Sunday, June 9, 2013


Good Afternoon my blogging friends! Today is my birthday. I am so grateful for my life and how God is so good to me. I have had three different types of cancer, the first was thyroid cancer that turned out to be the good kind. (if there is a good kind, of cancer.) The second was colon cancer in which I had to have a colon resection that turned out really well for me. The latest bout was the breast cancer, which I feel has been my hardest battle, I don't know why. So each year I have a birthday , I am truly reminded how lucky and blessed I have been. Our sofas were looking faded and worn, so my hubby being the sweetie he is, decided to buy me new ones for my birthday. I wanted to share my blessings with my friends. I just love the blue gray color of the sofas. It is such a pretty color. This is a contemporary sofa, which is not my usual style, as you all know I am a traditionalist. But when I saw these sofas it was love at first sight! The coffee table we had before was cherry wood and was much too large for this area. I decided to see how the white wicker table would work. I had it originally in my girly loft area. What do you all think? Does it work here? I accept all feedback positive or negative. When we were shopping for the sofas , This rug was part of the floor display. I told my hubby I really like rug, he looked at the sales assistant and said order the rug as well. My hubbie is a real sweetie. a href="" imageanchor="1" > This was the vignette that was on the old coffee table in front of our sofa. I had the vignette setting inside a lazy Susan. The lazy Susan was too heavey looking for the wicker so I decided to remove it. The candle stick and the burlap vase are both Ross finds. I had the greenery in my stash of florals. The little dog figurines are yard sale finds. The little dog in the ragged shoe is so cute.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Saturday Yard Sale Finds!

Good Evening my friends. I finally got my yard sale mojo back. I just have not felt well enough to get up early on Saturday mornings to go. I decided to go this Saturday and I thought I would share my finds. Nothing exciting but I like what I did find. I hope you enjoy looking at my photos. I guess lately I really have not had my blogging mojo on either. I have not posted and have not been able to visit my blogging friends like I had before. Hope you enjoy! This silver vase was a 1.00. It was originally priced fifteen dollars at Marshall's. It had some loose white silk roses but they were really dirty and I threw those away. I just love these silver serving pieces. I think they are silver plated not pure silver. But I paid 3:00 for the set. I loved that this candle holder was cobalt blue on the bottom. I will have to pull out all my other cobalt pieces again. It was 1.00. This silver painted container held most of the bath products. The cellophane around it was all torn and the ribbon was hanging loose. The two candles were 50 cents each. I never purchase new books, unless they are decorating books. I find all my reading materials at yard sales. These books were a dollar each. This little butterfly accordion file is brand new. I paid a 1.00 for it. Some of you probably would never purchase bath products at yard sales. But when I see a good bargain, I thrift. When purchasing personal products, I check and double check that the seals are intact and that they have never been used. I paid 5.00 for all of these. What I don't use I will give to my daughter or daughter in love.