Thursday, June 26, 2014

Re-organizing the Laundry Room

 The Laundry Room

Hey guys,  last weekend I spent most of Saturday , cleaning and re-organizing the laundry room. The washer and dryer were piled high with stuff. So I put the useable stuff in baskets and threw the rest out.  I was too embarrassed to take a before photo, but wanted to share the finished project.

I found these cute signs at Kirkland and Ross for nearly nothing. I think they brighten up the laundry room really well.

I just love my energy efficient washer and dryer.

 I actually found these two bins at a yard sale. They were brand new. I only paid 5.00 for both. I use these bins for dirty towels.

I purchased a utility cabinet at Lowe's. I store all the paper products and cleaning products in this cabinet.

The shelf above the washer and dryer was re organized. The straw basket and the large chicken wire basket stores my holiday linens. The other wire basket stores light bulbs. I am a huge coffee drinker and buy the K-cups in bulk. I store the extra ones on this shelf.

I hung up the ironing board, the dusters and the brooms. Before they were all standing in the corner by the washing machine.

I had the steamers and the vacumn cleaner stored in a small coat closet in the guest room hall . .

I wanted all cleaning appliance in one location. I cleared out the area beside the washing machine. Now that is their new home.


  1. GREAT JOB with the organizing. I can never find a decent home for my vacuums.

  2. I need to do something in my laundry room also! This looks great!

  3. Your laundry room looks great!!! I love the baskets you got at the yard sale....I can't believe you got both for $5,what a deal. Have a great weekend :o)

  4. You got so much accomplished! Love the way you have everything together!

  5. Waouh ! Just so neat and clean ! Wouldn't you come and help me for mine ??? :)
    xoxo from Paris !

  6. Hi Susan, so nice to meet you!!! Thanks for being my newest follower, I will do the same. YOur laundry room is like ours. We had the same shelving in ours when the house was built and we (and by that I mean my hubby) installed 2 corner cabinets and a smaller middle cabinet for over the W and D. It is so nice to have all the STUFF out of sight:) You did a GREAT job, love that utility cabinet you got. There is NO room next to my W and D so that's why we went UP:):)