Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sharing My Treasures and Some Finished Projects!

Hello my blogger friends!! I will get my whining out of the way first. My vacation is over and I have to get up and go back to work tomorrow. Bummer! When you go on vacation, it is a mad house when you get back to get caught up on paperwork and all the clients want to be seen immediately. Oh well, it is what it is.
I decided to share with you my treasures I bought in Jamaica. I also wanted to share some projects I finished this weekend!!
I hope you have a wonderful week, I have enjoyed catching up with all my favorite bloggers and seeing what has been happening with you since I was away, Hey I was even able to win a giveaway a CSN gift certificate via My Cottage Charm. Thank you Missi!!

My husband and I took a walk on the beach and there were Jamaican people who were selling their art work. They can be very aggressive in trying to sell you things. But all you have to do is tell them your not interested and they will stop hasseling you.
We have been to Jamaica before, and the last time we went, I bought two little roosters the size of salt and pepper shakers. This time I decided to buy these guys and add them to my collection.
We are already planning to go back to Jamaica next year around this time, so I will continue to add to my Jamaican rooster collection.

I do not like this one as well as I do the one above!! But the price was right and so I added it to my collection.

I bought these two hand towels at Walmart for 1.50. I decided to embroidery them in a Christmas design. I embroidered three red snowflakes and then put red rick rack as the bottom trim. These are a gift for my daughter. She never has time to read my blog so she won't know she is getting these.

I found these two little Christmas green tea towels at the Dollar Tree. I decided I would embroidery Christmas designs on both for a Christmas present to my daughter!! She overlooks my flaws and mistakes. LOL.

This is another little Christmas green tea towel I made for a tray liner!! I am giving both green ones to my daughter for Christmas!!

As you all know, Roses and Roosters are my two favorite things. So I bought this little blue tea towel at the Dollar Tree and decided to embroidery it with Roosters!! The trim I found at a yard sale!


  1. Amazing embroidery work!!! You do these, how? Do you have iron on patterns to follow, or just from scratch....all your own artwork? I am totally impressed.

    I actually love both roosters you found. The one you don't like as well, the 2nd one, it's very primitive, but artful.

    Santa Centerpiece Do stop by sometime this week, I have a special hand made giveaway going on right now!!!

  2. Hi Susan!
    Wow girl! You do very nice embroidery work! They are beautiful!

  3. Your tea towels are lovely! My mom would like those roosters, she collects them too. :D Thank you for your sweet comment over at Yoga Gal. I hope that you and your family have a wonderful Christmas, Susan!

  4. Oh I remember about the Jamaican sellers, Susan. They are really pushy and they get nasty if you don't buy from them. But I love what you bought...Christine

  5. I see you had a good time in Jamaica, Susan! Yes, it's always hard to get back to work, but it's good to be back home too. Real life calls! LOL Cute embroidery work on all of those towels for your daughter. As for your towel w/the roosters- that is really sweet! Hope you enjoy the rest of the holiday season- now that I'm finally done with all I've chosen to do, I'm taking it easy! :-) Sue

  6. Dear Susan,

    I LOVE your roosters and your Christmas tea towels are beautiful!

    I've got you down for 1 entry for my GIVEAWAY! Thank you for entering! Isn't Rose a wonderful person!

    Merry Christmas and Good Luck in the Giveaway!


  7. I was here the other day and read this post but didn't have time to share.Your amazing girl..what talent..WOW.. I love what you did.

  8. Hi Susan,
    Love your tea towels. You are amazingly talent sweetie and your daughter is going to love these gifts.
    The roosters are darling. I collect them too and what unique ones you have to add now to your others.
    Loved seeing the pics in the last post too. Looks like you had a fabulous time. The towel swans are beautiful. All the artwork is gorgeous. Such talented people.

    Hope going back to work was an easy transition. Always hard the first time back after a vacation.
    Have a great midweek.
    Hugs from Texas,
    Celestina Marie

  9. How darling!!!!! Sorry you have to go back to work...but at least you guys got to play a little!!!

  10. Those roosters, as well as the other Jamaican wood art from your previous post, as just beautiful! So colorful and fun.
    You daughter is going to love those towels. Your embroidery machine must be a lot of fun!

  11. Oh the roosters are adorable, but your towels are super cute! Love it!

  12. Hi Susan! Welcome back...Wow! Jamaca...lucky you. Your embroidered towels for your daughter are precious. Great job. She will adore them. *hugs*

  13. What charming gifts your making, Your daughter will love them, and your rooster collection is wonderful as well.

  14. Hello Susan, lovely to meet you!
    Impressed on the embroidery, wish I could. I noticed you work in mental health as a therapist very interesting. I'm almost done with my degree in General Studies, Social and Behavioral Science and anticipate getting a masters in Social Work and Counseling. Long term, love to be able to work with Hospice. Would love to hear above your job, it's demands as well as joys, my email is
    Happy Holidays, Lori

  15. I was going to feel sorry for you about going back to work until I scrolled down and looked at your vaca pics! lol What a wonderful trip! It is always hard to go back to work but hopefully you are rested. Love all your embroidered towels. Pretty!