Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sharing my Weekend Projects

Hello! Did this weekend fly by or what? I am telling you it can no way be another week starting so soon. I wanted to share a few of things I have been busy with this weekend. Hope everyone has a wonderful week. You will see some stuff on the floor in one of the photos. The rooster picture leaning against the wall is waiting to have a touch up done. I am going to paint around the frame red. The stuff laying in the floor is there temporarily, Its the starting of a Goodwill donation. I forgot to remove it before I took the picture. Kitchen Nook I changed my eating nook around a little this weekend. I had a yard long rose picture hanging on the wall. I changed it out for this bright rooster print. I also added a white battenburg lace table cloth. I put some sunflowers in a vase and place it in the center of the table.
Project! This was my weekend project. All the parts to make this project came from Goodwill. The beads and the flower came from Miachael's,I had them in my stash. The ribbon was a yard sale find. I painted the wooden spindle pink and then brushed over it with Martha Stewart specialty copper paint. I used E3000 to glue the light globe on the wood. I am frustrated I did not notice the globe was crooked until the glue had already dried.
Yard Sale Haul! This cute little bunny was fifty cents.
This little blue rose set was a dollar for both. I love anything with blue roses.
This little dish was 50 cents. I didn't notice before I bought it is broken and has been repaired around the stem of the piece. I thought I had gotten a bargain until I saw the repair.
I have a weakness for dainty rose pattern china. This little plate was a dollar.
This little purse was three dollars. I just thought it was cute. If my daughter likes it I will probably give it to her.
I love the color of this purse! It was five dollars. The lady said it was a sixty dollar purse. I really didn't know. But it is new and it was worth five dollars to me.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Entertainment Center- Again!!

Good Evening Bloggers! This is part one of the two post I did this evening. I have been busy this weekend. I want to share my projects, my tweaking I did and my yard sale and thrift store finds! I hope everyone has a wonderful week! Tweaking Again!! The mantle of the fireplace just did not seem right to me. So I decided to take the big green thingie I had sitting on the Entertainment center and the lamp and put them on each end of the mantle. I had the two plates on there before, and also the black lantern. I really love these pieces on the mantle. The green thingie and the green in the lamp are the same color as the water in the picture on the wall above the fireplace.
Tweaking the Entertainment Center---- AGAIN! I am at it again. I am doing a re-do of the vignette on the Entertainment Center. The previous arrangement just did not do it for me. So this is what I came up with. I don't know if I will keep the little houses sitting there, or not. They are a bit crafty, I want a more formal look.
Wood Houses This little school house was a Goodwill find! It had an ugly green roof, so I painted it with Martha Stewarts copper specialty paint. I just love this paint. I am making a trip back to Home Depot to get the rest of the colors.
I found this little house at Miachael's on clearance for 1.50. I used Martha Stewart copper specialty paint to paint the house. I used some vines and Wild Orchid Craft flowers to decorate the top and back.
The top of the house!
The back of the house.
Yard Sale Finds You guys know I collect beaded purses. I found these two at a yard sale this weekend. They were one dollar each. The little cream colored one is not in great shape, but I could not resist it. The other one is in mint condition.
This delicate little plate was a Goodwill find!
Altered Lamp shade. This is my favorite project of the weekend. My hubbies daughter gifted me this lamp one year for Christmas. It had a fake patchwork quilt shade. I painted the shade a nice creamy linen, and then I added some lace from and old wedding dress,purchased at a yard sale. I used some of the bridle lace and some silk florals to add some more detail. I have this in my craft room.
Purple Box I had yards and yards of this purple sating lace trim,I have had it forever. I decided to alter an old ugly box and try to use some of the trim. I think it turned out pretty well! I will probably donate this to our event coordinator at work. He might be able to use it as a door prize. The employees where I work are not rewarded very often, so I thought this would be a good gesture. And besides, what the heck am I going to do with a purple box. LOL
I think the top is the prettiest part of the box. I used an old lace doily and put some flowers and beads around on top. The purple trim, I had on hand. I think it was part of some red hat stuff I bought at a yard sale.
This is how I decorated under the bottom of the lid.
I filled the box with some goodies I had on hand. A little lace pillow, some lavender sachets,body spray and linen spray. I also placed the purple altered bottle along with a purple tag!
This was some scrap lace I had, so I made this little pillow. I trimmed it with the same purple satin trim.
As you can see, I layered the purple sating trim all around the inside of the box as well!
This is Part Two of my Weekend of Crafting. Altered Paper Mache Box I altered this little round paper mache box. I used old sheet music and some trim. I broke down a silk rose and glued on the top. In the center of the rose is a brown glittered bird. I found him at a yard sale. I think he is really meant to be a Christmas ornament.
I decided to put some shredded paper with a little Teddy Bear inside the box. If you notice the two little brown hearts on the lid, I made those on my embroidery machine. I don't know whose embroidery design, so if you recognize your work tell me I will definitely give you credit.
More Tags!! I am sitting here, when I should be up pounding my head against a wall. Why do I do this. I just can not resist making these tags. I may have to make goodie bags for the nursing home to get rid of some my craft projects!
Sewing Projects I made these two little lace clutches and the small one I consider a needle case. I had this lace that was left over from some project. I love lace anything..........I just think it is so feminine.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Roses , Projects and Yard Sale Finds!

