Sunday, September 19, 2010

Yard Sale Haul!!

Good Afternoon my blogger friends!! Its beginning to look like fall here, but it is still very warm. I miss the colors of the Kentucky Falls! I went to several yard sales this weekend. I thought I would share my finds. I will have to pack some of my dishes away until we move but that's okay. I should not be buying stuff, but I can't stand just sitting around waiting. So I purge as I buy and pack away as well. So enjoy browsing my blog. And if your not a follower, I would be glad to have you as a follower!

This was my best find of the weekend. I love the roses on this plate. The pale pink one and the light creams and tans. It is a Royal Munich. I paid one dollar!

This is the markings on the back of the Rose Plate.

This plate was a dollar. I absolutely love the colors of the pears. The brown tones and the green.

I have several pieces already of this cornflower blue corning ware. I found these this weekend. All three pieces was 3.00. I can't wait to get to my new home, if I ever do to orgainize all my dishes.

This green purse was 5.00. I just love the color. It is a Nicole Lee. I researched it on the internet and its original price was about 57.00. I think I got a bargain!!

I bought this purse for 3.00. I love it! It has so much room for all my junk! LOL

This basket and four tassels and the earrings were 2.00 for all. The basket has a liner. It's in the laundry right now waiting to be laundered.

This is a close up of the earrings. They have rhinestones with little black pearls. The lady had 20.00 marked on them.

I ended up getting this baggie of buttons. The lady was asking 2.00 but she let me have them for a dollar.

Look at all these beautiful vintage books. They are filled with poetry and inspirational sayings. I think their covers are just so beautiful. A lady had a small box with all sorts of stuff, The box was marked free, so I took it. It had a pretty little salt shaker that I will use in crafts and some other odds and ends that I threw away. But these books were awesome!!


  1. Wow you got some awesome deals. So hard not to buy anything! Glad you enjoyed your shopping. I am OK with bringing in new and sending some of my other stuff back out into the world! Hope you have a great week.

  2. Great haul! Look at all those buttons! Enjoy! La

  3. You've been a busy shopper lately! I love both of the plates- they have gorgeous colors. I found some Cornflower Blue bakers recently and gave them to my son for his apt. I've never seen a piece like the one in the middle in your photo. Does it have a specific name or function?
    I am starting to run out of room for all my thrifty purchases. LOL I think I'm going to have to have a major yard/decorating sale in the spring!

  4. wow, don't you love great sales!!! I love the plate the rose is gorgeous!!
    thanks for the sweet comment you left!

  5. Wow, you know how to shop. Love your purses. I, like you, need a little "extra" space in my purse!

  6. Oh my gosh..........TREASURES!!!! Love all you found....all, I tellya. Super.

  7. Hi Susan!

    Girl, you scored again! What great finds!!

  8. Great finds! I love those plates! And what a super deal on the buttons!

  9. Hi Susan. Thank you for sharing your finds! I love the big pink rose painted on the plate. *hugs*

  10. Susan, you find the BEST sales in your area... I do not go to many Garage Sales actually, but if I did I maybe could pick up some deals like you have found.
    They had the semi-annual GS's in our subdivision...this past week-end. (and I also heard they found a number of BOGUS $20.00 bills that were being passed around.)

    I especially love the PEAR plate and the Corning~ware dishes...they last FOREVER.
    I have some from the 70's to this day that I use.


  11. You are an awesome shopper! I love those purses - and the plates - and the tassel. Oh, I love it all...but, mostly the purses. =)

    It's funny that you find yourself drawn to a traditional style. When I see blogs with Shabby Chic decor, I just LOVE it and wonder if I should try to decorate at least one room Shabby Chic. Has your house been on the market for very long?

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  12. Hi Susan, Wow you have been a busy shopper! Garage sales are really winding down here. Of course my favorite is that rose plate:-)
    My little salt shaker is nippon.
    Have a great weekend, I am your newest follower, I had thought I always was your follower:-)
    Hugs to you:-)

  13. If I had been at that yard sale, I would have fought you over that rose plate. LOL. How pretty!

    I had a set of those cornflower blue dishes....just plastic and minature versions. Every year when I was a little girl, my grandmother would buy me a kid size version of a plate set. I got this set a few times. People ask me why she bought the same thing every year, but I never minded. I loved dishes even back then, but usually lost those small ones. She just replenished my supply the following year.

  14. Susan,
    Hello sweet friend! Wow! Your plate is FABULOUS! You know I am loving that. Ohhhh and I am in the mood for tassles right now too! I am always so happy when you stop by to say hi.
    Squishy hugs,

  15. Hi Susan, So nice to meet you and thank you for stopping by, your kind comment and following. I am a new follower on your lovely blog too.
    Your finds are so are wonderful and I could simply take one of each. I still use my cornflower blue corning ware that was my moms. Love the purses!! The rose and pear plates are gorgeous.

    Thanks again for stopping by. Good Luck in my giveaway.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  16. Those first two plates are absolutely gorgeous!!!!
    Great finds all around.

    blessings, and thanks for visiting my place.

    barbara jean

  17. How the heckeroni did I miss this post girl!! Oh my gosh,,those buttons..make me scream..I drool over buttons..LOL. Loved those blue cornflower dishes..awesome..the purses..oh my..I'm addicted to purses..I've been on the hunt for the perfect one for this fall...the tassels and basket and earrings..WOW..what a deal. I could just picture you and I yard saling together Susan..what a hoot we would have..of course I think we would be pushing each other away from the same items we would want to purchase..We have such similar tastes..LOL