Monday, October 3, 2011


Good Evening bloggers! I hope every one's week started off to a good start.
This is just a brief post to share a project. I have been working on this snowman for several weeks now. I have many a burned finger to prove that I glued each one of the beads individually. It was a tedious task, but I think worth it in the end. I guess I have had snow on my mind since my snowflake disease made its ugly appearance. I thought I would turn it into a positive.

The UK on the hat, is for the University of Kentucky. I graduated from there with my Masters degree. It is located in Lexington, Kentucky. My daughter lives there now and is a avid UK basketball and football fan.
She just bought a new house,so this will be a housewarming gift for her. I am going to see her November 5. I am looking forward to going back home for a visit.

Let me know what you think about my snow guy! I did not get his head strait but I think it gives him character.


  1. Oh my gosh....that is INCREDIBLE work!!!

  2. Hey girlie! I LOVE your snowman!!! Of course we're all HUGE UK fans around here, so that little guy would go over great! :)
    I'm glad you liked my chairs...they turned out even better than I thought..I LOVE them!'re gonna be in my neck of the woods in November huh?! I hope you enjoy your time with you daughter...and I hope the weather is beautiful for your visit!

  3. Bless your heart! I can't imagine the hours you have in that project! What a great housewarming gift that'll be!

  4. Hi Susan,
    Oh your daughter will love him. What a cute cute snowman and I love the hat too. We did a wonderful job of designing him. I love his head tipped a bit.
    We lived in Cincinnati for awhile and went over to Lexington now and then. I hope you have a wonderful time when you visit your daughter
    Hope you are feeling better this week. Prayers for you.
    XO Celestina Marie

  5. Susan,
    That little snowman is just adorable! I think your daughter will love him! Good to see ya, hope you have a wonderful blessed week!

  6. Your daughter will love him and so do I! The little snowman is so cute! Hope you're feeling better sweet lady, prayers are going your way. I'm your newest follower and thank you for your sweet visit to see my heirlooms! Lots of hugs, FABBY

  7. Adorable! Your DD is going to LOVE him! Vanna

  8. Your snowman is adorable, and looks quite labor intensive. What a great gift.

  9. Hi Susan!
    Thank you for your visit and entering my new giveaway!
    I adore your charming snowman! A creation filled with love . . . and burned fingers - hehe
    I agree that his tilted head gives him character and he just looks like he's listening intently! What a thoughtful gift!

  10. Hi Susan, that is a lot of beads; I don't think I would have the patience to do that. He turned out great.
    Regarding your comment on my rose garlands. The rosebuds dry perfectly and do not lose their petals.
    Thanks for visiting.
    ~ Julie

  11. What a cute snowman...and so much work! Hope you are feeling better soon! I used to take Prednisone regularly, too...hate it! :-(...hugs...Debbie

  12. Your snowman is adorable - what a project! I hope you are feeling better!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog with your sweet comments.

  13. I'm not a UK fan, but a deceased friend and now his adult son are, so it brings a smile to my face when I see that blue and white.

    As for the glue burns, don't you know the one with the best glue gun horror story wins? Though I'm sure all of us crafters have a few good tales with that thing.

    Very cute snowman. You are very dedicated and patient to glue all those beads. I'm sure your daguther will love it. Enjoy your visit with her next month!