyone has a good week.
This purse is brand new as you can see the tag. It is in my favorite color pink. Although it is not my style. It was a dollar. Which ever of the girls in my family that visits first and likes it . It will be theirs.
These leather gloves were a dollar. I will proably use these myself. Although we do not have much glove weather in South Carolina. I may give them to one of the girls. I don't know yet.
These chili pepper utensils were a dollar also. Brand new in the package. My daughters kitchen is done in Chili peppers so these will go to her.
This little fondue set, at least I think it is what this is, will go to my step daughter. She is the cook of the family.
These little candle holders were one dollar. Brand new and never been used. They are not my style, but they will go to someone who likes them in my family. First comes to visit first served. LOL
This brand new fleece blanket was a dollar. I will proably embroidery something for a little boy and give it to one of my new grandsons.
I thought this little snowman was cute. He was 50 cents. I will give him to my daughter , she likes snowmen.
These little items, note pads and pen, three candles were all 1.00. I may use these myself, or give them to my daughter in law. They match her decor in her house.
Christmas bath products never been open for 1.00. This may be a co-worker gift at Christmas or go to one the girls in the family.
Sparkly , glittery bath products never been open. This will end up with one of the girls in my life, daughter , daughter in law or stepdaughter. Who ever visits first and wants it. LOL