Thursday, September 9, 2010

Major Good Will Haul/ Show and Tell Friday

Good Evening Bloggers! I am participating in Cindy's Show and Tell Friday! Go over and visit her at My Romantic Home!!
I thought I would share with you my Good Will Haul. The total of the items below all together was 48.oo and some change. That is the most I have spent at Good Will in a while. I will have to do major purging in my home to justify all this,LOL. We are trying to purge for the move if it ever happens!!

These milk glass pieces were my finds of the day. Especially the covered dish. I love the grape pattern on them.

I thought these little shakers were so elegant. They are marked 7561 on the bottoms.

I haven't completely given up pink!!

I love the fall colors on this little china cup!

This little hurricane lamp is so pretty. I love the blue roses!

I found these two weight watchers cook books. I thought they might motivate me to lose weight. The weight watchers diet worked for me before. I saw how beautiful Cindy at My Romantic Home is since she lost her weight (she was beautiful before. So she has motivated me to want try again. I will not be as beautiful as Cindy, but I can at least be skinny. The little bowl is one of my milk glass finds!!

I love boxes. I especially loved this christmas box!!

These paper mieche (don't know how to spell) will not be the same when I get done with them. I will post the final product once I get them done. It will have to be after we sell the house.......if we ever get it sold. Lots of lookers , but no takers. Our house is in pristine condition, go figure.

Vintage hats are another weakness of mine. This purple and white one had to come home with me. It needs some work, does anyone know how to get a fold out of a velvet bow.

I love blue roses. This sheet is so pretty. I proably will not use it as a sheet. I will make something or use it some other way.

I really am not into animal prints all that much. But the color of this was so beautiful and I just love the ruffles. It's a Koret Brand. I think Kohl's carries that brand. I really don't know.

I have found my self the past three months being drawn to earth tones, both in dress and decorating. This shirt is a St.John's Bay, Sears Brand.

I just love this gown. It is so dainty. It is a Shadowline Brand. Another store in the Mall that specializes in lingerie. I love the aqua color and the lace on the bust area. I know, what the heck am I doing showing my nighties on the world wide net!!



  1. Hi Susan
    Thank you so much for visiting My Cozy Corner. I think you did real good at the 'Goodwill' Wow I wish I could find good stuff when I shop at our store. I love Cindy's blog and Show and Tell Friday is awesome.

  2. It all looks very pretty and I love your new clothes Susan. Very nice ruffles and colors.

    Thank you for your kind words on my weight loss. I do appreciate it. I wish you much success on your goals as well. Please come by anytime and let me know how you are doing.

    Warmly, ~Melissa :)

  3. wow....I especially like the milk glass covered dish. I used to have several pieces and finally gave them to my daughter. I kinda wish I had 'em back. LOLOLOL

    My Victorian Ribbon Afghan------done!!!

  4. You did great Susan on your GW haul! Love those salt and pepper shakers...they are elegant...cute tops too.

  5. Great finds! Love the milk glass and the pink vase.

  6. Wow Susan! Great finds. I love that covered milkglass candy dish. It is hard to find them with the lids! And I love your tops. the first one, the animal print, is my fav!

  7. Such great finds Susan. I love the milk glass!

  8. I plan on hitting a few sales tomorrow. Hope I am as lucky as you were!

  9. The shadowline brand of nightgowns are the best. I have two of them and they are so dreamy. Your find is beautiful. I also love the milkglass items. *hugs*

  10. I rarely seem to find anything that great at the Good Will! You found some real treasures! I adore the pink vase, gorgeous!

  11. Well done, Susan!! Looks like you're an awesome shopper!

  12. Thank you for visiting my blog! I LOVE that hat. Vintage hats with millinery flowers are something I just NEVER find here in the Pacific Northwest. Maybe the rain melted them all - LOL! I have heard you can revive millinery flowers and get out the folds by holding them over the steam from a tea kettle. I've never had the opportunity to try it myself but I don't think it could hurt!

  13. Just a tip to help sell your house--if you are anything like me, you love stuff and have lots of it--evident in your beautiful blog....please please please don't take this the wrong way, but to many homebuyers--they just see clutter, junk, and generally too much stuff. I would highly recommend renting a POD and loading it up--take a much furniture, etc. out of every room you can, still leaving it somewhat functional--example: Bedroom--bed, nightstand, dresser, chair--and NOTHING MORE; Dining room: table/chairs, and one other piece of furniture--china hutch, console, server--but not all of them. Entire house--Remove all family photos, Kitchen: make sure there is nothing more than a coffee maker or a small vignette on the counters--no dishes in the sink--polish the sink with the appropriate polish, make sure the landscaping is in decent shape--mulch, weed, edge, mow....Have a good friend come over--and ask them to truthfully tell you if your house has a "funny smell" be it mold, smoke, "house funk", etc. If so--sprinkle baking soda on all rugs, carpets, etc. Let sit for a while, then vacuum up. Spray fabreez, and get some oder eliminator from the hardware store and hide around the house. Take down all heavy window treatments, put in higher than usual wattage light bulbs, open the blinds--make sure you show your house as light and bright! Good luck! PS--I love your blog, and can't wait to see how your gussy up your new place!

  14. Hello my sweet friend. I just love your new salt and pepper shakers...I have not given up pink either. LOL. Your comment really warmed my heart as usual. Thank you.

  15. Great thrifty finds...I have the same covered milk glass dish...I love milk glass too.

  16. Great finds!! I got to go garage saling Friday- we live in a tiny town so don't have many but went to the big city of Pueblo and it was so fun!

  17. Hi Susan, I just became your newest follower! I still adore the nightgown and I am glad you showed us...(we won't tell) *wink & hugs*

  18. Hey Susan! I'm so glad you liked my fall decor and I sure hope you get your house sold so you can move and get to decorate some more too! :) I totally understand how frustrating it is to try and sell your house! UGH! Ours was on the market for months and it was cute too doggone it! It was just a slow paced market and we were doing at for sale by owner. We did it though, so don't give up!

  19. Hi Susan. Thanks so much for your recent vist. You really found some great things at GW. I have never had such good luck..I find things but usually one at a time and some trips I come up with nothing. I don't think the store in my area carries a lot of good items. Wish you good luck on selling your home...everything is still so slow right now but it is bound to pick up. Come back and visit soon.

  20. Hi Susan,

    I love your GW finds..I have a collection of milk glass from my grandma and I just love it! You got some great things. Good luck with purging...I'm going to have to do some of that too if I want to bring down my fall stuff from the attic! LOL

    Miss Bloomers

  21. That milk glass..oh my girl!! You and I have such similar tastes..just love each and every item you purchased..Will be adding you to my Fearless Friday post tomorrow for the house to sell. (hugs))