Monday, June 28, 2010

Yard Sale Finds and Completed Project!!

Happy Monday Evening bloggers. I thought I would post this weekends yard sale finds. It is very difficult to find anything good at yard sales anymore. I don't know if its the economy and people are hanging on to what they have and not purchasing anything else. But the pickins are slim!!

I never go to Goodwill anymore because the one in our area has raised their prices and I can find better deals at Yard Sales anymore. What they want for an item at Goodwill I could almost purchase new for the same price.

Have a Good Week!!


  1. I also noticed that once the economy tanked, the thrift stores raised their prices. Seems weird to me.

  2. ...and funny thing is about those thrift stores....with their prices...they tell the patrons that it's because of the wages. I say to that...B S!! They want a profit the size of GM, it has nothing to do with wages, AND the thing is Goodwill is supposed to be NON profit.

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