Monday, June 7, 2010

This beautiful card is a thank you from Olivia at Olivia's Romantic Home. She won my give away. This card is such a gift to me, it is so beautiful!!
The inside of the card!
My sweet friends signature!
All these are flowers from our garden. My hubby has such a green thumb!
These three books are by the author of the Left Behind series. I got these for 1.oo.
Two dollar tote bag.
This tote bag was 2.00. It has never been used and has a price tag of Forty dollars!!
All this stuff I got for 50 cents at a yard sale this weekend. Four pairs of trouser socks that are brand new, to bars of shabby chic soap, a new package of thank you cards, a christmas ornament that is new. Not bad for fifty cents!
I made the table cloth. It covers a rolling cart. I store my serger machine on the bottom shelf. My husband won the radio/record player/cd player/tape player. I need to cover the ugly cords does anyone have any ideas.
This photo is of my wicker sofa in our sun room. I made the cushion cover and the skirt at the bottom. The wood chest was a beat up battered yard sale find. I wanted to paint it white, but my hubby put so much work into the stain and repair that I did not have the heart to paint it! The gladiolas are real, they are from out garden. The tea set and tray are all yard sale finds.


  1. As always susan, wonderful finds! and just love your little wicker sofa!

  2. LOVE the totes. I think I lost one just like it. (ha-ha)

  3. You found some great items. I love that tote bag! Cute cover on your wicker sofa so sweet with the tea set. I am excited to find a sister birthday girl! Happy Birthday to you tomorrow also! I am you newest follower!

    Linda @ A La Carte

  4. The tote bags are just adorable!

  5. Your flowers from your garden are beautiful! Tony enjoyed the Left Behind series, we just got Maddie to start reading them, too. You sure did find some great finds!

  6. Great yard sale finds. I love the totes and the, I just love socks.
    The flowers are beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing,

  7. Hello Sweet Susan! Happy Birthday my friend. I hope your day is wonderful and blessed! What a DARLING Blog you have! Full of pink sweetness and all things lovely.

    By the way...totes are fab!

    Now...I put you on the list for the Giveaway but I want you to get as MANY entries as possible for the Sachet and vintage Sewing Drawer. I don't have you on the list as a follower...are you sure you clicked the link? Blogger may be acting up again, not sure. Just don't want you to miss out all EVERY CHANCE possible to win.

    Thank you for visiting my friend. Such a JOY to have you!

    Love to you~Rebecca