Monday, May 30, 2011


Good Evening Bloggers! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!! God Bless our military people, those who have served and died and the ones serving now. And for all the Marines, semper fi!!
I have been busy on projects today! I thought I would share them with my friends in blog land!! Hope you enjoy!

I bought this box at an Estate sale. I do not remember what I paid for it,but it was not expensive at all. It was a gilded gold. I bought some oil rubbed bronze spray paint and gave it a good spray! I love how it turned out. I know most would have painted it white , but it looks better on my coffee table this color!

This is a photo of the wall in the hall. The lamp was my husbands before we were married. I really liked it so I let him keep it! LOL. The wall was rather bare, so I thought some tweaking was due to be done!
I found this flower container at a yard sale (of course). I sprayed painted it the same oil rubbed bronze that I used to paint the box!



Saturday, May 28, 2011

Yard Sale Bling and Blogger frustration!

Good Evening Bloggers! I am so frustrated with blogger this week. I almost considered to stop blogging all together. I still cannot sign in my blog, so when I visit your blogs I cannot post. So please be patient and continue to visit my blog!! I am visiting my followers every day.
Hope this weekend is a good one for all my friends in blogland!

These little earrings have dolphins on them, I just love them! I always use bleach to clean the earring post, especially when I buy them at yard sales and thrift stores.

Silver earings with rhinestones!

This piece is a locket.It did not have a chain, but I can always find a chain to use.

A little necklace with pink roses and pearls

This cameo is probably an avon piece! I didn't ask. It looks like something avon would sell.


You can always use one more strand of pearls!

I love these little bow pins!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I can't sign into my google account to access my blog?

Can anyone help me. I cannot sign into my account to view my blog.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Photos of Stuff

Good Evening Bloggers! I thought I would share some random photos of stuff. I don't think I have ever shared the upstairs bathroom or my craft room. Please excuse the mess in the craft room. It will probably stay messy. I use it all the time!
I also dis some tweaking in other areas of our home. I thought I would share those as well.
Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend! I did not sell anything at the flea market. People here do not buy crafts! I think I do a good job on my boxes and my sewing items. However it was biker weekend here in Myrtle Beach. Its hard to buy stuff and take it home on a bike. LOL. Also people were buying more practical items. Our flea market here is not about antiques or crafts. It is more of a place to sell over stock stuff, like perfume, tooth paste and toiletries.
Have a good week everyone!

I made this valance for my sun room. The fabric was a shower curtain, I found for 4.00 at the yard sale. The trim cost me more than the fabric. LOL. I have not decided if I like them yet or not. But I like them better than the scarf I had up there. I will more likely change it out again in the future when I can find some more fabric I like more.


I changed the lamp shades on the lamps in the sunroom and the one on the credena in the family room.They use to be white, I changed them to the
coffee, bronzey colored ones!

Credenza in the family room.

Craft Room Studio ( Excuse the mess, I wish I could tell you it is going to look better, but it probably will not) LOL

My hubby bought me this crafing cart. I use it to set my embroidery machine ( Huskavarna Rose). My machine is out dated but it works like a charm. I can put the machine under the cart and close the cart up to make it look neater. But I use it all the time, so I don't see the point.
The shelf over top also holds hat boxes with crafting stuff, laces,etc.
If you notice I sat the little white shelf I bought at yard sale last weekend on the cart. I put my smaller spools of thread in it. I use a little white milk glass bowl to hold my machine brush and little screw driver.

These little white cabinets store all my crafting supplies, beads, glues, scrap booking scissors etc. One on them stores some of my embroidery thread. If you notice the clear canisters on top, I bought those at a yard sale for five dollars.
Also the shelf over top the cabinets hold my hat boxes and other boxes of craft junk.

This table is where I do my general sewing. Also I alter my boxes on this, I cover it with foam board to protect my cutting matt. I also cut out my fabric pieces on this table.

Two messy book shelves. The one on the right actually does have some books on it! Along with my other crafting junk. The porcelain doll is a gift from my son many years ago. The lamp is a Christmas gift from hubby's daughter.

Piggy bank collection!

This is my computer desk and chair. I use this computer to down load my embroirdy designs. If you notice you will see my piggy bank collection on the top of the desk! I know silly eh?

My daughter Melissa gave me this picture for my craft room as a Christmas gift! At that time I did not have a studio.

Up Stairs Bathroom

I thought I would share my girl cave bathroom that is upstairs. This photo is taken from standing outside the door. The bathroom is really small!

My hubby put up this little white shelf for me. I love the little gingerbread effect slats. I plan to do some tweaking to the top of the shelf. Right now I have two perfume bottles my grand-children's mother brought me from Japan. My son and her were just married. The little green bottle is from Avon, I have had it many years. The little Victorian lady thingie is a yard sale find!

I found these pink embroidered towels at a yard sale for 1.00 for all three pieces. They were brand new, never used!

Some of you may remember, when I first started blogging,I made this pink heart!

I found this shabby chic cone thingy at a yard sale for fifty cents. I put a couple of towels in it instead of plants or florals!

I love the rose covered shower curtain! I added some blue bling at the top for interest!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Yard Sale Haul and Projects

Good Evening Bloggers!! It is 11:20 pm as I am posting. I have to work tomorrow! I need to be in bed! I did get a lot done this weekend! I cleaned and organized my pantry and cleaned the refrigerator out! I have made up my mind to set goals for the weekend to do at least two extra cleaning projects in my home besides the normal cleaning every weekend.
I also try to craft and hour or two both Saturday and Sunday!! I wish I could retire! But now is not the time. sigh
Hope everyone has had a great weekend!!
I wanted to share a few yard sale finds and a couple of projects I completed this weekend.

