Monday, May 28, 2012

Yard Sale Finds/Projects!

> Yard Sale Finds These are my two yard sale finds of the weekend. I found them at a sale a lady was having in a development down the street from my neighborhood. I was the first one there and she did not have everything out yet. I spied two Southern Living boxes that she had never opened. I ask what was inside the boxes and she unsealed them and showed the candlestick and flatware caddy, both brand new and never used. I ask how much she wanted for them, she stated 2.00 for the candlestick and five dollars for the flatware caddy. Of course I said, SOLD! I did some research on line and the Southern Living Home is now called Willow place or something like that. Anyway I found the flatware caddy and it sold for 82.00. I could not find the candlestick. Candle Holder
Flatware Caddy
Crocheted Basket! I found this basket sometime last year at a yard sale for 50 cents. I love that it is a crocheted basket. When I bought it was filled with some dried flowers that had outlived their usefulness. I glued some cream colored lace onto the handles. I glued a strand of cream color pearls in the center of the lace. I tied a bow made from the cream lace, to the top of the basket. I glued a vintage rose to the bow.
I used some Vintage Roses I had in my stash already. I also use some muted hydrangeas as a filler.
Shabby Chic Boxes I made these two Shabby Chic boxes over the weekend. They are altered cigar boxes. I used some laces and flowers I already had, but I also went to AC Moore today and purchased some prima flowers and some lace. I am going to use these boxes in my craft room. I am trying to decorate my craft room in shabby chic. I use the boxes to store my scrap booking flowers, ribbons , beads etc. On the 2nd box I used an old lace blouse I bought at Goodwill just for the lace. I buy things specifically just to cut it up for the lace and sometimes the fabric. Shabby Chic Box #1
Shabby Chic Box #2

