Sunday, April 21, 2013

White The Other Color.

Good Evening my friends! I hope everyone had a truly blessed weekend. The sadness of the tragedy in Boston still looms large. I continue to pray for the Bostonian s, especially the people who lost love ones. This was a senseless act of violence on innocent people.. I have not posted any thing for a week or two on my blog. I thought I would share with you my updates on our guest bathroom. As most of you know I love the browns, coppers and cream colors. I use them to decorate most rooms in my house. The only room up until now that did not have those colors was my girly area. I decided change out the blues decor to the white you see in the photos. This is so unlike me to not have some color in a room. I apologize for the photographs. As I have said many times before I am not a photographer. But I hope they are sufficient to give you an idea of the changes I made. Please ignore the camera thingie laying on the vanity. I forgot to remove it before I snapped the picture. I was too lazy to take another photograph. This guest room bath is so small. It is virtually impossible to take a full room photo. This is the best I could do. I purchased the white rugs on my shopping trip this weekend to TJ Max. I used this long milk glass piece to store face cloths. My favorite is the scalloped ruffle piece that is serving the purpose of a candle holder. I always decorate the the top of the water tank on the toilet. I don't know if anyone else is weird like me or not. If there is a flat space, something is going on the top. I used a lot of my milk glass collection in this re-do. The flowers on the vase are white, for some reason they look yellow. I purchased the bath set this weekend at TJ Max. The metal container holding the products ties in with the silver faucet and the silver shower curtain hooks. The silver is about the only color in this room.

 I plan to do something different with the vignette on this shelf. I just quickly put it together this weekend. Somehow the corner of the shelf is a little beat up. I plan to touch it up with some paint.

This white lace shower curtain moved from our old house with us. I purchased it from Overstock many years ago. It has held up well over the years. It has always been in the guest bathroom at both houses.
This little shell and rope heart was a yard sale find. I just think it looks so delicate and feminine.

 I purchased the towels from T.J Max this weekend. The little shadow box picture is a yard sale find, many moons ago.


  1. I don't think you are weird. I decorate the back of my toilet too. The bathrooms in my house are pretty ugly. No trim and and a huge builder grade mirror over the counter. I have to attempt to do something to make them pretty.

    Like you, my Mom has a milk glass collection. I love all those pieces too.

    Your "new" bathroom looks great! The good thing about decorating with white is if you get bored with it, you'll be able to swap out towels and accessories for a new look with a lot less trouble. I doubt you'll want to do that for a long time because this is such a calm, peaceful look.

  2. Susan- It looks so nice. Really bright and fresh. I do like white/cream colors in a room-especially one that doesn't get a lot of natural light. I hope you love it for a long time now- xo Diana

  3. Very nice job on the bathroom, Susan. Looks neat and clean, too.
    Thanks very much for your visit and comment on my blog, too. Susan

  4. Thank you for your kind words to Boston. It was a rough week for us Bay Staters. Plus there were ricin laced letters sent to the President from a whack job Elvis impersonator, and a terrible fertilizer plant explosion in Texas.

  5. Your guest bathroom looks so bright and crisp and pretty with all your special touches.
    Mary Alice

  6. Very pretty Susan! I love all the white. I'm the same, if the surface is flat, it's getting decorated!! Thanks so much for your visit and comment!

  7. Hi Susan, I love it. Your fresh light color gives such a clean look. I love neutrals in my home too and if you want color it's easy to add and then take away.
    Beautiful job on the bathroom. Love the lace shower curtain too.

    Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Hugs, CM

  8. I love the softness of this room. The white colorscheme you gave it is so classic for a bathroom. White bathrooms are my favorite! They give you the feeling of a spa and everything being fresh and clean. I think it puts more of an emphasis on the fluffy white towels you can wrap up in too.

  9. Hi Susan! I am following you back - thanks for following me! I love your bathroom and how you are using your milk glass pieces in there. What a nice touch! It looks so serene and spa-like. And I wouldn't call the back of my toilets decorated but they do hold things. ;o)

  10. I love touches of white in a bathroom, especially during the warmer months. I'll be pulling out my white bath rugs and towels soon myself. Thanks for visiting and entering the book giveaway. Good luck! : )

  11. White in a small room always looks fresh and crisps. I love your milk glass collection.