This little shelf was 1.00. I don't know where I will use this, it will most likely be in my craft room.

I got both of these pictures for three dollars! I most definitely will paint the frames. I know everyone will think I should paint the frames white! But I would really like them to match my cherry furniture! What do you suggest?

I tweaked this corner of my kitchen!! I thought both these plant boxes would look pretty red! Since I have alot of red in my kitchen. They both fit perfectly on the stands I placed them on!!

We already had this window box! We had flowers in it last year. I spray painted it red and sat it on the little cart. I won the cart at Bingo one night a few years ago! I thought about painting the tile on the bottom red as well. It is blue and white and says Poland! What do you think about painting it red as well!!
I may do an arrangement of greenery in this with a few silks. Any ideas on what to do??

I bought this plant container at yard sale for a dollar! It was silver, so I painted it red and sat it on top of my little bakers rack thingie! It has dragon flies embossed in the metal!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

I have a question?

Can someone give me idea on how to price these boxes I am altering. I am setting up at a flea market next weekend. I want to try to sell some because I can't keep them all.

Thank you

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I have been at it again!

Good Evening Blogger Friends! I spent this entire day crafting. It was a state holiday for us here in South Carolina. Confederates Memorial Day. So I did some embroidery work on the quilt I am making, and then I started altering boxes. Yep! I am at it again!
I plan to take some stuff to the flea market to sell. I know these boxes are not fine art, but maybe someone would want them for the right price.I have some pillows I have made and some household items to sell.
I thought I would give it a try. So take a look!
Again I forgot to clean up the glue before I photographed them, so just ignore the glue. I promise they will cleaned up before I take them to sell. Hope you enjoy!!

This is one of my favorite altered boxes. I think it looks so springy! I painted it a spring green, added the roses to the top and under the top as well! I put some ribbon lace around the sides! I also made the little pink heart inside the box!

The top of the little green box! I added some pink and cream roses!! I used fabric roses instead of the dried roses.

A crafty little wooden heart. I covered it with left over paper and lace. I added the three white roses I bought out of the wedding section at Michaels. I plan to change out the pearls. They are too big for my taste.

I used wall paper border to cover this little box. I gave it a aged look by using distressing ink for scrap booking. I had the little roses on hand and the trim. I just added some tulle for an added touch.

The sides of the little round box. I added string seed pearls around the top sides of the box.

The inside of the box. The little rose was already attached to the leaves and the bow was attached to the rose as well. It came off a gift someone gave me.

I really like how the top of this box looks! The little cherub is off a broken plaque! I never throw any thing away I might be able to use another way! The cream roses I had on hand! I tied a strip of old lace in a bow and attached to the box.

I added lace around the sides of the box on the bottom. On top I put purple cording around the top of the box.

This is the inside of the top of the box! I added the little ivory roses to carry the theme through to the inside of the box.

I lined the bottom of the box with the same shelf paper! I added the little purple roses around the edges.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Yard Sale Finds!!!

Happy Mothers Day!! I thought I would share Saturday's yard sale finds! All the items listed below I purchased for 2.00 at one sale. All of them were brand new with the exception of the little Christmas birdhouse.
I hope every one enjoys my post!!
The reason I like to tell how much I paid for everything is see how fun thrifting can be. Besides, I fully believe in keeping things out of the land fills. So if I can get things I would use for less, I think that is a good thing!
So enjoy!!

This Christmas apron is brand new with tags. 50 cents. Of course you all know that it will not stay plain just with lace. It will have to have some embroidery on the bodice!

This apron still has the tags!

Brand New never opened or used, glue gun and glue sticks. 50 cents.

Brand new never opened Dogwood design stationary! 50 cents

A little Christmas Birdhouse! 50 cents

Monday, May 2, 2011


Good Evening Bloggers!! Hope your week is going well! Okay, I know you all are saying this woman is obsessed with altering cigar boxes. I think you are right! I discovered that I am enjoying altering boxes almost as much as I enjoy sewing and embroidery.
This type of crafting relaxes me after a hard day at work.
Anyway I thought I would share with you yet another box. Please don't throw tomatoes at me, for the same show different day. LOL.


The paint I used on this box is called Linen by Folk Art. I painted the entire box before I added any other decorations. I had a thin wooden heart I bought at a yard sale and I MODGED PODGED the paper I bought at AC Moore to the heart. The paper was a crisp white, so I decided to delicately swipe my paint brush across the paper to give it an aged effect!.
The rose came from a Christmas gift, so I re purposed it as a accent to this box. The butterfly came from Michael's I bought it several weeks ago. The ribbon I had in my ribbon stash. I bought the little shiny leaves at AC Moore on clearance for a 1.00. I have several left over for future projects!

This is the inside top of the box! I had some butterflies left over from my Michaels trip I made a few weeks back!! I am really trying to use up from stash of things I have on hand vs buying any thing new. I did buy the paint I used on this box and the paper was on sale at AC Moore. I paid I think about 85 cents each for two sheets. But the rest of decorations I had on hand.

This is the bottom inside of the box! I continued the brassy button effect in each corner here to continue the effect.