Friday, July 27, 2012

Yard Sale Treasures and Things I Created!

Good Evening my friends. The heat has been terrible here, it was 102 today. We had heat warnings out all over the place. We did get a small thunder storm this evening but it did nothing to cool the temperature down. I have not had a chance to post last weekends finds or the projects I have been creating. So I wanted to share them with you this evening. I will be up early in the morning treasure hunting again. The yard sales start at 7:00 am here. I am usually back home by 8:30 or 9:00 am. Hope you enjoy! YARD SALE FINDS! Isn't this little bank adorable! I love the bunnies. This was fifty cents.
This Christmas votive is made by Lenox. I find a lot of Lenox pieces here in South Carolina. We have a Lenox outlet store. This one was a dollar, it is about five inches tall.
I paid 50 cents for this. I don't know what it is, but I think it is used with a candle. If you know please tell me. I love the lid.
These were 50 cents for both. I always buy candles when I see them, because I recycle the jars.
This was a quarter. I will use it to create something.
I thought these broaches were pretty. I use a lot of costume jewelry in my projects. I paid 3.50 for both. div class="separator" style="clear: both; text-align: center;">
These Christmas tree candles were a dollar for all of them. The tall one is broken but it is an easy fix.
I always pick up journals when ever I see them at yard sales. That is if the price is right. I paid 50 cents for this one. At the dollar tree I can get them for a buck.
I paid fifty cents for these new small Christmas frames. The stars on the tops of these ornaments say 2007, but that is an easy fix. I will be using them most likely in Christmas layouts or on altered boxes.
FROM MY CREATIVE SPIRIT The vase holding this flower arrangement is a votive candle holder. I thought the beaded holder was perfect to make a flower arrangement. The silk florals came from my stash. As I said before I love earth tones, creams and ivory colors. This will definitely be used in a fall arrangement.
I love the look of lace that is either vintage or looks vintage. The lace I made these little creation came from another Goodwill find! It is a top that was way too small for me, but I knew I could use the lace.
I bought this sweater at Goodwill sometime back. It was covered in Rhinestones that were sewn on to the sweater. I purchased the sweater specifically to cut these rhinestones off to use in my projects. After cutting the rhinestones off the sweater, I felt badly to waste the rest of the sweater. It was made out of soft angora rabbit fur at least partially. It was so soft and pretty, so I decided to make these little pillows. I hope to sell some of my creations at the flea market. But the last time I went I bombed out and didn't even make my set up fee back.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Sharing My Projects!

Good Evening Blogger friends! I hope everyone is doing well and had a great weekend! The weekends are never long enough for me. I wanted to share with you how I spent most of my weekend. I hope you enjoy my projects!! This weekend I spent mostly in my craft room creating the items below. I made all these items from a recycled suit jacket I found at Goodwill. It had all this beautiful lace and fringe and I just used my seam ripper and took it off. I then cut the jacket in manageable pieces. So this is end result of it all. The buttons from the jacket are gorgeous as well. I will use them at a later date on another project.
A few weeks back I found many storage shoe box like boxes at the yard sales. They were and ugly orange striped in color. So one at a time I have been altering them to my girly taste. I am using them to store craft supplies in my craft room. They are functional as well as decorative. My favorite of these two is the one with cream roses and brown feathers. I am drawn to cream colors. The peach lace one is made from scraps of lace and the fabric under the lace is left over from the recycled blazer. The flowers are a candle ring that I deconstructed.
I hope everyone else is having better luck with their yard sale finds! The past few weeks have not been good for me to find treasures. Below are the extent of my finds this past weekend. The napkin rings and the two flameless candles cost me a total of two dollars.

Sunday, July 8, 2012


Happy Sunday Blogger friends. I have been MIA, I just have not felt like blogging. But I thought I would share a few things that I have been doing to consume my time when I am not at work. Below are some projects I have done, some yard sale finds, shopping from Kirkland and Marshalls. I hope you enjoy! I have been watching more you tube videos on crafting and decorating. I heart you tube for these videos. I hope to learn how to do videos myself. If I do I will place these on my blog for you to view. I have missed you guys and I will try to make a better effort of visiting you more often. Hugs Susan! Vignette! Everything in this vignette with the exception of the little red bird, is a yard sale find. I purchased the Bird at Kirklands. The white woven bread basked, the rooster picture in the background, the red pieces, the stars are all yard sale finds.
Shopping I went shopping at Kirklands and Marshall's. The little fennel piece I purchased at Kirklands on clearance. In the background is the Rose throw I found at Marshall's. I did not purchase much that day, I just needed to get out of the house for awhile.
Projects! This lay out honors my oldest son Larry. I am using some cork pieces I found at yard sale to make layouts of all my family. I will hang these on my craft room wall
Granddogs! I did this layout to honor my granddogs. Friends meet Blue and Ashely. They are my daughters Great Danes. When Blue came to live with my daughter he was so very sick. My daughter adopted him from the Humane Society. He had pneumonia and on mega doses of antibiotics. The vet told my daughter the chances of him living were slim. But my sweet daughter was having none of that....she stayed up with Blue day and night and nursed him back to health. Blue is one of the sweetest dogs, so well behaved. He is just such a loving dog. My daughter raised the black and white Dane from a puppy. Her name is Ashley. Melissa named him after Ashley Judd, because she is such a University of Kentucky basket ball fan. Our Ashley is our trouble maker. A trouble maker in a sweet way. She always has to be around when ever a project or an event is going on. My daughter received a call at work that her home security alarm had sounded. What happened was Ashley had learned how to open the door to her bedroom and was roaming the house. My daughter has a computer system that she can check on the dogs during the day. She viewed the tape and sure enough Ashley was standing and just staring at the door handle. Then she just politely walked over and took her nose and opened the door.
Another tag! I am obsessed!
I made this little tea towel out of scrap homespun fabric. I used my embroidery machine to embroider the chicken design. I don't know who designed this particular design. If you read my blog and recognize your design work, just let me know I will most definitely give you credit!
I use my scrap fabrics to make these little pillows. I guess I am a strange bird, but I don't like to waste anything that can be repurposed or reused. I am not a hoarder how ever, I do throw out trash and I also give lots and lots to Goodwill.
I made this little bag too. I love lace and white. The little applique on the pillow I purchased at Walmart!
Yard Sale Finds! These two plates were a dollar. I think they are a Walmart brand,but they are pink with butterflies...what can I say....LOL
I just love these two little vases of hydrangeas! They were a dollar for both.