Friday, March 18, 2011

Kitchen Photos!

Good Evening blogger friends! I promised you pictures of our kitchen. Well here they are, lots and lots. LOL. Hope everyone is doing well, and like me plan to relax and have a good weekend!!
I welcome all your decorating ideas! I am not a decorator. I am a mental health therapist! LOL But I give it my best shot!!

This is the view of our kitchen from the dining room. I love the kitchen. There are some things we will change down the road. But for now it is good!!

The kitchen Nook!! I chose just plain red gingham valances for the windows. We also have blinds up as well. Angie at Free Spirit Haven is gonna love them!! She is a redkin like me. I had ordered the valances and they came in while I was gone to the conference. When I got home, my hubby had them up already. Isn't he the sweetie!

! We use this alot. The other one in our other house was too small and crowded us. We never felt comfortable and always ate off tv trays. We have a dining room too. Hopefully I will post the picture of that room tomorrow.

I embroidered these placemats. I found them at the dollar tree. I can leave no linen just plain. I think it is a sickness. I really do! LOL

I have had this rose print for years!! I just love it! Also the little bakers rack thingie that I think is suppose to go in a bathroom, I paid 5.00 for at a yard sale. Oh well its a kitchen thingie now.

Another corner of my kitchen. I made the little tea towel that is hanging on Lighthouse clock!

Some of you may remember when I posted about this little red cabinet. I bought it at a yard sale for 4.00. I thought about painting it, but I was so glad I didn't. I think it goes perfectly with all the reds in my kitchen!

I had to put this extra cabinet here so I could store dishes that I don't use everyday. Its just a cheap cabinet, I hope to replace it someday with a cute kitchen hutch.

I stored alot of my extra dishes in this extra cabinet. I use to store my fabric in this cabinet at the old house. But decided to use it for extra storage for dishes.

I displayed some of my Milk Glass pieces on top of the extra cabinet!

You can see how I stored some of my teacups in this little red cabinet.

A view of my kitchen cabinets. I have all my roosters displayed on top of the cabinets.

We had just bought this refrigerator before we sold our last house. So as of now our appliances do not match. We hope to change the stove someday.

This was my attempt at taking a photo of the trays on top of my little ledge! I intend to put something else up there, when I figure out a good idea!

These white canisters were my husbands before we married. I loved them, so I let him keep them! LOL

Another corner of counter top!! I use the Red Wine thingy to store my spaghetti!

I bought these two little kitchen towels at K-Mart. Geez Louise you would think I could hang them straight.

The top of the stove with the little rooster salt and pepper shakers. The little red trivet they are sitting on also has a rooster as a design.

Of Course with both of us being coffee drinkers, we had to have a coffee station. The Keurig is a Christmas present from my daughter!!

The hubby just installed these faucets today!! The others we had were really cheap looking. I like the look of these because of the burnt bronze look. I think it looks ole timey for some reason!!

The little red box on the counter top I found at yard sale for fifty cents. And there are my paper towels in all their glory!!


  1. Love your breakfast nook. It's so bright and sunny! How do you like the 3 door frig? I had one at my last house and loved it. Hubby didn't like bending over to the freezer but I loved the space at top.

  2. Oh my goodness gracious girlie!@ Where do I start? Well of course as soon as I seen your new post on blogger I ran over. Than before reading anything..cripe, forget reading, I had to click on the pic to enlarge and smiled, beamed actually with delight. Than burst out laughing later when I see my name..You got it girl! You SOOOOOO know me...Oh Susan, if I had your talent, I would be embroidering everything too. They are beautiful. I'm screaming with envy over that red cabinet and for 4 dollars..Can you hear the scream from all the way from Ontario Canada? lol..oh myyyyyyyyyy...I'm SO loving it. I think our friendship would have ended if you had painted that girl,,lol....Loving the milk glass.Totally loving those trays. I'm so going to look for more of those this year when yard sales start up again..which by the way is quite soon. Yahooo! The sink is divine,,and love the faucet too..The kitchen is so bright and cheery. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi Susan,
    Oh, I love it all--the color combination is gorgeous!!! And also hoping that your grandchildren will be safe in Okinawa...I can't even believe the pictures from there...I will pray for your family.

