Monday, November 12, 2012

A Few small projects.

Good Evening, I wanted to do a quick post to say I am still here. LOl I have not been to yard sales or done any different decorating lately. So I altereded and created with things I had on hand. I finally begin to feel like creating again. I hope you enjoy.
This little red stocking was one of the ones you can buy at dollar tree or somewhere like that. You know me I can't leave anything the way it originally came. I made the little flower on the stocking. I also made the flower beside the stocking. I use up my little scraps of fabric this way. I use the flowers to place on other projects ie the stocking.
I changed out some ugly purple roses that someone had arranged in this box. I don't see how they thought purple was the color to put in this box. Maybe they saw something I did not see, and thought purple went well in the box. I tried to match some of the colors of the flowers painted on top this box. I also added the lace and the jade butterfly on the inside of the top.
This is the top of the box.I wish I could take the credit for painting the roses, but I can't. It came like this from the yard sale I purchased it from Someone had ugly purple roses in the box. I changed it out for the flowers in the above picture. I think they match the box better than the purple.
This green rocker I found at a yard sale for a dollar. I was going to paint it a creamy white, but then decided against doing that. I made the little cushion for the seat and I used an old doily for the little round pillow. I also used a doily for the back lace. I added lace around the edges of the seat. The little cat was a yard sale find for a quarter.
This basket was a Goodwill find several months ago. I knew I wanted to alter the top.


  1. Hi Susan, You always find the best treasures and then you artfully transform them with new life. Love the rose box and your redesign. How cute is the little stocking and your fabric flowers. Sweet little bear looks adorable in the rocker and the basket is gorgeous.
    So glad you are feeling creative again and sharing your talents.

    Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment. Have a blessed week my friend.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  2. Very sweet alterations, Susan. I really love that box. The painting on it is so pretty- xo Diana

  3. Susan its good to see you creating again! Now I know you are feeling better. Love the little stocking addition...super cute! Hugs, Linda

  4. Wonderful transformations! I agree-no purple roses in that box!


  5. Hi, Susan....thanks for stopping over at my place.
    So glad to see your creating...the little tiny stocking is so cute.

  6. It's nice to see you working on projects again and hopefully getting out to do more treasure hunting. Great transformations of thrifty finds. Thanks so much for stopping by:-)

  7. Great remakes Susan, Especially like the last basket. gotta love the white!
    hugs Lynn

  8. Such lovely decorations. I love your stocking. I need to get one too and decorate it for my toddler.

  9. Cute finds and makeovers, Susan. That little rocking chair is adorable.

  10. You always do such good work...your ideas are so cute.
    Hope you are feeling well...notice it's been awhile since you posted. Hope all is well with you and yours.