Saturday, October 13, 2012

Yard sale, Shopping and Projects!

Good Afternoon! I had to get out of the house this morning to get my mind off all the negative junk going on with me. So, I needed to pick up paint from Home Depot,so that gave me a good excuse to go out. Well of course right across the street from Home Depot is Michaels and Home Goods. They were calling to me "Come shop, Come shop". As a mental health therapist I know not listen to the voices in my head,,,,,,,,,,,,but come on now you would listen to them too! I wanted to share some good things I have been up to: My awesome vintage lace find, My shopping hauls, and My projects! Hope you enjoy! Yard Sale Find! This piece of gorgeous lace must have been part of an old dress!
There were 8 of these black neckline laces in this packet!
There is almost a yard of this lace. My creative juices started flowing when I found this little goodie in the packet.
How beautiful is this vintage doily? How lucky I was to get four of these dainty lace doilies.
Projects! I made this purse out of some scrap materials I had. I added lace, and some vintage doiles. The animal print fabric flower came off a head band I bought for a dollar at the Family Dollar. I have been considering an Etsy shop to try to sell my lace purses and pouches etc. Do you think these are of good enough quality to sale on Etsy? I will have to delay this right now with everything that is going on. Maybe when I am healed and feeling better I could give it a try!
This birdhouse was a yard sale find several weeks ago. It is a large birdhouse, and it was not painted or decorated. I decided to give it a Christmas twist, I painted it using the Martha Stewart Copper penny color on the roof. On the bottom of the house, I just used Linen color craft paint. After the paint dried, I applied Modge Podge to the room and the body. I sprinkled copper colored glitter on the roof. On the body of the house I sprinkled a fairy dust glitter. I let all that dry and then applied the decorative flowere and the bird. You may recognize the bird it was a yard sale find from back in the summer. Also ,you will probably remember that blogger was messed up and posted the picture of this bird extremely huge. I had to delete that whole post in order to correct the problem.
Home Goods! I kind of have fleur theme going on in my Master Bedroom! This one actually is going to hung in the toilet closet of the Master Bath. I thought I should carry the theme into the bathroom in some way!
You guys know I am a candle kinda girl! I can not resist buying candles when I am out gallivanting Home Goods! Both of these candles were on clearance which makes even better! The gold one is a flameless candle, it was 4.00 and the little one smells so good you could almost eat it!
These sachets were one of the "I gotcha" items they place for impulse purchases just before you check out. I had not seen these with the hangers. They are the perfect thing for your closets. I have made my own closet sachets, but these smell yummy!
Home Depot If you have never tried the Martha Stewart specialty paints, I would highly recommend them! I went to Home Depot today as part of my shopping escape. I picked up all these paints. I have a project in mind for the copper penny color. I am going to paint a small side table that color. The other colors I don't know what I am going to do with them just yet,but rest assured I will find a project to use them.


  1. So happy to see you creating and enjoying!
    hugs, Linda

  2. You sure had a great day! My friend and I went to a consignment shop, but neither of saw anything we couldn't live without.:)

  3. Your laces are so beautiful, they would cheer any ones heart.
    A bit of retail therapy puts a smile on any ones face.

  4. LOOOOOOVE that birdhouse! And hey, I woulda given in to the Michael's voice too. Did you remember to get free paint chip samples for paint chip crafts?

  5. Too bad you didn't live near me - my little fleur de lis would be a great accent in your bedroom! What great finds you have shown us! I have been looking at the MS paints - I might have to take a closer look now that you have given your approval! Have a good week!

  6. I think you have the right idea to keep busy. Crafting and shopping are both great ways to keep your mind off troubles, or at least they are for me. You really scored with all those lace pieces. I know there are people who will love your crafts. Maybe just create whenever your health will aloow, then you'll be on your way to having merchandise for whenever you are ready to start selling. I know you are going through some bad times right now, and I have been thinking of you. I wish you the best in all you are dealing with.

  7. Hi Susan! What beautiful laces! I'm sure you're going to create some lovely things. Thank you so much for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  8. Hi Susan, you hit the jack pot with the treasures you found, the lace pieces are especially pretty. hugs ~lynne~

  9. I LOVE lace and yours are so pretty. I have lace curtains at every window in my home except the family room and I love it.
    I don't sew anymore..but I can't seem to bring myself to give my pretty collection of lace away. Isn't that terrible? I keep thinking I will use it. *sigh*
    No..I have not used Martha's paints..because, lazy me, I have also stopped painting except when I want something badly and cannot get it any other way! :)

  10. You have been having too much fun. I love the vintage lace! What a great find! Home Goods calls my name ever now and then too!

  11. I'm loving all the lace, Susan! You really hit the "jackpot"! I am jealous (in the best possible way) of your crafting ability. I'd never even come up with the ideas - much less be able to carry them out like you do!

  12. Those laces are gorgeous, Susan, and I'm sure you are going to create something beautiful with them. I haven't tried the Martha Stewart paints but now I'm intrigued.