Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thrifty Groove Party

I am joining Diane over at The Thrifty Groove for her Thifty Things Friday.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Not so good news, Fallin and Painting

Good Evening Blogger friends! I hope everyone's week is going well. This has been not so good of a week for me. Over the past month I have felt incredibly bad. I don't know if I have shared before that I have Sarcoidiosis in my lungs along with COPD. My sarcoid had been stable until now. My pulmonary doctor told me Monday I was having a flare up again. So I am back on the Predisone and Methotrexate. I hate the Predisone because I gain so much weight when I take it. So I am not a happy camper because my weight is already and issue for me.

The symbol for Sarcoidiosis is the snow flake so I guess you can say.........I am snowing again. LOL

Oh well on the fun side, I have been doing some more fallin and painting. So without further ado I will share with you with you my projects!! Hope you enjoy!



This is what I did with the table. I spray painted it of course with Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint. I think it looks so much better than the gold.

Fall tweaking!

I had these two tall candlesticks when we lived in our old house. They were looking shabby so I updated them with Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint. I bought the candle votive holders at Big Lots.

Up Close of the Candle holder.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Yard Sale Finds!

Good Afternoon my friends!! Have I had fun today. It was cool and misting rain, but that did not stop me from going to yard sales. I lucked out today and there was a community yard sale not far from my home. I love community yard sales because I can get my fix and go home!
I cleaned house when I came home. So now I am tired.
Hope everyone has a wonderful after noon!!

This little country Christmas bear was one dollar. It will look cute in a Christmas vignette.

I love this picture of horses. I am from horse country originally the Bluegrass State,Ky. I will of course paint the frame Oil Rubbed Bronze because it looks so good up against our egg shell white walls.

This gold table with glass was 5.00. Of course it will not stay gold. I plan to do a make over and use my beloved Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint.

This gold bag and the red bag below are Estee Lauder bags. The lady had both of these bags and sold them to me for 2.00. They have never been used.

On the inside of the gold one. There was a cute little makeup bag and mirror.

I do not know where I will display this pillow. But I think it is so cute with the doll and the bear pattern. I paid a dollar for it.

I found this Christmas pillow and the comforter below for 5.00. I have a table cloth that has the same embroidery as this pillow. During the holidays, I will display this pillow in the gold chair next to my dining room table.

If it white and has lace on it....its mine!

A close photo shot of the lace on this comforter.

This is a huge bird cage that was used in a wedding. I will most certainly do a makeover. I am not sure what color to spray paint it, please make suggestions. I want it to look more traditional vs shabby chic.

This floral arrangement was 1.00. I will use it in a vignette after the holidays.

I don't know if anyone knows this in blogland. But I collect piggy banks. I found this one today for 50 cents. Is it not a cutie?

Little bear in a little girls shoe! This will be used in a vignette somewhere. 1.50

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Tweakin and Fallin!

Good Evening Bloggers! This is a day of remembrance for all those that lost their life in the 911 tragedy. I am sorry I did not have an appropriate picture to post.
I was at work when this tragedy happen. Along with the others I was crying as I watched the planes go into the World Trade Center. I keep all of the families in my prayers.
I wanted to share the tweaking I did this weekend to some areas in our home. I added more fall decorations!
I love to decorate, even though I am not the best at doing it. But it sure is fun for me to try! Hope you enjoy and leave me feedback on any changes you would make.

Dining Room Table

I changed the runner on the dining room table to a fall runner. It has pumpkin like things around the edges. The center piece is an old bucket I had on hand. I painted it using Folk Art Acrylic Paint in the Linen color. I tied raffia around the top and added the fall silverware pouch I found at Kirklands some time ago. I added the hydrangeas and the other huge flowers.
The creamy pumpkins were part of last years collection. I found the rooster votive holder at the Largest Yard sale for a dollar! I added the little sage green votive

Entertainment Center

I used Celestina's hand painted pumpkin as the center focal point. I placed it on a black candle stand to give it some height!
I added a squash and a pumpkin and two tiny birds on the right side. I found the two little birds at the largest yard sale. They were a quarter for birth birds. The squash and the pumpkin I had from last years decorations.
On the left side,I added a large leaf plate I found at a yard sale. You will recognize the other two leaf plates at Family Dollar finds!
The two large candlesticks in the back I already had on there. The candles I bought at Target.

With The Candles Light

Kitchen Table!!

I tweaked the kitchen table to have it decorated for fall! The pumpkin salt and pepper shakers, I found at the Dollar Store last year. The table runner I made, it has chickens embroidered with the fall colors! The place mats I shared before,were found at a yard sale.

Fireplace Mantle!

