Saturday, November 26, 2011


Happy Thanksgiving my friends!! This has been a time of reflection for me. A time to reflect on how lucky I am to have the family I have, the friends I have and the many blessings that our creator has given me.
Little ole me. How do I deserve such awesome blessings in my life?
As I reflect I am so Thankful for every event of my life, both good and bad. With each blessing came joy and peace. With every hardship, pain, hurt that I endured, came a wonderful lesson out of the storm.
I hope that we all can be Thankful for the loving God we serve. His love is greater than any sickness we endure, and all we need to know this, is to look at our children, our pets, and the beautiful natural elements and how he designed the earth.
I plan to serve him better this next year, to be a better person, to give more of myself to his service, to bless others with gifts of love and compassion. This is all he ask of us, is to do unto others as he would do for us.
Many blessings to you my friends!!

The Chrismas tree in the sun room! I will add post at a later time for all my Christmas decorations. These photos are ones my hubby took. Hopefully, I will fell well enough soon to have the energy to start posting regularly again!
The dinner table all dressed up and waiting for Thanksgiving dinner. We kept the tablescape very simple because it is custom for us to put all the food on the table and do the passing around the table thing. The table is partially done in this photo as we had not yet added the water glasses and other drink glasses and cups.
This is my daughter and I in our aprons getting ready to do up the Thanksgiving meal! . Oh yeah in case you did not know she is the one in polka dot apron "wink". It looks like I have been working hard cooking. But I did mostly nothing with this meal. When you read the post below you will understand why.
This is my only daughter and I tell you folks she is made of gold! Most of you know that I struggle with COPD and Sarcoidiosis. These past month I have really been struggling. Hence fewer post.
Anyway, this golden child of mine cooked Thanksgiving dinner all by herself and it was very good. She did allow me to peel the potatoes and cut up the veggies, but made me sit down while I did that. She allowed her brother to make the turkey gravy. But everyone else was banned from the kitchen!
# 2 Son wearing a frilly Christmas Apron. He is making the turkey gravy, he is an awesome cook! My daughter posted this picture on face book with the caption, "Revenge is Sweet". #2 son had told his mother a secret that she did not want me to know. It was not a bad secret, just a phone call she had made to her brother when she was partying with her friends. She did not think Mom would approve of her "tasting the spirits". LOL
#1 Son. This is my first born. He is a pleasure to be around. He loves to hunt
and was proudly showing photos of the big buck he gamed this year. Just so you know, I DO NOT LIKE THE IDEA OF SHOOTING ANY ANIMALS,but my son has a good heart in every way. He just enjoys the sport of hunting. He firmly believes it is Gods way of keeping the deer from starving from being over populated. So even though I don't agree, it is his decision. I love him unconditionally!


  1. Susan,
    What a wonderful family! Love all the pics! Hope you feel better soon.
    My hubby hunts and he has the warmest heart too :) even though I am not fond of it!

  2. Tell son #2 that I think the apron makes him look 'hot'. Tell son #1 that my husband also hunts for the same reason.
    And you, my dear...take care and may God bless you.

  3. As I reflect I am so Thankful for every event of my life, both good and bad. With each blessing came joy and peace. With every hardship, pain, hurt that I endured, came a wonderful lesson out of the storm.

    amen amen amen..loved this..thanks so much for sharing. Sure looks like a blessed day...

  4. What a wonderful family!!! Looks like it was a great Thanksgiving. I love your sun porch tree ~ woohooo.. the christmas season has begun.

  5. Oh so sorry you haven't been feeling well. So nice of your family to do all the work for Thanksgiving. You have the tree up already, so you are ahead of me!!

  6. It looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration with your family. It's so good to hear that you get so much help from them. I'm hoping you're feeling better soon. Don't try to do too much:-)

  7. Susan, I'm sorry to hear of your health challenges, but inspired by your words of thanksgiving to the Heavenly Father. What a sweet thing your daughter did for your family (the whole meal). You ARE blessed. Your table is beautiful. I will look forward to seeing what other decorations you decide to bring out for the Christmas holidays.

  8. Hi, sorry you haven't felt well...hope you are all better by now.
    Your daughter is so cute and sounds like a wonderful cook...son is a handsome dude, too.:)) O, and Mr. Sweet is a hunter, too.:))
    xoxo bj