Friday, February 20, 2015

Mantle decorations and lamp redo.

I changed out some of the decorations on my mantle. I use to have the hydrangeas in the center of the mantle.  I found the plate that is now there at Big Lots. I also found the candle container there as well. I thought both went well with the color of the hydrangeas. I just added some crystal  to complete the look.

I found this lamp at Good Will. It was a beat up gold color. I just took out my trusty black spray paint and gave it a make over. I added some bling around the glass table top. I used a shade I had on another lamp I had stored in my storage area.


  1. Nice finds. I love the lamp shade you put on the lamp after you painted it. It is perfect. xo Diana

  2. Great job on the lamp and love the way you have your mantel. Very pretty!

  3. I love your new decors. The lamp and the mantel look so beautiful and your home is so bright.

  4. Great lamp from GW! I love the shade and your mantel looks so fresh and pretty!
    Miss Bloomers

  5. Susan,
    LOVE the lamp table and shade. I have 2 of those shades that size in my bedroom and 2 of the same smaller shades too!
    I am going through things in my Craft Room and just added trims and beads to those shades....
    Will be posting about them soon!

    Thanks so much for stopping by all the time!!


  6. Love your mantel and love how hydrangeas always give so much charm to any decor. Enjoy your weekend!

  7. HI Susan, Your mantel is lovely and what you did to revive the lamp is perfect. Love the black!! The shade is gorgeous!!
    Hope you are doing well and looking forward to spring soon.
    Hugs, CM