Sunday, May 22, 2011

Photos of Stuff

Good Evening Bloggers! I thought I would share some random photos of stuff. I don't think I have ever shared the upstairs bathroom or my craft room. Please excuse the mess in the craft room. It will probably stay messy. I use it all the time!
I also dis some tweaking in other areas of our home. I thought I would share those as well.
Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend! I did not sell anything at the flea market. People here do not buy crafts! I think I do a good job on my boxes and my sewing items. However it was biker weekend here in Myrtle Beach. Its hard to buy stuff and take it home on a bike. LOL. Also people were buying more practical items. Our flea market here is not about antiques or crafts. It is more of a place to sell over stock stuff, like perfume, tooth paste and toiletries.
Have a good week everyone!

I made this valance for my sun room. The fabric was a shower curtain, I found for 4.00 at the yard sale. The trim cost me more than the fabric. LOL. I have not decided if I like them yet or not. But I like them better than the scarf I had up there. I will more likely change it out again in the future when I can find some more fabric I like more.


I changed the lamp shades on the lamps in the sunroom and the one on the credena in the family room.They use to be white, I changed them to the
coffee, bronzey colored ones!

Credenza in the family room.

Craft Room Studio ( Excuse the mess, I wish I could tell you it is going to look better, but it probably will not) LOL

My hubby bought me this crafing cart. I use it to set my embroidery machine ( Huskavarna Rose). My machine is out dated but it works like a charm. I can put the machine under the cart and close the cart up to make it look neater. But I use it all the time, so I don't see the point.
The shelf over top also holds hat boxes with crafting stuff, laces,etc.
If you notice I sat the little white shelf I bought at yard sale last weekend on the cart. I put my smaller spools of thread in it. I use a little white milk glass bowl to hold my machine brush and little screw driver.

These little white cabinets store all my crafting supplies, beads, glues, scrap booking scissors etc. One on them stores some of my embroidery thread. If you notice the clear canisters on top, I bought those at a yard sale for five dollars.
Also the shelf over top the cabinets hold my hat boxes and other boxes of craft junk.

This table is where I do my general sewing. Also I alter my boxes on this, I cover it with foam board to protect my cutting matt. I also cut out my fabric pieces on this table.

Two messy book shelves. The one on the right actually does have some books on it! Along with my other crafting junk. The porcelain doll is a gift from my son many years ago. The lamp is a Christmas gift from hubby's daughter.

Piggy bank collection!

This is my computer desk and chair. I use this computer to down load my embroirdy designs. If you notice you will see my piggy bank collection on the top of the desk! I know silly eh?

My daughter Melissa gave me this picture for my craft room as a Christmas gift! At that time I did not have a studio.

Up Stairs Bathroom

I thought I would share my girl cave bathroom that is upstairs. This photo is taken from standing outside the door. The bathroom is really small!

My hubby put up this little white shelf for me. I love the little gingerbread effect slats. I plan to do some tweaking to the top of the shelf. Right now I have two perfume bottles my grand-children's mother brought me from Japan. My son and her were just married. The little green bottle is from Avon, I have had it many years. The little Victorian lady thingie is a yard sale find!

I found these pink embroidered towels at a yard sale for 1.00 for all three pieces. They were brand new, never used!

Some of you may remember, when I first started blogging,I made this pink heart!

I found this shabby chic cone thingy at a yard sale for fifty cents. I put a couple of towels in it instead of plants or florals!

I love the rose covered shower curtain! I added some blue bling at the top for interest!


  1. Lovely photos! I love your craft room. I am thinking of turning one of the bedrooms into a craft room. I hate to have to put up everything every time I work!

  2. Susan, I really enjoy seeing the inside of peoples' homes. I like many things about yours - but I especially like the cobalt blue pieces (and the shower curtain)!

  3. What a wonderful craft room! You've got a place for it!!!
    Thanks so much for visiting and for your sweet comments!

  4. First off, I need to comment on all the roses in your bath!! How sweet and oh so delicious looking. I love roses. And your craft room is messy? If you call that messy, I'd like to show you my computer room. LOL

    And the cobalt blue glass?!!!! I have a small collection myself. You and me......we think alike.

  5. Cute pics. I think your craft room looks fine. You should see where I do my redesigns...hmmmm, maybe not. Thanks for visiting and for your compliment.

  6. Hi Susan,

    Isn't it great to have a room to do your crafts in? I had to wait for one of my daughters to move out before I had one and am so happy to work in there now!


  7. Great stuff! Especially like the shelves and the floral curtain!