Sunday, June 26, 2011


Good Evening friends!! This weekend went by so fast! Tomorrow starts another week!
It is still so hot here, I can't wait to get some rain so I can breath.
I thought I would share the things I found at yard sales this weekend. It was a terrible yard sale week again! I believe its the economy that people are not buying new things and are holding on to what they have.
So anyway, here they are!!

This print I decided to hang on a wall in my entry way! I like it,I don't know why because it is generally not a print I would purchase. It was 2.00.

I love this little basket stool! I paid a dollar for it! Because I could not think what to do with it, I placed in the entry way under the picture!

There was something about this navy blue plaid purse that spoke to me! So for 50 cents it came home with me.

Monday, June 20, 2011


Good Evening Friends!
It is really hot in Myrtle Beach!! It is playing havoc with my breathing. I have COPD and it makes it really difficult for me to breath! I can't go out into the heat at all or I faint , or almost.

I thought I would share this week ends yard sale finds! I don't if anyone else has been having this problem. But since the economy has been so bad, it has been difficult to find any really good bargains!! The past two week ends have been kind of blah for me for yard sale finds!

A Christmas Sled!

I love this little sled. I think it will look really pretty in a Christmas Vignette this Christmas!

A Tin with Bling!

I buy bling to use in my projects!! I think it gives the project a little sparkle!

A frog tape dispenser!

Frogs have been coming into my life lately! hmmmmm could this be a sign of something to come.....?? or just a fluke........LOL

4th of July Decoration

I plan to utilize this decoration in a different way. I just love the glittered stars!

A green velvet box.

I like to buy boxes to use to wrap gifts in at Christmas. The more interesting the box it is like another gift! At least that's what I think.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Look what I won!

Hello Blogging Friends~ How lucky am I to win this cute little Froggie Scentsy buddie!! He is adorable, and when you cuddle him he smells so good! He is soft and the perfect snuggle buddy when your having a bad day. I would like to thank Linda @ Coastal Charm for sponsoring this give away!!
I encourage every one however to visit Tracy at to check out all of her wonderful scentsy goodies!!
Thank you Tracie, I feel so blessed!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Shabby Chic Purse Project!

Good Evening everyone!
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I tell you I just could not get in a creative mood until late this evening! I finally got a spark and decided I had to create at least something before the weekend was over.
I thought I would make a shabby chic romantic purse! I had all these materials on hand! I just started sewing and this is what I ended up with!! I am going to try to make some purses for the flea market. For some reason purses sell at the flea market when nothing else will sell.
I thought I would share this quick project with my blogging friends!

I made the front and the back to look the same. However the bows are on opposite sides.

This is the sides of the purse. The other side has the pink rose as well.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Shopping is Fun!

Good Evening bloggers!
Tonight's post is on a more positive! I went shopping today and it was great retail therapy! I thought I would share my purchases and then show you guys how I used them all! I really had a lot of fun today!!
Hope all will have a good weekend!









Apothecary cloche thingy!

Dried Floral arrangement!

The next two photos is showing how I decorated the top of my entertainment center. We bought this piece after we moved into the house. I have not shown it before because the big black box was sitting on top. Well my husband finally got the box hung on the wall. Yipee! Decorating space!!
I haven't decided if I like this vignette or not. Do you think its too much stuff? Honest answers are appreciated!

This vase was empty and needed something, so when I saw these today at Ross's I thought they would look nice in the vase. Wow! That was a long sentence! LoL

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Happy Birthday to me!

Folks, I apologize up front about the tone of this post.So please feel free not to read this post. I certainly understand. I am sad. Its my birthday and my ex daughter in law sent me pictures of my sweet grandchildren. I am grateful for that.........but its like salt in a wound. I can't be with them, watch them grow up.........

Sometimes , I wonder what I am suppose to learn, being separated from my grandchildren. They say all things happen for a reason..........but I can't help but think........what good can come from being separated from two of the most important people in the world.
Yet I can't hate, my ex daughter in law...........I still love her. but I am angry at her..........It could have been different. Both parents and grandparents could be with the children had not her selfishness got in the way.
I am just so glad to see they are somewhat happy, only I can see the sadness in their eyes...........I wish I could be with all my family...........

I am missing so much of her little life!

A sweet little boy , who is growing up so fast.

A beautiful little far away from those who love her.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Good Will and Yard Sale Finds

Happy Saturday everyone!! I went to yard sales early this morning! It was a beautiful morning and there were a lot of sales. The later in the day it became, the hotter is was here in Myrtle Beach!
My husband and I went to Walmart today and toted home a Tread Mill, I am on a mission to exercise and loose some of this weight!!
I thought I would share a Good Will find and my yard sale finds for this weekend! I hope everyone enjoys!

Good Will!

This was the only thing I found on my last Good Will trip! I have really been trying to be choosey in what I buy!! I love the yellow flowers on this cup! I think it is so dainty!! It was a 1.91 at Good Will

Inside the tea cup it says March! I have a February tea cup and a June teacup as well! I have to get the rest of the months, I'll just have to keep looking.

The markings on the bottom of the teacup. It was made in Staffordshire England!

Yard Sale Finds

I have a couple of other of these white ceramic pieces. A basket and a casserole dish with the open weave like this piece has. I love the look of this fruit bowl! It was a dollar. I did not know until I got home though it had one of the little weave thingies broken. But you cannot really tell it, so I am going to use it anyway!!

This piece was just 50 cents at a yard sale! I think it aluminum but its really heavy so I don't know what it is really. But I fell in love with the Victorian Christmas Scene forged into the piece!!

This is a close up of the Victorian Scene that was forged into the piece! It is a Christmas scene!

This is the marking on this piece! It was handmade in Sterling, Ohio.

Someone wired these beads on this spoon! I may take them off and glue them to get rid of the wires. I could not resist the beading. It was 50 cents

I think I have a fetish with small purses! I can't help myself, I just cannot resist buying them when I see them. However I carry a big purse to work.
This little purse , I believe I remember seeing it in Belks or Dillards. I don't remember which store. I just love the faux fur. Also the beading is so pretty. It has little heart charms hanging on the chain, as well as other charms. It was just a dollar!

This little purse is really cute! It was only a dollar