Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Good Will Haul!

Good Evening Bloggers! I made it through another work day. I had to orient my new therapist on my team today. It was a fairly easy day however.
I promised yesterday I would post my Good Will finds. I know everyone is so over Christmas decorations. I have to warn you that most are Christmas oriented. I don't know why but Good Will had a ton of Christmas stuff, I did not find anything but Christmas stuff. But the Christmas stuff I found I think was really pretty. But anyway here goes, I hope those of you who chose to look enjoy this post!! God Bless You!!

This tree skirt is brand new with the tag. I was 19.99 from the Martha Stewart Line at K-Mart. I paid 3.79 for it at Goodwill. I just love it is pink with the chocolate polka dots. I plan to have three Christmas trees next year, if the Good Lord allows me to live until next Christmas. I want a pink one, a red one with my cardinal theme and a brown and cream theme tree.

This crystal snowman is very heavy. It has a tiny candle hole, but I am thinking it is a paper weight or maybe a stocking holder. I don't know. He was a 1.91.

This Santa and Snowman are plastic but they look like they are crystal. They light up and really pretty. I paid 1.91 for both.

This little bronze golden tin is a Scottish Wine tin. It attracted my attention for the reason it is Scottish. My hubby is Scottish. This little tin was filled with all these beautiful ornaments I have posted below. I paid a 1.91 for all.

I thought this little Rhinestone frame ornament is so pretty!

A Crystal snowman!

A crystal Heart that is appropriate for Valentines Day as well as Christmas!

Little Crystal tree!

Cute little snowman!!

I thought this little train ornament is so cute.

I love this Victorian ornament. It is my favorite of all of the ornaments.

Two old world Santa Ornaments

Okay, I am officially a trash picker!! This popcorn tin was setting up against the garbage bins here at the Condos. I could not stand the thought of this pretty tin going to a land fill somewhere, so I brought it home with me. My hubby thought I had lost my mind!! LOL

This is not a Goodwill find. I actually found this wine opener set at a yard sale a few weeks back. It was a dollar. It was originally from Pier 1. I think this is probably going to my daughter. She entertains alot and serves wine.


  1. The tree skirt is a definite WIN. I love it. Could you not use it as part of a Valentines display?

  2. You really found some awesome finds! I love the pink tree skirt and all the other Christmas decor, but my fav is the tin full of fabulous ornaments!

  3. What a find my sweet friend. If I had been with you I'd have FOUGHT YOU FOR IT!

    :) I'm a peace-maker though. MAYBE I would have let you win.

    LOVE IT ALL~ Thanks for visiting me yesterday.

    Love to you~


  4. You got a real head start on Christmas 2012!
    Love all the crystal. I also love the tin box that was full of Christmas treasures.

    How much fun to decorate your new house next year! It is looking so pretty.

  5. I know why GW has so much Christmas stuff, because just last week I dropped off everything that I did not want anymore for Christmas. I would of snapped up the tree skirt. Now, of course you will till next year, don't even think like that, silly girl!


  6. Oh AND you're supporting a charitable organization - best of both worlds!

  7. Hi Susan,
    Well you found a whole bag full of good dtuff, the tree skirt is a beauty, I always love Martha Stewart:-)
    Hugs to you,

  8. Great finds! I especially like the Dewar's tin. When I was little my Mom gave me and my siblings each a popcorn tin to keep our own collections of ornament's in. The tins were scavenged from the recycling bin at our apartment complex :)

  9. Looks like you are hooked up for next year, great finds!
    Thanks for your sweet comment/visit to my blog

  10. You got some super deals! That tree skirt is so pretty, and all of the ornaments are great! laurie

  11. I love the pink tree skirt! (it's 01/19 and I still have up my christmas decor!) I've started to transition into spring...most of my christmas items are pink or pastel--so they work will for easter/spring too!

  12. Hi Susan, You are too funny. Didn't you know? "Trash picking" is now the "in" thing to do!

    Hmmmm...let me see, I love the tree skirt, the lavender rhinestone frame, and the crystal snowmen!

    Thanks for sharing. We love it!


  13. You found the cutest after Christmas items. What a great tree skirt...can't wait to see that tree!!

  14. Hi Susan!
    You found lots of awesome Christmas things! I really am loving that tree skirt though! What a great price!

  15. So many pretty things, Susan! I especially love teh crystal ornaments! I hope you are having a great week!...hugs...Debbie

  16. Wowie- I love that pink/brown polka dotted tree skirt! It could be used at other times too, just re-purpose it. Oh, and dumpster diving can be lots of fun! :-) Sue

  17. Hi Susan, KiKi and I want to thank you for your beautiful positive thoughts sent our way. We really appreciate it and it means alot to us. *hugs*

  18. What great finds, Christmas or not! You'll love rediscovering them this December.
    - susan



  20. You did get some great deals! Couple of things there I could use in jewelry!
    Nice finds!

  21. Hi Susan! Thank you SO much for such a sweet comment about my Lincoln! :) He is such a joy to my heart! We had a wonderful day too. :) We took him to his favorite (very expensive) restaurant for lunch, gave him his card and then got him an ice cream cake for dessert later on in the day. My brother came over and they played board games for hours. :) He had a nice time.
    I'm glad my post inspired you....it's just so eary to write about Lincoln and the great big God we serve!
    Love ya much my friend

  22. Hi Susan! You have a good eye for bargains, and even for free goodies like that cute tin! I love the Dewars box. That and all the ornaments for 1.91? Enjoy! Linda

  23. Hi Susan,
    I love all your great finds. After the holidays is the best time for Christmas treasures. I love the tin too. So glad you brought it home.
    Your sure had a great time at the Good Will. I would love to shop with you.

    How's the house coming along? Thank you for stopping by.
    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs and love from Texas, Celestina Marie

  24. Oh that tree skirt is divine and your ornaments are just too cute! Love it! Good to see you my sweet friend! Hope the house is coming along good!

  25. Wow, wow, and more wow!!! What great stuff. And all for under $25 total. Amazing Susan. You did good. I of course love the Santas. And since this very last Christmas, our daughter has decided to begin collecting snowmen, she'd love all you found. And y'know, I really like the small candle snowman you first shared.

    Awesome stuff.

  26. You found such wonderful deals. I adore your tree skirt and rhinestone frame.

  27. Hi Susan!
    I'm just checking in to make sure everything is okay in your world. I figure if you haven't posted anything in a week, you are either sick or super busy. I hope you are just busy.
    Hugs, Diann :)

  28. Hey girly! :) Thanks for you sweet comment...I know you love roses! :) (you have beautiful ones on your blog too!) I joined the blog hop to see if anyone had anything they'd like to see on my blog that I don't already do, or if there's things on there that bug people. :)
    Have a great day my friend!

  29. My gosh you got some goodies. Don't you just love Goodwill?

  30. I love the material of the skirt, you could use it any time, just put a big center piece over the hole and use it on a table.
    The Scottish tin is also a very nice find.
    Love your blog,