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hello Friends! I wanted to do a quick post. I wanted to share the changes I have done with dining room and the beloved Entertainment Center. I welcome your comments! Again! The Entertainment Center. Yep! Once again I changed out the decor on the entertainment center. I have to say though I have liked this one best of all the ones I have tried. I love the natural balls in the basket in the center. The log cabin print was a Goodwill find. I did not know what to do with it or how to display it, so I decided to use it here. The lamp was a yard sale find and the little house was a GW find. I don't remember where I got the candlestick and bird on the right side of the center. The bird in front of the plate came from Tuesday Morning. The plate was one of last weeks finds.
Dining room table! I decided to use some of last weeks yard sale finds to decorate our dining table. The candle sticks were a yard sale find many moons ago. This past weekend I found the vase of hydrangeas , with the exception of the green hydrangeas, at a yard sale. Also the table runner was one of last weeks finds. I really like this vase of flowers on the table. It is just the size our big chunky table needed.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Good Evening my friends! I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. It has been cloudy and wet here all week. But that did not stop me from going to my yard sales. I did not have to go far this morning for my treasure hunt. The housing development down the street from me was having its annual Community sale. I had so much fun going from house to house and talking to everyone. The most fun of going to yard sales for me is talking and getting to know the people! There are so many different personalities, some really beautiful and nice people........and then you have the others. LOL. I wanted to share all my finds with you. I had someone ask me why I posted the price of my purchases, was I bragging about how much I spend. Well I guess I am sort of, but not in a show off greedy way. I like for people to see that they can find some really nice things for very little money. I have thrifted all my adult life. I never saw the logic in paying full price for something you could buy at a yard sale for nearly nothing. Also it is my way of keeping the earth green. This little box will go with the rest of the pill box collection I have. It was a dollar!
This cigar box was a buck. I will alter this, cigar boxes are a scrappers dream find. LOL
All this bling was 1.00. It had two beautiful cameo pieces in mix. I use old jewelry to decorate my altered objects.
All these silver ware pieces were a dollar for the lot.
This table runner is 72 inches long. I love that it is cream colored. I love the gorgeous rose lace that trims the piece. I paid five dollars for this, it is brand new.
Today was doily day for me. I hit the jackpot at the yard sale. The large ones were 50 cents and the small ones were a quarter. The lady I bought them from said they were her mothers. I can not imagine selling my mothers handmade pieces. To me these things are heirlooms that you pass down to your children.
I am not sure if this is a table cloth or what, it is quilted yellow gingham. I love gingham anything and I thought this yellow was so pretty. I will use it for a table cloth.
I picked up these new garden gloves for a dollar.
Of course I can not pass up a pretty delicate plate. This Lamages Plate was 2.00. More than I would normally pay for a plate.
I love this cream and copper ironstone plate. It so matches my earth tones I have going on in most of my house. It was 1.00
This was my last yard sale purchase of the day. The lady wanted five dollars for it, I only had 3.57. I ask the lady to hold it for me until I went back to my car for more money. She told me not to bother that I could have it for the 3.57. Score!
I bought this picture at a yard sale for 1.00. At the time I purchased it, the lace was completely off the mat. I painted the frame with Martha Stewart specialty paint in copper color. I sprayed the white mat attached to the frame with adhesive. I then attached some brown fabric I had in my stash. I sprayed the brown fabric with the same adhesive and attached the lace. I put a pearl and gold trim all the way around the frame. I am not sure if that will stay there, I am not sure I like it. I then attache a cream colored rose I pulled off a head band I purchased at family dollar for a dollar. I just love the French couple dancing! Its hanging in our guest room.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Good Evening Bloggers. Jimminy Cricket! Did it ever rain here in Myrtle Beach today. I can not remember when we last had a down pour like it did today. The worse part was I had to drive home in the worst of all the mess. The rain was needed though, over the weekend we had over 8 acres to burn almost jeopardizing several homes in this near by community. Thank the good Lord there was only one injury as a result. A fireman turned his truck over somehow. I do not know the full details of that incident. I wanted to share my weekend sewing project, some Goodwill finds and some yard sale finds. I know that sounds like a long post. However, compared to previous post this one is quite short. I hope you enjoy! Sewing project! I sewed this little toddlers dress this weekend. When it was finished, I texted my daughter and my daughter in law and attached this photo. I told them " Somebody better get busy". LOL
Goodwill Finds!! I happened upon these two teacup and saucer pairs at Goodwill. They were 1.91 each. I had not found any pretty cups and saucers for awhile. Not even at my yard sales.
These classic little blue willow saucers were 1.91.
Yard sale finds!! I am attracted to all things made of wood. I paid 1.00 for this at the yard sales. I have a smaller one made out of cherry wood, if I find one more I will display them as a collection.
This lamp was 2.00 at a yard sale. I wish there had been two of them. I have no clue where I will use this single lamp, but I will think of something!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Goodwill Haul and Projects

Good Evening Bloggers! I am writing this little note short but the post is long. I went to Goodwill today and wanted to share what I found. Also I have been busy with projects and wanted to share these as well. Hope you enjoy! I absolutely fell in love with this picture of a log cabin. I think an artist specifically made this for a couple. The little sign in the picture says Saundra and Brian. The colors were just so wonderful it had to come home with me for 3.93.
The way Goodwill had these hearts package it looked like it was one fluffy lace heart. But when I opened it, I realized there were several hearts. These might seem cheezy, but I love them! 1.91
This little beaded purse was a 1.91. You all know I can't pass up a cute beaded purse.
These two little snow men captured my eye. I am drawn to creams and browns. So these had to come home with me for a 1.91.
ALTERED BOTTLES Most of these bottles I found at yard sales for 25 cents each. However, the blue one is a syrup bottle I washed and decided it was too pretty to throw out. The syrup bottle turned out to be my favorite of all the bottles I have altered.
FABRIC JOURNAL I wanted to combine my sewing with my scrapbooking. I thought I would try to make a fabric journal. It did not turn out the best, but I like and think it is pretty sort of. I don't know who to give credit to for the embroidered rose on the front and the fan on the back cover. If you see your design, please let me know I will give your credit.