Monday, January 25, 2010

I also found at the Dollar Tree, these beautiful rose note cards!! I rarely shop the Dollar Tree, but with finds like these, I just may have to go more often.
I also found this pink satin bunnie in the Easter decorations at the Dollar Tree. I thought he was precious.
I found pink rose petals at the Dollar Tree. Does anyone have any idea how I can use these?? I could not resist because they rose petals.
Another little pillow I made, I love to use earrings and other jewelry on my pillows. The little heart ornament came from Michaels. I have been trying to use up some of my craft materials because I am such a junk collector LOL.


  1. Thanks for coming by and saying Hi today. What a cute blog you have! You got some cute things at the dollar store. I love those rose petals. I was at a bridal shower luncheon a couple of years ago and they had those sprinkled on the table. Kind of cute. Mimi

  2. Hi Susan,

    Thanks so much for visiting me today! Love the rose petals, I am sure you will find a great way to use those. xo Lidy

  3. I love the pillow you made. Great idea about using earrings and other jewelry.

    ~ Tracy

  4. I love the Dollar Tree. There are so many cute things there.

  5. Susan thank you very much for entering my Spring giveaway! You are always welcome to visit me anytime sweet friend.

    ~Blessings! ~Melissa :)

  6. Very cute, I will have to check out our dollar tree and see if they have any of those things left. I love the pillow you made too. Have a great weekend.

  7. Girl, I don't know how you stay out of the Dollar Tree. I love going in. I got a 10pc sugary pastel easter egg picks set today and I love getting greeting cards 2/$1.

    I've seen those petals used to make place mats, lamp shades and pillows. Have fun.

  8. Hi Susan...thanks for visiting....I LOVE the Dollar tree....and I almost bought that hanging I may have to go back!

  9. It's me again...see I told you I was browsing (sounds so much nicer than "snooping") around you blog. LOL

    Love your pillow!

    the pink rose petals would be beautiful on a plate under a cloche with whatever nestled on top of them. Or scatter arond a Valentine display.