Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Just doing stuff!!

Good Evening! I have not been posting much lately. My work has just been so hectic and when I get home I am exhausted. I have visited some of your blogs. I apologize for anyone I have not visited lately. Hopefully, my energy will return and I can start blogging more on my own blog and visiting your blogs as well. Hope you enjoy! Projects Yeppers! I have been sewing more lace purses. These seem to have sold better than anything at the flea market. I experimented with adding some embroidery on the lace. I did not get it centered very well. I don't know who this embroidery design belongs to, but if you see and its yours, let me know. I will give you full and complete credit for your design!
Yard Sale Finds This week at the Yard Sales I found this creamy stoneware pitcher with a matching plate! Also I found this plate that was made in England. I love how it is mostly black and white and has pops of color.
Tweaking < Just did a little changing out in the Master Bedroom. I like the look of the hydrangea arrangement. It added a little femininity to the dresser. Some day I will make some covers for all the ugly cords around my house. This will have to suffice for now, ugly cords and all
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Friday, August 10, 2012

Treasures of My Heart

Good Evening Bloggers!! I hope all is well with my friends this evening! I want to first say a big Thank You to Diane at the Thrifty Groove for featuring me!! I am so honored! I wanted to post a couple of yard sale finds and a couple of my projects! This is just a quick post to say Hello! The cup and Saucer are a from a floral arrangement. I found them at a yard sale for fifty cents. The little white teapot was a dollar find at a yard sale. I just fell in love with it, so it had to come home with me
These projects are made from bits and pieces from my stash, some recycled styrofoam and repurposed ribbon spools.

I was featured!

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