Sunday, February 27, 2011

I won a beautiful give away!!

Good Evening Friends!
No, I am not posting pictures of the house!! I have still way too much too do before the house is presentable! I am looking at boxes and more boxes to unpack!! I will show each room as I finish it! However right now, all the rooms have parts of it put together. I still have art work to hang,and lots of other decorating to do!!
Tonight I am sharing with you the beautiful give away I won. Celeste Marie Designs sent me all these beautiful packages wrapped in this gorgeous delicate paper. The paper is a gift itself. So enjoy the photos of my wonderful gifts from Celeste.

I was so lucky to win one of Celeste Marie's Handpainted Heart Designs. Go visit Celeste 's Etsy shop and look at what wonderful treasures she has for you. Please go to
In addition Celeste is one of the sweetest on line friends I have. She is beautiful inside and out.

Look at all the goodies Celeste sent to me as a part of her beautiful give away!! The paper it was wrapped in was a gift it self!! It was gorgeous!! How lucky can I be to receive all the wonderful surprises!! Those little recipe cards are so cute!!

This rose looks real, but it is silk! I do love pink roses!! I'll say it again, I do love pink roses!! This one is absolutely gorgeous!

This is the little heart that was item for her generous give away. Celeste included alot of sweet surprises. I just love the pink rose, the tulle and lace, and especially the added bling!

I just love this sweet little heart box, isn't it beautiful!! Celeste makes the most beautiful items!! I have tried to paint roses before, I couldn't even come close to making it look like a rose.
And the little box was filled with chocolate, and I do love chocolate.

Look at this beautiful Valentines card Celeste sent with my package! Is it not the sweetest card ever! She wrote a beautiful note to me inside, but I like to keep my personal notes private!


  1. Susan, I will be in Greer. That is where my girlfriend Rose lives. I love SC, been there many times....

  2. Congrats! What a fun and pretty win!

  3. O, aren't these all so pretty. Beautiful gifts to win.
    xoxo bj

  4. Hi Susan! A perfect housewarming gift for you!

    It will go well with all of your new items.

    Just lovely. I absolutely adore the lavender sachet! I can smell it from here. ...mmmmmm


  5. Susan, I missed the post where you got into your new house!!!! Yippee! Now, take your time, but we cannot wait to see it all together. I know, it is so overwhelming, your are sure you will never finish unpacking. I know you don't think personalities and blogs necessarily mach, but from reading your's I just know you are a sweet, nice, honest person!


  6. Hello sweet friend! I am sooooo excited you are in your house! I bet you are doing the happy dance! Well, I can't wait to see your fabulousness! Congratulations.

  7. What a lovely giveaway you won, now I'm off to read all about your move!
    hugs Lynn

  8. Well how fun for you.....I love winning things too. Congratulations.

    Susan, I thought about you when I saw this Estate Sale listed here in would really, really have enjoyed being would I ... BUT..I had comitted to other plans for today sorry to say.

    CUT AND PASTE this link into Google if it does not work when you click on it. LOTS AND LOTS of stuff I think you would have loved.


  9. Hi Susan,
    I bet you are busy unpacking and decorating. I remember this so well as I have moved more times with job transfers then I can count!! LOL
    In the end it all comes together and then you will change things many times over before you get it just the way you want it.
    Congrats to you and your hubby to be in your new home. Thank you for giving my a mention and showing your win. You are so kind.
    Also, thank you for stopping by and your sweet comments on my new kitchen.

    Have a great weekend in you new home!
    Hugs and blessings,
    Celestina Marie

  10. what a wonderful package. Congratulations!!

  11. Susan, congratulations on winning that beautiful giveaway!! And yes, cats do have to have fun! haha And ours have a LOT of fun!... Donna

  12. Congratulations Susan... on winning this precious the vintage cards...and Celeste is so talented...I follow her blog and her art is are one lucky lady, but I think you already know that...enjoy those treasures :)
    Big hugs,

  13. What pretty, sweet things you won in that give-away! That little heart is adorable and your silk rose does look real. Love the romantic look to it all, Susan. Good luck with your organizing. It's a big job to move. :-) Sue

  14. What wonderful little treasures...congratulations! Have a great weekend :)


    H.P.S TO YOU!!

  16. What terrific items you received from sweet Celeste! I'm very lucky to be able to call her a dear friend. In fact, we just spoke on the phone Monday! My home has MANY pieces of her work! Love those sweet hearts!!!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents