Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Review of Antique Rose Throw

Originally submitted at CSN Stores

The Antique Rose Throw features surface texture and warm colors. The deep ecru fabric has garden roses in rich red and gold hues. This throw also reverses to a coordinating striped fabric that has an eye catching style.


  • Throw
  • Surface texture and warm colors<...

Awesome! Good Quality~

By Kiddo222 from Myrtle Beach South Carolina on 1/30/2011


5out of 5

I will be using this product as a throw on my love seat in my new house!! The quilting is remarkable! I can't think of a single thing that I do not like about this item.


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Small Project!!

Good Evening Bloggers! I have not posted much because my life has suddenly got busy. With this house being built and working full time, I am exhausted by the time I get home everyday. Unfortunately, my blog has been neglected. I have tried to keep in touch with what is going on in the rest of blogland. I have enjoyed seeing all your wonderful treasures and your creative treasures!!
I was able to spend a little time this weekend on my embroidery machine. I am working on a couple of pillow cases to use in our guest bedroom at the new house. I thought I would show you the one I finished!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Good Will Haul!

Good Evening Bloggers! I made it through another work day. I had to orient my new therapist on my team today. It was a fairly easy day however.
I promised yesterday I would post my Good Will finds. I know everyone is so over Christmas decorations. I have to warn you that most are Christmas oriented. I don't know why but Good Will had a ton of Christmas stuff, I did not find anything but Christmas stuff. But the Christmas stuff I found I think was really pretty. But anyway here goes, I hope those of you who chose to look enjoy this post!! God Bless You!!

This tree skirt is brand new with the tag. I was 19.99 from the Martha Stewart Line at K-Mart. I paid 3.79 for it at Goodwill. I just love it is pink with the chocolate polka dots. I plan to have three Christmas trees next year, if the Good Lord allows me to live until next Christmas. I want a pink one, a red one with my cardinal theme and a brown and cream theme tree.

This crystal snowman is very heavy. It has a tiny candle hole, but I am thinking it is a paper weight or maybe a stocking holder. I don't know. He was a 1.91.

This Santa and Snowman are plastic but they look like they are crystal. They light up and really pretty. I paid 1.91 for both.

This little bronze golden tin is a Scottish Wine tin. It attracted my attention for the reason it is Scottish. My hubby is Scottish. This little tin was filled with all these beautiful ornaments I have posted below. I paid a 1.91 for all.

I thought this little Rhinestone frame ornament is so pretty!

A Crystal snowman!

A crystal Heart that is appropriate for Valentines Day as well as Christmas!

Little Crystal tree!

Cute little snowman!!

I thought this little train ornament is so cute.

I love this Victorian ornament. It is my favorite of all of the ornaments.

Two old world Santa Ornaments

Okay, I am officially a trash picker!! This popcorn tin was setting up against the garbage bins here at the Condos. I could not stand the thought of this pretty tin going to a land fill somewhere, so I brought it home with me. My hubby thought I had lost my mind!! LOL

This is not a Goodwill find. I actually found this wine opener set at a yard sale a few weeks back. It was a dollar. It was originally from Pier 1. I think this is probably going to my daughter. She entertains alot and serves wine.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Christmas Gifts

Good Evening Bloggers!! Hope everyone is doing well this Monday evening!! I had the day off because of Martin Luther King day! I spent the morning shopping at Goodwill, but I will post those finds tomorrow.
I thought I would share the gifts I received for Christmas this year. If you are not interested in anything about Christmas just pass this post by. But I wanted to share some of the nice things I received!!
It is about a month more to go when we can move into our house. This last month is a rough one. We are so anxious to get out of this condo. But the good news is, I can start thrifting again because we can take our time in moving the stuff out of the Condo. I can't wait to start decorating!!

This is a Kurig coffee maker that my daughter gave my hubby and I for Christmas. We just love it!! It was funny we were making over my daughters and telling her how much we liked it. My husband was about to order one for us,there on the net. My daughter had to do some swift talking about waiting that sometimes they go on sale. LOL. We had no idea she had bought this one for us for Christmas.

My son and daughter in law gave me a 50.00 Gift card Bed,Bath and Beyond.I bought this little sliding drawer station for our Kurig, as well as all the coffee. Thank you Jeff and Amanda.

This was a Christmas gift to myself.LOL I found this one lonely kitchen towel with a rooster at K-Mart.

I know you all have seen these glass blocks that light up. This one and the candle was given to hubby and I for Christmas. It was from my son's wife ,parents.

This candle smells wonderful!!

My daughter also gave me this little tray. It is glass. I love that it has the red accents and the one cardinal!!

Everyone needs more potpourri! Actually, I really like these, I use the balls to fill clear vases or use them in crafts!

Another gift from my daughter were these two coffee travel mugs. I love the one with the cardinal, but both are so girly!! I just love them!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Giveaway at Chippy Cottage Farm.

I am entering a Give away at Please go over and check it out!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Two Small Projects!

Good Evening Bloggers! It is cold in Myrtle Beach tonight! The weather channel is giving ice and some snow for us tonight. If we get ice all of Myrtle Beach will shut down. Drivers can't drive in any kind of increment weather here.LOL
I can't believe tomorrow is Monday already. This weekend really went by fast. I did manage to get a couple of small projects done. I thought I would share them with you.
Hope everyone had a good weekend and every one is well.!!

This is a pillow I sewed and embroidered our Monogram on! I think this project turned out pretty well!! These are the colors that will be in our house,with a bigger emphasis on the creams and browns. Our sofa and love seat is burgandy, so I have to keep them for now, so I had to put some burgundy in the decor.

This is a really old pillow case. I needed something to do that was quick and easy so I decided to Valentine it up a bit!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Model of our house!!

Good Evening Bloggers and Happy New Year!
I tell you the after Christmas blues have really kicked in for me. I have an overwhelming sense of sadness. I have absolutely nothing to be sad about! The New Year is full of wonderful blessings for me already,so I guess its just the let down of all the Christmas excitement.
I told my husband building a house is like giving birth. The waiting is unbearable at times, and the last month and half is the worse. Our house is kind of at a stand still waiting for moldings to come in so they can be installed, the painting to get done and the cabinets and flooring installed. We are hoping to be able to get in the house by mid February if everything goes well.
I thought I would share with you the photos of the model house we visited. It is called the Williamsburg 11, our house is the Williamsburg 1. The difference is the higher ceilings in the model house and of course many more upgrades!!
So I hope you enjoy and I welcome any ideas on decorating.

This is the sofa area in the family room. My furniture is a curvy traditional,burgundy paisley with some gold in the fabric. It is a huge sofa. So we are opting to put our love seat in the sun room and just add a comfortable chair with ottoman. This model house does not have the sun room. Where the windows are in this model home, our sun room will be extended out that wall. Our sun-room will have a row of windows on the back wall.

This is a view of the fireplace. Ours will be in the corner just like this one, however we did an upgrade on the mantle. Our mantle is a traditional one with rosettes. Also we are not putting the television over the mantle. I want that area to decorate. Out television will be on the adjacent wall.

This is a view of the wall that the stairs are on. I just love the spindle railing. Unfortunately we did not get this upgrade. Where the spindles are a solid wall with the stairs leading up to the loft,craft room and bonus room!

Bar area #1.

This is a view of the bar area in the kitchen.

Our bar area will be the same as this and also our refrigerator will be in the same place. I love the granite counters on this one. But we could not get the upgrade for granite. We have the next best product , corian I think.

This is a photo of the pantry door. We will have the same pantry in our home. We will also have the doorway from kitchen to the dining room.

We will have this same plant ledge in our kitchen, with the exception that it will not be as high. This model home has I think 16 foot ceilings and I think our house has 13 foot. Don't quote me on that. I just know their ceilings are a couple or three feet higher than the ones in our house.

This is the dining room! The dining room in our new home will have a arched entrance. But we will not have the chair railing, that was an upgrade we felt we could live without, or add later!

I absolutely fell in love with the bedding in this Master bedroom. I called the interior decorator to inquire about where she purchased it or if it was custom made. She stated that she had pieced it together and could not remember where she purchased the comforter.

This is another view in the master bedroom!! We have cherry furniture! I love the dark woods, I just think they make the house feel so elegant.

A view of the double sinks! I just love that we will have these in our home. In our previous house we only had a single sink, and it was quite cumbersome when we both were trying to get dressed.

We will have this same garden tub!

Shower door in our home will be the same as this one!

This is the bathroom. I love the double sinks. This bathroom is built exactly how our bathroom will be, with exception of the decorations and color scheme.