Monday, August 22, 2011


Good Evening Blogging Friends! I certainly hope everyone is having an awesome Monday! Life is too short to allow one day go by without appreciating its beauty. It sometimes hard to recognize what a good and awesome God we have in a world that appears as if nothing good happens any more!
We have to take the time and look for the beauty in all things, and understand that God in his infinite wisdom has a plan and a reason for all things. Even the bad.
I wanted to share with you the projects I have been working on this weekend. Actually I finished the Hat Box about 12:30 AM last night.
I find that if I create a little bit of beauty , then the world is a brighter place for me. It is so healing to my soul and body to spend time in my craft room and enjoying what God has blessed me with.
Hope you enjoy!!

When I altered this band box I decided to embellish it as a Victorian Hat Box. With Roses, satin bows, lace and pearls.I think it turned out really pretty. When I was creating the alterations to this box, I thought of my sweet friend Olivia at Olivia's Romantic Home. This is the same direction she would decorate a box like this With all the pinks and lace!!

I added a couple of muted green bows and the same muted roses from the top.

I put pink pearls and a pink rose bud to the center of the little crocheted doiles.

Do you remember posting about this container as part of last weeks garage sale haul.?

I painted the outside of the container with Acrylic craft paint. The color is called Linen. I modged podged some blue gingham like scrap book paper and glued on some of my Jamaican sea shells. It matches our blue guest bathroom. I added some blue face cloths so my guest can find them easily when they visit.

Do you remember this little rust colored bath and body works bag. Well I did a little embellishing!

It now looks like this!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Projects! Yard Sale Haul, Rite Aid Haul, Kirkland Hall!

Good Afternoon bloggers.
I am sitting her watching Fright Night 2 and updating my blog! This has been a long and emotional week for me at work. I will not go into the details. I needed some things to distract my mind from thinking too much!
I cleaned house after I came home from yard saleing. I feel so much better when it is all clean and beautiful!
I hope every one is having a great weekend! I can't wait to see everyone's new finds! I noticed the best things I did not post. LOL I will post them later this week,so for now you get to see these.

I worked on these late last night! I could not sleep, so this is what I created. I don't know what to do with them now that I have made them. LOL

Yard Sale Finds!

Another baby hanger. 25 cents!!

This cream colored tote it large! Its made very well. It is also a bath and body works bag!! I can always use totes!

Brand new NASCAR frame. A gift for my son!

This Thanksgiving Tablecloth was a dollar. It fits my dining room table!!

This little piece of pottery is Roseville. It has my first name on it "Elizabeth". I had to get it just for that reason.

There are six of these napkins. I got all six for a buck!

This little silver piece needs some love, but I thought it was cute.

Both of these were 25 cents! The little rust colored bag is a Bath Body works bag. It has the look that is perfect for fall! Of course it will get a little bling added to it, to enhance its cuteness.

Family Dollar Haul!

These two little fall leaf dishes were a dollar!

Kirkland Haul!

I saw this little rooster and I knew it had to be mine!! Its red of course! Also I bought these two little fall silver ware holders. I thought I could try to make some similar and have enough for a whole set. I think they are so cute!

Rite Aid Haul!

I saw these same candle votives at Marshall's for 5.00. They had 50% off these at Rite Aid so I bought them for 2.00. I just really think they are so pretty, with all the glitter and the fall leaves.

Saturday, August 13, 2011


Good Morning bloggers!
I haven't did a new post for awhile now. Last weekend I found absolutely nothing at yard sales. This week, I found some things, but nothing really special. But I thought I would share my finds with you friends!!
I hope everyone is doing well. I have not been myself lately. I have been struggling with my health. When I struggle with my breathing and other health problems I get depressed. I don't know why. But I lose interest in doing anything.
I am finally feeling like myself again!! So thought I would do a new post! Hope you enjoy!

I paid two dollars for this new sketch pad. I have a book that teaches how to draw a rose. I am bound and determined to learn to paint and draw roses.

This little hanging pail was 25 cents. It was a bath and body works thingie. I will paint it blue and put it in my guest bathroom to store face cloths.

Christmas sock, and hat for fifty cents!

The basket, the liner and the grass was all for 1.50.

This little doily was free!! I love free!

This fall arangement was 50 cents. It will get a do over.

This little bowl was 25 cents. I will use it to store beads in.

I bought this Foot Prints in the sand for 2.00. It will be a Christmas gift. My family likes my yard sale gifts. I also get them new things too!

These two ladies were 25 cents. I will most definitely paint them. But I need help ,if anyone could offer suggestions on what to use them for and how to paint them~

This little green spoon rest was 25 cents.

I just loved this little frame! It was a quarter!

All these Christmas gift bags and tags were 50 cents!

All this was 25 cents. I buy cards and note cards when I see them. Some I use for their purpose. Others I use in my scrap booking.

I paid way too much for this little guy. But he was just too cute to pass up. I paid 2.00 for him.

These were all 25 cents. I love those little baby planters!! I grab them when I see them. I often make arrangements in them for baby showers and gifts!

These were 25 cents. I love Christmas pins and these are snow flakes. I collect little baby hangers. I hope to make some heirloom baby items and sell them on etsy someday.

Twilight book 50 cents

I paid 50 cents for both these shirts. They are just the right size for my little grandsons.

I got all these kitchen utensils thingies for 25 cents

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Good Evening bloggers!
I hope everyone is having a great week! I know people are struggling with this heat. I worry so much about our elderly here in South Carolina who do not have air conditioners,or do not use their air conditioners because of the high cost of electricity.
I am thankful that God has blessed me to have more than the comforts in life!! I think sometimes we or I forget how much I truely have in comparison to others. Or I just take it for granted.
May the Lord Bless you and keep you! May the lord shine his light upon you and give you Peace!


This was a project I worked on over the weekend. This piece of MDS board was in the box with our treadmill we bought. So , me being don't throw any thing out if you can use it, came up with this idea.
I had all this scrap book flowers on hand so I used them for this project. Also the trim I had as well. The little brow heart at the top I cut from a botched embroidery project. The photo of the girl was a photo from a new frame. It was the display picture they used to show you how a picture of a person would look in the frame. So on this project, I used up, repurposed and recycled. I think I did good! Whatcha think? The picture of the girl looks wrinkled in this photo for some reason. It is not wrinkled in real life............I don't know why.

Yard sale finds!!

This little rose tea cup nite light was 50 cents

These two plates were 75 cents for the scalloped one and 50 cents for the other one.

I have had questions about where and what I do with all the stuff I buy at yard sales. Well, I do enjoy shopping and yard sales. But I have a rule, for as much as I bring in, I try to donate that much out. I usually keep a a couple of boxes available. When I clean I try to find ways to purge! These are my purge boxes that are going to Good Will. I place things in these boxes until I get them full and off they go to Goodwill. They are sitting in my guest room right now. Usually I keep the boxes in my storage space upstairs and just add to them as I find things. I also have a bag of clothing in my bedroom closet to go to Good Will as well.