Friday, March 25, 2011

Good evening bloggers!! This has been a long week, and I am really tired. I love to blog because it takes the stress of working away. I can enjoy the company of good friends, and see how they decorate their beautiful homes!!
The photos I am sharing with you are of my Powder Room and guest bathroom. They are both works in progress. How do you get small bathrooms look chic anyhow? I don't have a clue!! LOL
I guess by now you friends have noticed I am an avid thrifter! I just can't see paying full price for things that are just as pretty I can find at yard sales and discount stores etc.
These photos are not the most interesting, but I wanted to share parts of the house I haven't shared yet. I hope to post pics of the master bedroom and bathroom this weekend. I just got to do some tweaking first. So thank you all for stopping by. I really enjoy your comments and ideas.

Powder Room!

This is best I could do getting a full view of the powder room!! So I will post it in parts. Its a tiny room with just a toilet and sink. The rose print I bought at a yard sale for 1.00. The hand towels I have had for years! I don't remember where I bought those.

I love that the builder put a oval mirror in this room! I wish it had a frame around it though. The soap dispenser was a Ross find!

This little rose rug was a Christmas gift from my hubbies daughter!

I bought this basket at a yard sale. I thought I would put it in the powder room for magazines.

Guest Bathroom!

This is the guest bathroom. It is very small! I just gathered things I already had to use as decorations. I bought the lace shower curtain on line, but I think it was Linen Source or something like that.

these blue towels I have had a long time! I love the lace on them! I don't remember where I bought them.

I love this little shelf. The little wicker doll and the fan are yard sale finds. I have had the blue pitcher and bowl for years. It is a avon bottle!

The little ginger jar and the round ceramic box that matches it, are both yard sale finds.

I love this little sea shell heart! Of course I found it a garage sale!

I found these blue rose shower curtain hooks at a yard sale.


  1. I've been gone so I am just getting around to reading some posts. I went back a few and those red valences just POPPED! It makes the room so vibrant! Good job.

  2. Hello Susan,
    I love the blue and white combination in the bathroom - I think that's some of my favorite color combinations for that room. You've found some marvelous pieces that go so well together - lovely,

  3. Your bathrooms are very pretty, Susan. You must be exhausted from moving and making your home beautiful. I'll bet you are having a lot of fun, too.

    Remember when you weren't sure if you'd ever get here? I'm happy for you my dear. :o)

  4. Nicely decorated bathrooms, Susan. Love the roses...Christine

  5. Both your bathrooms are cute, but I like the pink one the best. Those little towels are cute and I like the mirror. My brother's bathroom mirror didn't have a frame, but we added one made from trim and rosettes. His mirror was traditional though. You might could try that plastic molding that curves to see if you could put around it and paint it

  6. Hi Susan,
    Everything is gorgeous and you certainly have a great eye for the thrifty treasures that make a house a home. I love your rose print for a dollar. SCORE! and the rose rug is beautiful. I like your oval mirror too and have one very close to this in our powder room. I have not room to frame it out, but it looks like you do. Like to stencil around it or do a rose vine of silk flowers trailing around. Gorgeous blue and white bathroom too. So fresh and pretty. Everything is turning out so nice and I can see you are having fun decorating.
    Hope you are enjoying a nice weekend. Thanks for stopping by and your kind comment.
    Hugs from Texas, Celestina Marie

  7. O, you are doing a fine job of decorating your new home. I love the rose print you got at the garage sale. Really pretty,

  8. Both bathrooms look so pretty Susan! I love your $1.00 rose picture!

  9. I think you have decorated both room so sweetly. Each beautiful item have been thoughtfully and lovingly place and it all loos so pretty!

  10. Susan, wanted to drop in and say you'de better keep a CLOSE EYE on the ROSE is a beauty, and don't invite me over...or it will be gone. ( snicker )

    I have not been feeling all that great for while now...I sure hope it passes soon, really tired of it.


  11. Your home is really coming together, Love all the extra touches, don't we all love a good yard sale!!!! I know I do!
    hugs Lynn