Sunday, May 15, 2011

Yard Sale Haul and Projects

Good Evening Bloggers!! It is 11:20 pm as I am posting. I have to work tomorrow! I need to be in bed! I did get a lot done this weekend! I cleaned and organized my pantry and cleaned the refrigerator out! I have made up my mind to set goals for the weekend to do at least two extra cleaning projects in my home besides the normal cleaning every weekend.
I also try to craft and hour or two both Saturday and Sunday!! I wish I could retire! But now is not the time. sigh
Hope everyone has had a great weekend!!
I wanted to share a few yard sale finds and a couple of projects I completed this weekend.

This little shelf was 1.00. I don't know where I will use this, it will most likely be in my craft room.

I got both of these pictures for three dollars! I most definitely will paint the frames. I know everyone will think I should paint the frames white! But I would really like them to match my cherry furniture! What do you suggest?

I tweaked this corner of my kitchen!! I thought both these plant boxes would look pretty red! Since I have alot of red in my kitchen. They both fit perfectly on the stands I placed them on!!

We already had this window box! We had flowers in it last year. I spray painted it red and sat it on the little cart. I won the cart at Bingo one night a few years ago! I thought about painting the tile on the bottom red as well. It is blue and white and says Poland! What do you think about painting it red as well!!
I may do an arrangement of greenery in this with a few silks. Any ideas on what to do??

I bought this plant container at yard sale for a dollar! It was silver, so I painted it red and sat it on top of my little bakers rack thingie! It has dragon flies embossed in the metal!


  1. Love your red painted flower boxes! I would paint the tiles red! I think it would look great. I love that $1 shelf you found. I would maybe just darken the frames a little and see how they look. Great finds Susan!
    hugs, Linda

  2. great finds, I love that cart. so many things you could do with it!! I am afraid I would piddle with it for weeks trying all kinds of things, but that is the fun part isn't it.

  3. Thanks for your visit..I would just clean up those frames, the pictures are pretty. :D

  4. Hi Susan,
    Wow you got a lot done. Love the great finds you found too. The shelf is terrific and those pics are gorgeous. I could easily see them with black frames and then a little sanded off for distress and some of the gold showing back through.
    Love the cart and shelf holding the flower boxes. You could also place 3 smaller pots inside with flowers. Love the red.
    Thank you for the visit.
    Have a great week sweet friend.
    XO Celestina Marie

  5. Hi Susan,
    You have been a busy bee. I need to set goals like that too. Great deal on the shelf! I love the pictures you bought. I think I agree with Celestina. I would darken them and sand a little off so that the gold will show through. Love the red too.
    Have a wonderful week.
    <3 Sonya

  6. Hey, I cleaned out my fridge this week too! I love taking a few minutes to do something extra like you said. I've done that for years. Ask myself, what extra thing can I accomplish. You really got some great finds this week, and the shelf for a dollar...amazing!

  7. You found some great stuff! I would also just darken those frames up a bit so they're not so bright...I think they'd look great. I think I like the tile and the red, white, and blue theme.

  8. Beautiful plant stands. Gorgeous pictured [I especially like the frames] And the shelf?----what a deal!!!!!

    Beach...catcus blossom

    Have a grand day!

  9. Wow, you got some more great thrifty finds Susan! Everything is wonderful!

  10. What wonderful treasures you found! Made all the sweeter with such grea prices. I'm sure you'll find the perfect places for each and every thing.

  11. Great find did fantastic! I wouldn't paint the frames if you like them that's YOUR house! ;-)
    Thanks for commenting on my laundry's getting there!
    Hugs my friend

  12. Wondered where you have been lately...just BUSY, BUSY apparently.

    OK....NOW I know what you do with all your hauls...a flea market...what a great idea !
    Don't paint that is so pretty blue & white.
    LOVE that shelf...too cute.

  13. Cute little shelf and I LOVE the little Bingo cart.:) I think some pretty silk flowers would be perfect there. Or, maybe some real ones and sit it on your front porch.
    xo bj

  14. I really like those pictures. However, white is the last color I'd paint the frames. The colors are so muted and I don't see a lot of white in the pictures. I think the white would clash.

    Have you considered a sage green that is in the pictures? Or maybe another shade of brown that would match your furniture. If the gold works for you, get some rub n buff and rub that on and not worry about painting.

    For $3, you'll find a way to make them work!

  15. Hi Susan! Your craft room actually look very organized. I wish I had one so you are very lucky....Christine

  16. Cute stuff! I love spray paint for changing up yard sale finds! :)
    have a great week,