Thursday, February 11, 2010

A close up of the painting!
I found this Signed painting at Goodwill for 6.96. I thought it was pretty and I love the fact the canvas is round!!
Another view of the lamp!! I bought the shade at Ross's for 9.99. As you can see my television. I wish I could hide it someway........someday I will talk my hubby into building a cabinet for it.
This lamp I bought at Goodwill for a whooping 5.00 dollars!!
Up close view of the design on the lamp.
My Children when they were teenager bought this entertainment center for me for christmas. I was a single mother then and poor as a church mouse. It is a Sauder, I didn't have the heart to throw it out. My husband removed the top part and added a back to the shelves and painted it a nice ivory color!! I think it turned out really nice. The lamp on it belonged to my husbands mother who has passed many years ago. I bought the candle stick at Pier 1. I made the floral arrangement. The little teapot its in was .50 at a yard sale. The little bird I painted as well, and it was .25 at a yard sale!!
Dollar Store Candles!! For a dollar store item, they smell really good!!
Another view of the Pink Roses!!
Happy Valentines Day!! The Dollar Store had roses for 2.oo each. Pink is my favorite color!! Had to have them!! The little vase is a yard sale find for 1.o0.


  1. Everything is so beautiful...and even your blog layout is so perfect for Valentine's Day.

    My Show N Tell is HERE if you find time to stop by for a visit.

    Happy Valentine's Day Weekend!!

  2. The pink roses in the vase are beautiful. I really love the vase. Don't you just love finding deals at yard sales & thrift stores. I know I do. If I had never met my hubby or started blogging, I would have never have stepped foot inside a thrift store. Now I love them. Find it hard to pay full price anymore.
    Thanks for visiting my blog & leaving me a comment.

  3. Great deals and all so pretty!

    ~ Tracy

  4. Love your blog background! So pretty, and it matches your home's decor. ;O) We have a beach house @ NMB, and b/c my oldest daughter plays sports, we couldn't come down this weekend (and the fact that it seems to snow in the Lake Norman area!) I so wish I were there to see it at the beach. The roads are bad here, so I can only imagine how it is there. Be careful. Love your GW finds. Love hitting those thrift stores when I'm down there. Do you know Rhonda @ Scooterblu's Whimsy? She a Columbus Co. NC blogger.