Sunday, August 24, 2014


I found the little crate at a antique/thrift shop for two dollars. I had all these florals in my stash. I decided to create this fall arrangement. I usually do not start decorating for fall until around the end of September, however I have started early this year for some reason. Maybe its the hot weather we are having here in the South.

I purchased two little clay pots at Michael s. I had some burlap and lace ribbon in my stash, as well as the sunflowers. I think this will add a bit of whimsy to my kitchen.

I decided to use  my sun flowers in this little space in the kitchen.  I found the sunflower plate at home goods. The brown shelf  was a yard sale find , it was 5.oo.  I place my two potted sunflowers in the top of the shelf. The three little burlap covered pots on the bottom shelf are from Family  Dollar. I love to shop at Family Dollar.   I find some items that appear high end for hardly nothing.


  1. I'm sure those sun flowers would make your kitchen look very cheery. They look great.
    Hugs Kay

  2. Love the burlap and sunflowers! I'm gearing up for Fall soon!

  3. They all look lovely! I love finding thrifty deals... I am getting anxious for some Fall decorating myself.. I love the sunflowers... I am so happy to come by and visit with you.. I am following along with you..Thanks for stopping by to see me..Blessings!

  4. Such cheery colors! I don't have a routine for when I decorate for fall. I just do it when I feel it! It all goes so fast these days. Nice to have a visit from you!

  5. Susan,
    LOVE your Fall treasures!! I love Fall, my most favorite time of the year and last year, I did not get to decorate as we did our remodel then and there was no time. I can not wait to decorate this Fall!!

    Thanks so much for all your visits and your kind comments!! I so appreciate them!! I am playing catch up.... The Story of my life!!


  6. Hi Susan, I am so glad to finally find your blog again. I just commented on the goggle circle page but love visiting here.
    Your fall treasures are wonderful and have inspired me to get busy and decorate.
    Thank you for stopping by and visiting and your kind comments. I am so glad to be in touch with you again. Hope you enjoy a great Labor Day weekend.

  7. That is such a cute little vignette, Susan! We are still hanging out in triple digits here in the AZ desert, which is exactly why I do my Fall decorating early. We don't really get a Fall here, so if you want it, then you have to fake it. My "Faux Fall" is mostly finished, but I'll probably wait until later next week to start sharing photos. I just find Fall (real or faux) to be so uplifting.

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment!