Friday, October 22, 2010


Good Evening my blogger buddies! Just requesting everyone not forget about me. We are moving to the Condo this weekend and I will be out of internet services for a little while.
I will miss everyone!! But hopefully I will not be missing long!! I will take pictures of the golf course we are living on and some of the condo itself. It's decorated Asian style. I am not Asian style decorator. So pray that I won't get too depressed and anxious until our new home is built.
I will be working on some embroidery projects because I am taking my embroidery machine to the condo!! So when I get the internet up and running I will share those things I make along the way.


  1. We won't forget you! You will be back before you know it! Take care!

  2. Hello sweetie! I have really been wandering what you were up to, I came by for a visit and found out you are moving! I hope everything goes great! Hugs,

  3. Hi Susan! Moving is always exciting and you will do fine with the new decorating style until you can do your own again! Looking forward to seeing some pictures of your new place, so I am going to follow you! Linda

  4. Good luck, Susan! Hope you don't do too much work and can find time to relax. Have fun decorating!...Christine

  5. Thanks, sweet lady, for coming by. Good good luck with your move to the condo..
    See ya when you get back...:))
    xo bj

  6. Oh, Susan...I hope your new place has many special lil nooks and touches that you LOVE so it'll all be worth it. :D
    Hope you have lots of great views too.

  7. Hi Susan,
    Best wishes on a smooth move and happy creating while your home is being built. I hope the time goes quickly.

    Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment. You are such a dear.
    Hope to see you soon.
    Blessings with a hug,
    Celestina Marie

  8. Hello sweetie! Just checkin on ya!

  9. What a what a week-end to have to be moving....don't run over any "goblins" in the process !!
    What does your husband do for a living ?
    I know what you do.....nice that you can have a new home built...but, really
    I'm surprised you did not find a "ready built" that was at a price you could not afford to pass up...with SO MANY on the market.