Sunday, January 3, 2010

My House

This a better view of the birds I found at Goodwill.


  1. Hi Susan....thought I would mention something to you...if you know this just forget my mentioning it...but I didn't when I started blogging. You can put many pictures on one post. Just hit the button that says add more. You can do up to 5 at a time. The only thing is they load backwards, so the first one would be your last picture. Then if you want even more you can hit the little picture button and add up to 5 more on the same post. The advantage of this is that people that come by will see all your pictures instead of just the one posted. Again...if you don't want this info...just throw this out!!

    Your birds are cute. I went to Goodwill today and didn't find a thing, as usual!

  2. Thank you for the information! I learned something new from another wonderful blogger.
    I am sorry you didn't find anything at Goodwill , I most always find some treasure. Of course It doesn't take much to excite me LOL