Sunday, February 27, 2011

I won a beautiful give away!!

Good Evening Friends!
No, I am not posting pictures of the house!! I have still way too much too do before the house is presentable! I am looking at boxes and more boxes to unpack!! I will show each room as I finish it! However right now, all the rooms have parts of it put together. I still have art work to hang,and lots of other decorating to do!!
Tonight I am sharing with you the beautiful give away I won. Celeste Marie Designs sent me all these beautiful packages wrapped in this gorgeous delicate paper. The paper is a gift itself. So enjoy the photos of my wonderful gifts from Celeste.

I was so lucky to win one of Celeste Marie's Handpainted Heart Designs. Go visit Celeste 's Etsy shop and look at what wonderful treasures she has for you. Please go to
In addition Celeste is one of the sweetest on line friends I have. She is beautiful inside and out.

Look at all the goodies Celeste sent to me as a part of her beautiful give away!! The paper it was wrapped in was a gift it self!! It was gorgeous!! How lucky can I be to receive all the wonderful surprises!! Those little recipe cards are so cute!!

This rose looks real, but it is silk! I do love pink roses!! I'll say it again, I do love pink roses!! This one is absolutely gorgeous!

This is the little heart that was item for her generous give away. Celeste included alot of sweet surprises. I just love the pink rose, the tulle and lace, and especially the added bling!

I just love this sweet little heart box, isn't it beautiful!! Celeste makes the most beautiful items!! I have tried to paint roses before, I couldn't even come close to making it look like a rose.
And the little box was filled with chocolate, and I do love chocolate.

Look at this beautiful Valentines card Celeste sent with my package! Is it not the sweetest card ever! She wrote a beautiful note to me inside, but I like to keep my personal notes private!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Moving, No Time To Blog~

Good Afternoon Bloggers!

This will be my last post for a week or so. I don't know when we will have internet again. We are moving tomorrow and I will be busy all week, having fun decorating. I will take lots of pictures to share with my friends!! Our Closing was delayed until tomorrow. So that threw us a day late getting moved. But I still have plenty to do packing our stuff in the Condo. I cannot believe how much we have accumulated here since we moved in, a few short months ago!!
Well off to get busy. See you in a week or so!!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

I got New Pictures of my Grandchildren!!

My daughter in law emailed me about a month ago and actually gave me an address. She will not let me talk to them, but she will send me pictures, and I can finally send things to the children.
I cannot believe how much they have grown. They look happy, and that is the most important thing to me. But I know they miss me and their daddy and all their extended family here.
Keep us in your prayers that God will work a miracle so they can come home!

Anthony is 10 years old. He was only 5 when his mother abducted him. He looks just like my son , of course with the exception of the dark eyes and that beautiful olive skin. He is an adorable little boy. However with all this, his mother has him so confused.

This is Emily. Does she not have the most gorgeous smile!! I think she is absolutely beautiful!! She loves horses, so I sent her the book Black Beauty! Now that their mother is sending me pictures again. I can send them things every two months! I sent over about five pounds worth of stuff and it cost me 53.00! So I won't be able to send things once a month like I would like, I can write letters and send cards though!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Please Watch this Interview

I just want to make everyone aware of a documentary that is playing on Diane Sawyer's world wide news! It is addressing the issue that directly affects my family and the abduction of my grandchildren.
Many American fathers who marry Japanese women, end up losing all contact with their children if the marriage goes south. These mothers often abduct the children and take them back to Japan. Japan does not recognize custody rights of USA. They are also the country who do not honor the abduction laws as other countries do.
Once the children are taken back to Japan there is nothing the children's father can do. If they try they will be arrested.
As a grandmother it was very heart wrenching, like a death not to be able to see or talk to my grandchildren. I have had limited contact with my grandchildren since their mother abducted them.
Please watch this segment tonight at 6:30 pm. Tonight they are interviewing the Japanese women. Please know that most of these mothers claim abuse by their American husbands , when abuse has never happened. Also they often coach and brain wash the children into believing that there was abuse, or that their fathers don't love them.
I know my son would gladly share custody with his ex wife,so the children could have both their mother and father. At least originally he would have. However now he is angry, and just wants his children back.
My wish is not to offend any of my oriental friends in blogland!! I still love my Japanese ex daughter in law. But she is selfish and thinks only of her feelings and not of the best interest of her children.
If this is a post that offends or makes you feel bad just don't read it. But it is an important issue that touches the life of many children.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Honeycomb Creative Co. Is having a give away!!

Please check out this wonderful blog and this generous give away!


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Update on Progress of the House!

Good Evening Bloggers!
This has been a tough two weeks. It seems the closer we get having the house finished the more anxious I get! We close February 21st!!!!. I have been really sensitive and taking everything personally, that I would normally let slide. But its almost over!
Many of you have been asking me about the progress of the house!! As I told some of you that I will post the inside of the house as I get each room decorated!! But for now I will show you how the outside looks.
I can't wait to be able to show you the inside all decorated and stuff! But for now I have to be patient and wait until the 21st and then we can move in and finally feel like we have a home again!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Give Credit where Credit is due!

I just felt the need to let my blogger friends know where I get my embroidery designs on my projects!! Most of the designs on my projects are freebie designs I have down loaded from internet. I did not design the designs. I just borrowed their designs to use on my projects.
I have soft ware that allows me to utilized other talented people designs that I have either purchased or they have offered up as freebies.
If any one recognizes a design of they have digitized or created, Please let me know I will give you credit.
I just did not want anyone get the impression that designs themselves was something I created.
I chose the designs and embroidered them on my pillow cases etc. I hope this makes sense.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Heart felt apology and small project and Shopping Finds!

Good Evening Blogger Friends!! Can you believe its February 2011. Does time not fly anymore!! I have to apologize to you guys, I am long overdue for a give away. But with all this house building business, I just cannot seem to do everything I want and need to do. So please please forgive me. I promise when I get settled into the new house , I will have a give away, to give back some of the blessings I have been blessed with! I sure hope that makes sense!!
There is not a day goes by that I haven't been blessed in some way by reading someone's blog. I have gleaned messages that uplifted my spirits when I was low in spirit. I have gleaned so many crafting ideas, and decorating ideas that I will be using down the line. God Bless you all!! I love all the new friends I have met on here!!
I thought I would share a small project I completed, some Ross and TJ Max finds. I also don't want anyone to think I am bragging or anything, but I was a huge spender at the yard sales this past weekend!! So please take a look and I hope you enjoy!

OMG somebody throw me a rope. I have another obsession. I absolutely cannot allow a plain white pillow case to stay white. I have to add something! I did this little project this weekend. Have I told you how much I really love my embroidery machine. Its an addiction for me, but I don't have time to really do what I want to with it, I have to settle for small projects!

This is a box made to look like a book. I could not resist it because of the rooster picture. I found it at TJ Max for 4.99. I thought it would be good to store tea bags or even extra K-cups!!

Isn't this little Rooster trivet cute? How could I resist the red. I know my blogger friend Angie at Freespirit Home will proably wanna take it from me. She absolutely loves red!!

I found this candle stick at Ross's for a 1.99. Who cannot use another candle stick? Right? It will most definitely get a make over. I welcome all suggestions on what to do with this find! Okay, Okay, my hubby would say the trash.........and probably some of you guys would to........but that is not an option. Its only an option when I am ready for it to go!! LOL

Okay as you will see I was a huge spender at yard sales this weekend!! LOL My hubby could not believe I only spent 30cents. LOL

25 cents each!!

10 cent Santa. I thought I could use him in a Vignette next year at Christmas.