Sunday, January 29, 2012


This was my weekend project. The birdhouse was one that is used as a card collector at a wedding. It was brassy gold, so of course that had to go. I spray painted it with my oil rubbed bronze that I love so much. I can't make a bow. i even watched a you tube video on how to make bows. I could not get how they did the twist thingie. So this is my version of a bow. The roses I had on hand. The berries are some I found at the dollar tree this weekend.,
I put a beautiful rose plate in the bottom of the cage and used the cage to display my Victorian dressed teddy bear. Again I don't know how long this will stay here, but for now here its there in its place of honor, LOL

I am not a photographer. This photo is my attempt to show you how I used the rusty keys. I bought the keys at Kirkland's this weekend.

I did a do over on the vignette on the trunk in the sun room. I put my tea set back in the china cabinet. I bought the fleur thingie at Kirklands this weekend. If you look closely in the box the keys above are in there. The box I made sometime ago. I posted about it already.

My hubby painted the rocking chair a leather brown. It use to be white wicker. We bought it at Lowe's years ago, As you can see the wreath is gone. I put it in storage, will probably try to sell it at the flea market. The picture hanging on the wall behind the rocker is one I had in the poweder room. I re did the powder room this weekend. I will show you the changes in there sometime this week.
I plan to paint the frame of the picture oil rubbed bronze, unless I can find a picture I like better for that wall. I really don't like this picture,

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Out with the old. In with the new!

Good Evening Bloggers!!
Another weekend coming to an end and another work week starts! Some day I can stay home and just play but for now its back to work I go.

I have done some shopping and so I thought I would post some of my purchases. They were all bought at different times.
I also thought I would share the wreath I made with recycled materials. I am trying to use up some of my crafting supplies, all a part of my purging plan.
So I hope you enjoy!

I have needed new every day dinner ware for a long time now. I was out shopping at Big Lots this weekend. I came across this set of basic red. I thought they would be just fine since I love red and red is my kitchen theme.
I have the old dinner ware boxed and ready to go to Goodwill.

I bought these two tea towels at TJ Max some time ago. I forgot to post them. I thought they were adorable, so they had to come home with me.

I was at Belk's the other day looking for a wind jacket for my hubbie. I was able to find one.
I always roam through the home department to look at all their beautiful things. I rarely buy new decorations because I can either fix something up or find it at a yard sale. But that day Belk had some fall decor on 85% off. I found this cute little sunflower bowl, so I could not resist it for such an awesome price.

I had an old foam ring upstairs in storage with all my extra silk florals. I thought I would try to make a wreath. This is what I came up with. I have this hanging on a wall in our sun room. It probably will not stay there long. I tend to get tired of wreaths pretty fast. But for now here it is.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tweaking again!

Good Evening Friends!
Has this week end gone fast or what? I spent most of the weekend purging things out of drawers and closets. I am taking them to Goodwill tomorrow. Is my SUV going to be packed,but lots of junk will be gone. I made a resolution to purge this year. I still have a lot more to do.
Hope you enjoy the photos of my playing around again this weekend. I love to decorate. I just wish I was better at being creative. But I think I do pretty good for someone with no talent. LOL

Here I go again, tweaking the dang entertainment center again. I love the piece it self, but I can not for the life of me get the decorations on top to satisfy me. This is going to have to do for awhile, until I can come up with a better vision, LOL
I know, I know the bowl in the middle is not centered. I fixed it after the photo was taken. I also rearranged the shelves on the bottom. I realized I did not replace the vase I had on the top shelf. I left it setting on the second shelf and took the photo.

I shopped the house for this small lamp. My hubbie has the black speaker boxes and other electrical boxes setting around the family room , on the entertainment center and the kitchen bar. I hate them, but I love the hubbie so I compromise.

I spray painted a wooden square bowl,ORB. Then I turned it over and sat the champagne bucket with flowers on top. I thought it would look better with some height.

From this!

To This!
I found the two old books at yard sale this weekend. They were 50 cents. I removed the large lamps and replace it with this smaller one. The flowers and candlesticks with the birds I kept in the vignette.

This is a little vignette I put together and placed on a trunk I have in the sun room.
The plate I found at a yard sale last summer. The photo is of me and hubby,the first year we went to Jamaica. I was a blond then.
The tea set is one my son brought back from Okinawa when he was stationed there. I cherish it dearly.
The lamp I found at Ole Time Pottery. It had a gold base,and of course the gold had to be replaced with ORB.

This bench was my yard sale find this weekend. When I brought it home it was a beat up brown color, a light maple or something. It was ugly. It also had one of the arms pulled loose from the back and a spindle loose as well. Being the handy man my hubbie is, he fixed the arm and spindle. Then he painted it of course Oil Rubbed Bronze. Not bad for a ten dollar bench eh?
When I brought it home he ask me where did I think I was going to put it in the house. He said somethings gotta go. He brought it into the house and placed it against this wall in the entry way. He said , hey this looks good here. No more talk of me getting rid of something. LOL

Another view of the bench.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Tweaking our home.!

Good Evening my friends! I love Christmas and the New Year, but I am so glad the holidays are over. I am ready to settle down to just plain normal.
I hope everyone is doing great! I have been visiting around blog land to see what ideas I can borrow from others. There are some really creative people out there in blogland.
I wanted to post some of the tweaking I have been doing this week in the house. I don't know why, but everything I did I am not quite satisfied with. I guess I am in a mood. So you may see some more tweaking in the near future.
For now I hope you enjoy and leave comments and suggestions.

Projects I did today!

As you view the photos you will see how I utilized some of the projects I completed today. I was in spray paint heaven.

Fire Place

I decided to change out the look of the mantle after Christmas. The candle sticks I had there before and decided to keep them on the mantle The two transfer ware plates are Staffordshire England. Since I had a nautical print on the wall above the fireplace, I thought the plates would fit right in to the decor.
The lantern is a yard sale find that I painted. The faux books I use to have on the credenza. I shopped the house for skinny candlestick.


I love the rose print hanging on the wall. I was so glad to be able to find these roses to match the print. The vase they are in came from a yard sale. The candlesticks I was going to paint them today, but decided I liked them just as they were. I cleaned them up with some polish and placed the little birdies on top. They were a dollar for the pair at the yard sale.
The lamps I like, but not on this credenza. I feel they are too big for the piece of furniture. But the hubby likes the look,so I kept them there just for him.


This what I did with the top of the entertainment center. I love the Champagne bucket with the flowers. I do not like the silver bowl in the center with the pine cones I am at a loss of what to do with the middle as I can not block the view of the television.
I found the book at Marshalls today. The fennel thing I had and the candle sticks. I already had the bird. The candle stick the bird is setting on , was gold, but of course it is now Oil Rubbed Bronze.
If anyone has any suggestions of what I can do to make this entertainment center look more attractive, please give me some ideas. I have tweaked this thing a million times and never like what I do completely.

Entry Hall

This is photos of the things in our entry hall. I plan to change it all out at some point with some new pieces of furniture. But for now the furniture I have will have to do.

I found this table at Salvation Army. I bought the lamp and the other tall thingie at Kirklands.

I found the flower arrangement on the little table at a yard sale for a dollar.

This is the print hanging over the little table in the entry hall. Its a very cheap print from Family Dollar. I intend to change it when I find something nice I really like.

I found this star at Marshalls today, it was on clearance for four dollars. It is made out recycled paper. I thought it was ugly as it was, so I painted it of course, my favorite spray paint Oil Rubbed Bronze..........ahhhhhhh much better!

There was on yard sale this past Saturday. I paid five dollars. I would not normally spend more than three dollars for something like this, but I caved on this one.