Good Evening my friends!
Well another weekend is over. So back to the real world of work tomorrow.
Saturday after noon I spent in my craft room as hubby was working on his computer all weekend.
I did some sewing, altered some bottles, did a little yard saling and found time to cut roses from the garden. Not bad for a weekend eh?
Hope you enjoy viewing all the pictures of my life this weekend. Have a great week!

Roses from our Garden.

Sewing Projects

I used up what was left of my polka dot fabric. If you remember I made some pillows for my black bench with this same fabric.
My favorite of these two table runners is the one with the black lace trim.
I did not have enough black pom pom trim for the second table runner. I had to settle for the white.

Altered Bottles and Tags

Of the three bottles I altered this weekend, this one is my favorite. I plan to use this in our master bathroom. The decoration on this bottle are from wild orchid crafts, my bead stash, the dollar tree, and some of my stash I already had on hand.
I love the delicate and feminine look of the cream.
The cream rose trim and the dark caramel colored rose is a wild orchid craft purchase. The creamy white rose it from the dollar tree floral, I purchased about a month ago. The other decorations are from my stash.

This bottle I used some free standing lace I made with my embroidery machine. I had made this lace a long time ago, so I put it to use,

This purple bottle is altered with drawer liners. I used beads on the cork stopper. I added some trim and flowers.
I made the tag virtually out of the same materials. I used the card board from some seam binding to make the tag.

This card is made from packaging card board. As most of you know I recycle anything I can vs throwing it in the trash. I just used some scrap booking paper and scrap booking flowers to decorate the card board. Around the edges I glued some fiber I bought for a dollar at Big Lots. I have yards of this fiber left for many more projects.

Yard Sale Finds!

I love ornamental boxes. I thought about painting this one with my beloved Oil
Rubbed Bronze. However I decided to leave its original color. I sat it on our fireplace mantle.

I have an obsession with pink glass ware. This piece is by Lenox. I paid 50 cents for it at a yard sale. The lady I bought this from had mostly baby clothes. The only two house ware items she had was this bowl and that green basket with the buttons, I posted below.

The lady I bought this from, stated it was from blown glass artist in Virgina. I wish I had paid more attention to what she said, I can not remember the artist name.
I love cobalt blue glassware. It does not go so well with the colors in my house. But I collect it anyway..........just cause.

This little clear candle holder was 50 cents. It has a etched flower in the bottom of the glass. I just thought it was an interesting piece. I love clear glass, and generally collect all that I find.

I just liked this bottle. It was 50 cents.

This basket and the buttons were 50 cents. I buy buttons anytime I can at yard sales. I bring them home and soak them in antibacterial dish washing soap to sanitize them before I use them.
I always buy baskets as well, I use them in my craft room and various other places in the house. I store odds and ends in the baskets.