Sunday, October 31, 2010

Partial Michael's Haul

Good Evening Bloggers. I hope everyone had a beautiful Sunday!! Mine was great. I got the condo cleaned up yesterday, so I had the whole day to relax ie: shop. LOL
I decided to post my Michaels Haul. Unfortunately Blogger is acting up and will not post the rest of my pics. So this is my partial Haul. Hopefully blogger will let me post the rest later.
I had a 50% off coupon for fall stuff. But the cashier applied it to my Christmas decorations. I did not buy any fall items.

A couple of picks for the tree.

I love this rose pick. I may go back and get a few more of these for the tree. I hope they have some left when I go back.

I am going to use this little red wreath as an ornament on the Christmas tree.

I am going to use this Christmas Ribbon to tie a bow around the neck of the deer.

These two little red ornaments are going to be used around the deer's neck. This picture does not do them justice. They are really shiny and cute.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Finally Settled! Christmas Project Started!

Good Evening Blogger friends!!
Wow! We are finally settled into the Condo we are renting until the new house is finished. My husband I drove out and looked at our lot. They haven't started the house yet. They are in the stage of getting all the building permits. That takes forever here in South Carolina!
My dear hubby is a gardener, he planted some gladiola bulbs at the back of our lot today. He just couldn't wait! LOL
I thought I would share with you the project I am working on. Most of you saw the deer I had sitting on my dining room table last Christmas. Well I am working on a larger one that stands up. You can check out my progress in the picture below.
I will start sharing pictures of the decorations in the condo, none of which are mine but are a part of this condo. But hey, I have to blog about something.

Friday, October 22, 2010


Good Evening my blogger buddies! Just requesting everyone not forget about me. We are moving to the Condo this weekend and I will be out of internet services for a little while.
I will miss everyone!! But hopefully I will not be missing long!! I will take pictures of the golf course we are living on and some of the condo itself. It's decorated Asian style. I am not Asian style decorator. So pray that I won't get too depressed and anxious until our new home is built.
I will be working on some embroidery projects because I am taking my embroidery machine to the condo!! So when I get the internet up and running I will share those things I make along the way.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Show and Tell Friday

Please visit Cindy at My Romantic Home for Show and Tell Friday!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Old Country Roses, Bubble Wrap and Thrifting Finds!!

Good Evening Bloggers.
I did get to do some yard saleing and thrifting this weekend. My hubby was not to pleased about it , after all we are moving and trying get rid of stuff. But he got over it and told me what I got was really nice.
I thought I would share my Old Country Rose utensils that go with my China set. I just love the Old Country Rose pattern. My daughter has already instructed me to will it to her when I die. LOL
I have been really busy with the move, but we finally with an exception of a few odds and ends we are packed!! I am really feeling it, with working and then coming home and packing in the evenings. These old bones can hardly take it!! LOL
I hope every one is had a good week and hope the week goes even better for you!!

This is my Old Country Roses Dinnerware set by Royal Albert. I also have a whole set of the china!! I have a few accessories but not many. I am going to start collecting those once we get moved!! I had bought the china when it was on sale. I came home from work one day and my hubby had a package for me. It was the utensils!! I did not even ask for them!

I love it because the utensils are gold!!

Who would of thunk it!! Pink bubble wrap!! I found it at Walmart!!

This scrapbook/photo album was a yard sale find for a 1.00. It was never used. I may have posted this before. I hope not. I found it several months ago. I ran across it when I was packing for the move.

Of course I could not pass up this little rose teacup and saucer. 1.91 at Good Will.

I found this Little BOY figurine at Goodwill for a 1.91. He matches a collection of blue and white figurines I already have. I have posted the pictures of those in earlier post.

I love the Roses on this address book. It was another Goodwill find!! I love the Romantic Shabby Chic looking address books, journals etc!! 1.91.

This pillow sham was a Good Will find!! I love the roses in it.

This is an FTLD vase. I like it , it matches my decor in my living room. It was only a dollar!!

I will proably give this to my daughter. It was 50 cents at yard sale. It is brand new,never out of the package!! It looks like something my daughter might like.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Prayer Request and Pics of my Grandchildren!!

Good Evening my friends!! Since I could not go thrifting this week end. I thought I would share the pictures I just received from my grandchildren in Okinawa. Their mother will occasionally send me pictures of the children. Right now she will not let my son have contact with the children. She is angry because he is remarried. For those of you who do not know, my former daughter in law kidnapped the children and took them to Okinawa. By Japanese law , even though my son has full custody in the states. He cannot take them, he would be arrested and thrown in jail.
Please pray that my grandchildren be happy and that they can have both their father and their mother. We have an awesome God and I know he can make it happen!!

I did not go thrifting because I can't bring anything into the house until we get moved. By order of Mr. N. I tell ya girlfriends, It was hard not to hit the yard sales this weekend!!

This is Emily and Anthony. They are really close to each other. They always have been.

This is Emily isn't she beautiful. I miss her so much