Sunday, October 3, 2010

Prayer Request and Pics of my Grandchildren!!

Good Evening my friends!! Since I could not go thrifting this week end. I thought I would share the pictures I just received from my grandchildren in Okinawa. Their mother will occasionally send me pictures of the children. Right now she will not let my son have contact with the children. She is angry because he is remarried. For those of you who do not know, my former daughter in law kidnapped the children and took them to Okinawa. By Japanese law , even though my son has full custody in the states. He cannot take them, he would be arrested and thrown in jail.
Please pray that my grandchildren be happy and that they can have both their father and their mother. We have an awesome God and I know he can make it happen!!

I did not go thrifting because I can't bring anything into the house until we get moved. By order of Mr. N. I tell ya girlfriends, It was hard not to hit the yard sales this weekend!!

This is Emily and Anthony. They are really close to each other. They always have been.

This is Emily isn't she beautiful. I miss her so much


  1. Susan, Your grandchildren are beautiful and I know you must miss them. This is heatbreaking. My prayer will be that you will all be together again..lindy

  2. Hi Susan, your grandchildren are so beautiful. I am so sorry about the situation. I pray that their mom will have a change of heart and allow your son to see and have contact with them. I can just imagine how much you and your son miss them...Christine

  3. What sweet grandchildren!!
    I will pray that your ex daughter in law will include you and your son in Emily and Anthony's lives. It must be very hard on you and your son.
    Thank you for sharing the story.

  4. Susan,

    I hope one day your daughter-in-law will reconsider her decision. Your grandchildren are beautiful.


  5. Dear Susan: I'm sorry about the difficulties with your son and his ex-wife. It's so sad the children are in the middle. They are beautiful grandchildren, too. I'm glad their mother keeps contact with you. I guess the best thing is to put the whole shabang in the hands of you-know-who, the Lord.

    Also, Susan, thanks for coming to my blog and commenting. I so appreciate your visits.

    I couldn't find an e-mail address for you. Sincerely, Susan

  6. I'm so sorry to hear about the problems with your family. I hope everything will work out, and that you and your son will be reunited with your beautiful grandchildren.

  7. What beautiful children. I'm happpy that you at least get photos of them. Hopefully she will change her mind and do what's best for the kids.

  8. Susan, Your grand children are beautiful. I am sad to hear about the trials of their parents. If people choose to get a divorce that is their choice. However, it is their responsibility to make the lives of the children involved as easy as possible. The kids look happy in the pictures and they sure are cute. I pray that they are no longer stuck in the middle and that God allows healing for them to be allowed love and relationships w/ all. This life is too short to stay mad at one another.

  9. Hi susan!

    My prayers are with your grandchildren. they are beautiful! Such a horrible situation!

    Have a wonderful day!

  10. Oh they are beautiful Susan. I will pray.

    Blessings, ~Melissa

  11. Hi Susan,

    Thanks for stopping. Pray to God that your grandchildren will be happy where ever they are.

  12. Hi Susan,

    Your grandchildren are beautiful. My heart just breaks for you. Your family will be in my prayers.


  13. Susan, this is sooo sad!! What beautiful children, just remember, one day they will grow up and do what they choose! You hear about these stories on TV, and it always seems like the USA parent is up against insurmountable odds! My prayers to you and your son! Thank you for stopping, it seems so insignificant in light of your grand babies, but I wanted to answer your question about using fabric and starch on shoe boxes, I don't know, but if you give it a try I would love to see it.


  14. Your grandchildren are beautiful,so sorry about the situation. I really hope things improve and you have contact again.
    Congratulations on the sale of your house,how exciting.
    Ann x