  4. Sweet. Love the kitchen. I may have to return to your blog often for inspiration when I start decorating mine!

  5. Susan, your kitchen and breakfast area are just gorgeous! I would love to have a kitchen like that! Your rooster collection is perfect for that area! Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you have a great weekend!... Donna

  6. love your kitchen, especially the hen and the little red cabinet. oh, and I love my Kuerig coffee machine!!

  7. What a nice, cheerful space! I love the chickens and roosters and I LOVE the space in your backyard! wow!

  8. So much sunshine! Love the red check curtains! Your kitchen is wonderful!

  9. Love your kitchen! I would spend lots of time in the nook too. Love the curtains and your cute embroidery... and the little red cabinet... I just love it all. You did a great job decorating. Who says you can't decorate?
    Enjoy your new home :)

  10. Two of the best features for me are: The window alcove and the sink faucet fixtures!!


  11. O, Susan...I adore your pretty kitchen. The red valances are just perfect. You have done a great job on your decorating, girlfriend. I love it all.
    xoxo bj

  12. Your kitchen looks so cheery and inviting-I think you did a fantastic job!

  13. Hi Susan,
    Your kitchen looks so pretty. How do you keep it so neat and clean! LOL!
    You have so mnay pretty pieces and nice touches.


  14. I am in LOVE with your kitchen nook with the red gingham curtains! I picked up those same placemats at the dollar store a couple of days ago and put them back. You really made them look great. Thanks for sharing your kitchen. It's so lovely. I need to go clean mine, lol!

  15. You are HOME! I love your faucet...I need one like that! And the sweet red valances. My hubs always surprises me with some house thing when I am gone too!!

  16. Susan, Your kitchen and nook are beautiful. You have done a great job decorating them. There are so many things I like about them. But, one thing I noticed is the gorgeous picture you have on the wall. . . the long picture. From what I could see it is beautiful. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a message. I hope to see you again. Thanks for sharing. Karie

  17. Hello sweet friend! Your pretty home is fluffing up so nicely! I love all your pretty reds and the roosters and chickens are darling! What a sweet hubby for surprising you with your curtains! Thank you for keeping up with me. I am making rounds this morning, so I am happy to have time to visit with you!

  18. I love the colors in your kitchen! And it looks like you have such wonderful storage for all your dishes too. My mom adores roosters just like you do and has them in her kitchen too.

    By the way, have you considered painting your fridge to make it match until you can get another one? My grandparents had an ancient fridge that didn't match their newer appliances either. My mom painted the fridge for them and you really couldn't tell that it had been painted. If not, I really don't think that matters too much since from the pictures the fridge isn't right next to the black appliances.

    Glad you are enjoying your new home!

  19. Susan your house is gorgeous!!! I love the guest room and then realized I had missed this post also. I cannot believe the gorgeous lamp you found at the Goodwill! Your kitchen is to die for!! Thank you for entering my giveaway, good luck!


  20. Hi Susan!
    I'm really enjoying my cup of tea & the tour of your lovely home you've provided! Lots & lots of pretties to see & lots of beautiful sunshine to view it in.

    BTW, I have the same covered milk glass container that you do & was going to photograph it along with other white dishes on my baker's rack for next week. *smile*

    I'm glad you liked my rooster re-do, too.

  21. Susan, You are well on your way to getting your home cheery and comfy! I like the dining area and those three windows that give you such nice natural light. Love that sink fixture, too. Do you like your Keureg coffee maker? I got one as a Christmas gift a couple of years ago and really like its convenience. I usually buy my K-cups at Sam's- best price I've found. :-) Sue

  22. Susan, I LOVE your kitchen! it is so welcoming and the red gingham is perfect! Everything really looks so wonderufl!

  23. Thanks for the home tour - enjoyed it all and I love your little roses rug - it's darling. Happy Pink Saturday. ;) Nancy

  24. Hi Susan! I love your bright kitchen! You have a lovely home that you have decorated beautifully!!!!