Sunday, March 25, 2012

Projects, Home Goods Haul and Yard Sale Finds!

Good Evening!
I hope everyone had a great weekend! It is gorgeous here in Myrtle Beach! My hubby and I sat on the patio most of the day. I did however, take some time to do a little painting. I thought I would share the projects I did today.
Also, I did a little shopping at Home Goods this weekend, so I thought I would share the items I purchased there. Nothing Great but something to blog about!
I did not go to yard sales this weekend. But I had a few things to share from last weekend. I hope you all enjoy viewing my junk!!

Project Makeover!

This shelving piece was in my craft room and stored my embroidery thread. I decided to use it down stairs somehow. It use to be a light pine, so of course it could not stay that way. I used my trusted Oil Rubbed Bronze and gave it a make over!

The lamp and book on the top of the shelf use to be on the entertainment center in the family room. I have this pretty covered dish for years. I can not use it for food as it has been repaired. It is just so pretty, I wanted to display it openly.

I decided to display some of my teacups and saucers in this little cabinet.

Home Good Haul!

We burn lots of candles in this house. So I am always and forever purchasing candles. I re use the jars to store my craft bits and pieces.
My kitchen is decorated in red. So when I saw these towels and dish clothes they had to come home with me. I have seen microfiber towels but the only colors I have seen them in were neon colors or white. I love the design on these towels. I plan to display them in a basket on my counter top.

Isn't this the cutest little bunny! I love that it has purple to match the rest of the Easter deocrations on the dining table. It has the word lilac written on the body. It is all glittery,and I love glittery.

Yard Sale Finds!!

You gotta love free! This was sitting in the mix of a bunch of card board boxes. I spotted it and ask the man if it was for sale. He said I was just going to throw it away, If you want it just take it!!
It was brown wicker with the metal part black. I did not like the black with the brown, so of course I painted it oil rubbed bronze. I don't have a clue how I am going to use this, or where I am going to place it. For now it is sitting against my kitchen wall.

This is an Avon Bottle, I don't know if perfume or men's cologne was in the bottle. It is a lantern. I was planning to pain the gold parts with oil rubbed bronze. But after thinking about it for awhile. I decided to leave it gold. It was fifty cents at the yard sale.

Those of you who read my blog regularly, know that I love beaded purses. This one was a dollar at a yard sale.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Decorating with my Treasures.

Hello my friends!!
I have been a busy bee yesterday and today. I have been finding places for my recent finds. I also could not resist decorating for Easter. I know, I know its a little early but I was in the mood.
I thought I would share some of the things I have been up to this week. Hope you enjoy!!


I gave this bench a redo when I found it at a yard sale. Well today I took some black polka dot fabric ( also yard sale find) and made some pillows.

Sun Room Changes.

This picture is not crooked. Its the camera lady crooked. LOL. I found this picture at Hamerick's. I fell in love with the bird and the blue. It's hanging behind the brown rocker in the sun room.

This is an attempt to photograph how I changed out the top of the trunk in the sun room. I apologize for how this photo turned out,I don't know what happened.

This little heart shaped bird cage was an ugly green. It was a yard sale find. I painted it my beloved oil rubbed bronze. The little blue bird was a Cracker Barrel purchase.


The bunny plate is from Cracker Barrel. I had the candle stick for years, and the wood birdie with bling is a recent Marshall's find. This little creamy vase is a Marshall purchase as well. The sparkly rose buds I found at the dollar tree. The copper colored bunny came from Kirklands.

All the decorations came from my stash I already had. I just shopped the house to bring the mantle together.

The lantern is still in the center of the fire place mantle. I changed out the votive candle for this bunny egg. It was a Cracker Barrel purchase. I put some shredded wood grass around the egg to make it appear it is a nest. The little candle at right of the lantern is a win from a silent auction.

I ate out at the Cracker Barrel while I was away for the conference. Of course I could not resist the country store. I found this bunny plate.


This white and glass terrarium was a yard sale find. I put some moss around the edges of the inside of the house. I placed a large bunny and a small bunny inside as well. The brown ribbons on the bunnies are from my stash in my craftroom I thought it added some bling.
The candle sticks were last weeks yard sale finds. The two small bunnies sitting out in the open, I have had them for years.
Under the decorations I put the burlap table runner I one from a give away. I can't remember whose blog.

I won two of these glass containers and a candle holder this week. I won them from a silent auction they had going on at the conference. I placed the two containers on each end of the entertainment center. I filled it with shredded wood grass and put a glass Easter Egg on top of the grass. The candle is on the fireplace mantle.

Side Photo of the Dining Table Decorations.

I decided to use my milk glass punch bowl for the center piece of the table. I found the punch bowl at a yard sale. I filled it with Easter colored shredded paper. I added the eggs. I made the eggs from Styrofoam eggs and beads.

The bunnies are sitting on the right end of the dining table. I have had those bunnies or years. The nest with eggs was a recent Marshall's find.

I placed this Milk glass vase at the far left end of the dining room table. The green hydrangeas were the center piece of the table prior to these changes. I decided to change the vase to the milk glass and added some purple hydrangeas.I thought the purple would fit in with the Easter theme.

Master Bedroom entry hall.

This is the entry way hall to the Master bedroom. I wanted to keep the colors earth tone as that are the colors I have in the Master Bedroom.

This is the decorations on top of the black cabinet in the hall. I had this old basket stored upstairs. The doily is a part of my collection. The candle in the basket, I found on clearance this past Christmas. I added some natural elements as well as some shells. Also I have fairy lights in the basket. I forgot to turn those on when I took the picture.

I thought this was a good place for yard sale picture. It goes well in this hallway as I am going for earth tones and a natural look. The pole lamp I have had for many years. It has that Tuscan brown color as well.

This wall plaque was a Goodwill find. I love the Tuscan colors.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Yard Sale Finds - March 10, 2012

Good Evening my friends!!
I will be out of town this week for a Social Work Conference. I plan to take my camera and the lap top. So I will be able to visit the blogs in the evenings. I so enjoy going to all the blogs I can, I go to my favorites daily and I seek out new ones to visit as well.
I thought I would share this weeks yard sale finds. I guess my favorites of what I found was the Picture and the candle sticks.
I plan to take Thursday and Friday off this week. The conference ends on Wednesday. I plan to do some spring cleaning. In addition I am going to incorporate all my recent finds into vignettes. I hope to share those with you as I progress with my cleaning and decorating.
These conferences take a lot out of me. So I hope it does not damper my decorating when I get home. But I will give it my best shot. I spent today cleaning the house, getting the laundry caught up and doing some cooking for the hubby. He has to eat while I am gone.
Hope everyone has a great week!!

I paid 5.00 for this picture. That was probably not such a bargain. But I love cherry frames and the dried flowers match my decor. I just love the earth tones. I am going to hang it my hall that leads to the master bedroom.

Close up of the dried flowers.

This little lantern has never been removed from its package. Its a cheapie, but its red and matches my kitchen really well. I plan to change out the display over top my pantry. This little lantern will be a part of that display. It was 50 cents.

I need plates like I need another hole in my head. But when I see pretty plates, I can not resist them. They always come home with me. These two were 75 cents each.

This little potting vase is such a pretty color of green. It will be awesome to use in a spring display or Easter display. It was 50 cents.

These white candle sticks were 25 cents each. I plan to use these in a Easter scape on my dining room table. The red ribbon will be removed of course! I have some white bunnies that will go great with these. I also found some Easter candles for 1.00 for about 6 of them that will fit these candle sticks.

I can not resist buying different kinds of soaps when I am out at yard sales. I like to display them in a pretty basket in the bathrooms. I also use them as I go too. So my purchase is more than just for display. These were 50 cents.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Ross, Marshall, Kirkland and Goodwill Hauls!

Good Afternoon!
It is a rainy day here in Myrtle Beach. And of course there were no yard sales. But did I let that stop me from finding some way! I jumped in my car and trucked right down to my favorite shopping haunts.
I thought I would share with you my different hauls. There were just too many little items to post them one by one. If you have a question about something I will be more than glad to answer. So anyway, I hope you enjoy looking!


I saw the fashion cleaning gloves and thought hubbie would get a kick out of me wearing them when I clean.
That little wooden bird with the bling. He stole my heart!

This bunny had to come home with me. I fell in love with the color, I will most likely use him in an Easter display on my mantle.


As you can see I found a lot of little things that I love at Marshall's. Some of them will be used in a Vignette for easter.

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This storage thingie for blankets was on clearance. I definitely have some quilts and blankets that need to be stored, so I brought it home with me.


They just opened a new Good will not far from me! I may have went on a bad afternoon, but I was not real impressed. But I did manage to find the items below!

I fell in love with this little floral pillow. I think it was the roses that got to me. Also anytime I find a pillow case with a lace edge it is mine. I will do some embroidery on it, as you know nothing can stay just plain around me.

I don't yet know what I am going to do with these planters. But I know they will definitely get a makeover. I guess they are kind of ugly but for some reason I was drawn to them.

These little chip board pieces were intended to be a calendar I think. But I will probably use them as individual pieces in some sort of altering project.

I love these little country snow people. With the little heart it can carry right on through Valentines day.

I pick up sewing patterns at Goodwill and yard sales anytime I see them. I hope when I retire I can sew a lot. I do sew some now, but not as much as I like.

I found this little pink photo album for a baby's christening. My son just had a reversal on his vasectomy, and hoping to have a baby with his new wife. I told him I supported them as long as they had me a baby girl!! LOL.

I love this little plate. It is a FTD floral one, but I loved the soft colors of the flowers and the gorgeous blue butterflies!