I changed the fireplace mantle out to add fall decorations. The leaf plate is a Home Goods find. The apple plate I found this week end at the Largest Yardsale. You recognize the little votive vases and the pumpkins from Family Dollar!
You will notice in the bottom photo in the corner a mess in the sun room. That is the rest of my yard sale finds from this weekend.



I did a redo on our master bedroom dresser! The bottles sitting on the silver like tray I found this week at the Largest Yardsale! When I saw them I had to have them because they match the colors in our bedroom perfect!

Friday, September 9, 2011

I bought something beautiful! And,I won something beautiful!!

Good Evening bloggers!! I would like to share with you this evening my beautiful pumpkin that I purchased from It is absolutely gorgeous!! You can also visit Celestina at

I would also like to share my beautiful give away win from Mudpies and Marigolds. This give away was hosted by Jamie @ Freckled Laundry!!
Please vist their etsy shop!!

When I came home from work today, both of these packages were waiting for me. It was like Christmas!! I was so excited!!

My pumpkin!!

You see all these extra little tags, and recipe cards and candy. These are extra gifts Celestina included in the package my pumpkin came in. Is she not the dearest lady in blogland!! Please check out her etsy shop and see all her beautiful art.

Is this not the cutest pumpkin you ever saw!! I just love Celestina's beautiful artwork. I had the pleasure of winning a give away that was a ceramic heart, which turned me on to her beautiful designs!! I am a farm girl at heart, so check out the beautiful farm scene!

My Beautiful Give away win!!!

How lucky am I to win this beautiful table runner from Miss Aron Odell @ Mudpies & Marigolds!! Is it not the most gorgeous table runner! So perfect for fall, with pumpkins and scarecrows decorations. I will take a picture of how I use it! You can visit Miss Aron @ or

Monday, September 5, 2011

Susan's Got her Groove Back

Good Evening Bloggers. I finally was able to complete a couple of projects. I thought I had lost all my creative inspiration. I would start something, mess it up and quit!!
But it felt good to be able to create again!
I know its not quite fall, but I have been watching decorating you tube channels about fall decorating and I just had to start my fall projects!! I still have lots to do yet.
I hope you enjoy looking at my projects!!


It's almost Fall You All!! I couldn't wait to decorate!

This is what I did to the hearth of the fireplace. I still have to do the mantle yet!

Up Close photo of the picnic basket vignette!

Tweaking the Shabby Chic Room!

I added this lamp to the corner. I made the lamp shade yesterday afternoon. It was an old lamp shade that I had in storage, so I shabbied it up with roses and lace. The lamp was a four dollar Salvation Army find. It was also in storage.

I re- decorated the wicker coffee table.

This is what I did to the bottom of the plant stand the lamp is on!

This is where I placed the hat box I made a couple of weeks ago!

I have posted a picture of this white cabinet before. It was a yard sale find! It was painted a ugly green, so of course I shabbied it with white paint.

The hat boxes actually hold some hats. A couple I store trim for craft projects! I forgot to straiten the lamp shade. Oh well we all have seen crooked lamp shades before! LOL. I bought the pink afghan at Goodwill quite some time ago, as well as the little pillow in the chair. The lamp was a yard sale find!

Nothing cuter than a basket of pink Teddy Bears!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Small project, Yard Sale Haul, and Family dollar finds.

Good Afternoon, my friends! I hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday. I got up early this morning and went to the yard sales! I found a lot of stuff, nothing special!
I thought I would share my yard sale finds, a small project and dollar tree and Family dollar finds!! I had not posted anything new all week. So I thought I needed to share something with my friends!!
My creative juices have quit flowing. I have tried and tried to get in the mood to sew or craft and everything I touch something goes wrong and I get frustrated!
I think my body is tired and telling me take a break for awhile. Because the last thing I tried to sew , I started crying because I messed it up so badly.
It has been a touch few weeks for me physically and emotionally. But I will get through all this and soon feel like my old self again!!
I hope everyone enjoys my show and tell!

Small project!

I found this little box at the dollar tree! Of course I alter any box I see or have!

Inside of box!

Yard Sale Finds!

Brand new with tag. Fall purse for 2.00

Fall oven mitts and two place mats! These were 2:00. There are just two of us, so these work out perfectly for us.

Three cobalt blue glasses! 50 cents each! I am trying to build a collection of cobalt glassware to use in table scapes!

Little lace box! 25 cents!! Of course I will have to alter it a little!

Red Heart Bowl. Originally from Ross! I paid 75 cents at a yard sale!

I found these three pumpkins at the Dollar tree! I love the earth tone colors they came in! 1.00 each!

Old lace that will make its way on a pillow! 50 Cents

Cobalt blue Glasses 1:00

Two Leaf dishes: Family Dollar 1.00 each.

Thanks Giving Placemats: One Dollar